Granted, but you have to come do my speech for class that day.

I wish I had someone to play actual DnD with.
Granted, but you lose your job (You have a job right?)

I wish my DnD group (Yes it has been long enough that the last round actually may apply now) would get their shit moving...
[/rant/ Seriously though, I had my character together in like a little over a day, then I made both art AND my sprite in the following day, and these people are putting almost no effort into it and so only myself, Grey, Freak, and the GM have our characters ready... this annoys me... /end rant/]
Granted, but now the dungeon will never be cleared. 

I wish I didn't have to go to school!
Granted but its flooded and under the sea

I wish I was immortal
Granted, but none of it is nearly as good as you remember it, and it is explicitly worse than ever.

I wish I wasn't always screwed out of my few hours of "free time" after school...
Granted, but you have to use it on your least favorite activity

I wish I'm more motivated to do things.
Granted but only for the oldest profession in history

I wish that I had a Girlfriend
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