Attack on Titan: Modern Day

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Dyomi watched from the rear view mirror as the Titans chased after them. She took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. She couldn't think with a clouded head but the fear didn't let her do this. She only wanted to get away for the most part.

"The city!" She screamed. "The city has narrow streets! Go there!"
"R-right!" Zyster see a nearby city and put more pressure on the pedal, increasing the speed of the car. As he head closer and turned left, he noticed a tree flying towards them when he look at his rear-view mirror. "Holy..!? Did that thing just threw a tree at us!?" ​
"Damn thing isn't dumb as it looks." Dyomi growled. "It's out for blood! Be careful!" Dyomi looked back to the monsters, both amazed and scared of what it is capable of.
"Understood!" Zyster turned the steering wheel, making an hard left and sped off. The titans seemed to stop in their tracks when they distanced themselves even further and looked at each other. "Are they still chasing us?" Zyster said as the sweat continues to form around his hands, causing the wheel to be incredibly moist.
"Looks like they gave up on chasing us!" Dyomi cheered. "We must've worn them out! They won't be chasing us anytime soon! ...Phew!"

Dyomi leaned back on her chair and seemed to finally be a little at peace. Zyster's crazy driving did make her nervous and she felt as if not she had another thing to worry about other than the monsters. She had to open her big mouth once again.

"Hey! Stop driving so crazy! You're gonna be the next thing to get us killed if those monsters don't catch us!"
"S-sorry!" Zyster slow the car into regular speeds. "It's the first time.. I encounter this.." Yet, Zyster felt something strange about this. He felt that he had been here before. Experience all of this. The feeling in his gut is telling him to drive even faster, because there's was an event that would cost the life of one. Zyster continues to sweat as he dives himself into deep thought.
"Just where did those things come from anyway? This is like some bad sci fi movie..." Ximena wiped her forehead of the sweat while Natalia had closed her eyes with her hands clasped over her mouth. She seemed focused on trying to calm herself down and keep herself from getting sick.
"I don't know.." Zyster cleared his throat as he continue to sweat. "Whatever they are.. we need to stay far away from that section behind us.. So we have to head home.. Anyone live close to San Bernardino?" Zyster asked.
"We should stick together rather than separate..." Dyomi said. "Are those things giant cannibals? I saw them eat humans! I swear, I've read a manga that looked similar to these things!"

Dyomi let out a small sigh, trying to calm her nerves. She was shaking by how scared and spooked she was but she had to calm down and try to think with a leveled head. For now, she kept quiet, focusing on disregarding her fear. So far, she was actually successful.
"Yeah.. Attack on Titan if I recall.." Zyster mention. "It's from that comic book.."
"Attack on what?" Ximena questioned, cocking an eyebrow in complete confusion. "Guys this is real life, not some kind of comic book universe!" She groaned. "Those things are looking to smush us! It isn't the time to reference one maynga!"

"Please don't let it be cannibalistic giants, please don't let it be cannibalistic giants..." Natalia prayed to herself, raking out her phone from her jacket. "It might be a good time as any to see if there's any journalism going on about it..." she began typing in the description of the strange monstersto see if any news articles would pop up. "Please let it be a dream..."
"S-sorry.." Zyster said. "Let's just find other people to see what the yet is going on.." Zyster looked at the GPS installed on his car. "Seems that we're a middle of nowhere, but we could get to the next town in about 15 minutes or so."

Several new articles have popped up on her phone. "MONSTERS ATTACK!", "THEY EAT HUMANS!", "HUMAN-LIKE MONSTERS!" came up.
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