Attack on Titan: Modern Day

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Seto quickly jumped out the window and landed on his two feet. It looked like some ninja type stuff. He quickly started running towards the direction of his dorm.

"Gotta find that thing really quick."

"What the f*ck? It's like a two story drop. I'll break something." Angel looked out the window. He then looked back at giants continued to tear through the building. He jumped out the window.

"Ouch. Damn it." he said as he stood up rubbing his behind. He started running. 

"Gotta find my car."
Dyomi took a second to look back at the danger before jumping out the window. She landed a bit rough but she was fine overall. She wondered if the other students would jump or if it was already too late. Regardless, she seemed a bit frantic and looked at Zyster.

"What are we gun' do?!" Dyomi looked up at the broken window. "We gotta call the Police!"
Zyster landed on the bushes from below. He struggled to get up, but still able to move around. "Calling the police? That might be a good id-" Zyster turns around to see a bunch of police vechiles being thrown around by these giants; the a handful cops tried shooting the giants but the sheer amount of the giants surrounded them and devoured them. 

"I don't think we can do anything, I'm getting the hell out of here, I now that's for sure." Zyster shouted. "You want to follow me, I urge you to make that decision quick." Zyster stand up and ran heads towards the parking lot. "I hope my car is still there....!" 

About two titans seen Angel running. The sheer expression that bore on their faces showcase their lust of rage and destruction and begun their pursuit towards Angel. There roars echos across the university as the screams reminisced in the background.
"Incoming!" Ximena shoved Natalia through the opening before jumping herself. By her luck, Ximena hit a nearby dumpster. "Ouch, my butt...." 

Natalia also landed in the bushes, opening her eyes with a struggle. "Huh?"

"No time to explain! Get up!" Ximena dragged her off the bushes and started to make a run for it to catch up with the others. "The cops won't do anything with those things!"
Dyomi followed Zyster, calling Ximena and Natalia over so they can tag along too. She felt her heart move to her throat by how nervous she was. She knew, at this point, these monsters are not friendly or nice looking. It was all so sudden to her but her instinct told her to run.

"These monsters..." She whispered to herself as she followed Zyster. "W-What ARE these monsters?!"
Angel looked back and his eyes widened.

"Mierda, mierda, mierda!" he said to himself as he started running faster. He could see the parking lot in view.


Seto ran inside his dorm and shut the door. He was breathing heavily.

"Alright, just gotta find that old thing and get on my way."

He started searching in his closet and dug through a bunch of stuff. He eventually found a katana in its sheath.

"Yes!" he said as he put on his back. "Now I just need to find my car asap."
"D-don't ask me, I really don't have a clue what the fuck is going on!" Zyster began to sweat himself for the moment. He didn't want to believe that the dream he had was true. What if it is true? It's going to resulted in the same way it happen again.. He noticed that Angel was being chased by the two titans. "Angel? How the- never-mind that.." Zyster shouted his name. "ANGEL! OVER HERE!"

The Titans were rearing on close to Angel; one of them managed to leap towards Angel like a lion towards it's prey.
"Oh no!" Dyomi closed her eyes while she watched the Titans go after Angel. She didn't know what to expect but she tried to think of something to get the attention of the Titan. She looked on the floor and picked up a rock and tossed it over to a car, causing the alarm to flare off.

"That should get the attention of those...monsters for a while while we try to escape!" Dyomi turned to Zyster. "You haf'a car, right?! Use it!"
Ximena was looking in multiple directions for an alleyway to try and run through away from the monsters, but her fear wouldn't let her focus. Natalia was occupied with trying to make sense of anything going on as she recovered from her fainting stupor.
The Titans overheard the alarms that went off from the other direction, turning their attention to the vehicle.

"Oh shit.. it actually wor-" XZyster stopped himself to respond to Dyomi's question. "Y-yeah.. I have a car. It shouldn't be that far from here." Zyster went to the other direction. "Come on and move it while they're distracted!"
"Yah! C'mon you!" Dyomi addressed Natalia. She took a hold of her wrist and started to run after Zyster. She run as fast as both her and Natalia's legs can take them. She was scared out of her mind but she seemed to care about the safety of others. She turned back to Natalia.

"C'mon! Run! No time t' pass out!"
The Titans went towards the car; however, one of them took noticed of the fleeing people. In a instant, the titan began to run like a rapid animal towards their direction.

"Shit! Shit! Where's the hell is my car!?" Zyster shouted, looking around as he was running. He then turned left slightly, seeing his car parked with no titans in sight. "There it is!" Zyster pointed it out.
"Gogogo!" Dyomi pushed Zyster and headed to the man's car, almost ready to cry in fear thanks to the titan chasing them. She just wanted all this to be a dream.
Zyster got into the vehicle as well. "No worries..! Buckle up!" Zyster turned the keys. However, it wouldn't start. Zyster narrowed his eyes. "Are you fucking with me now!?" Zyster continue to start the engine.

The Titan began roam closer and closer, with the drool flowing the air from it's mouth, with each step leaving a print onto the floor.
"Seriously?! This shit only happens in the movies!" Ximena yelled. Natalia looked for any other place to hide. "If that doesn't start up then we duck into the nearest alley!"
Dyomi ducked into the passenger seat and noticed the car not working. She grunted and began to hit the floor with her feet with an attempt to do something. She worried that this might be the end.

The titan stopped on the side of the car, looking down onto the vehicle and went for a reach.

Zyster was constantly sweating. His veins were showing on the side of his head, as he gritted his teeth harder than one should have. In the last possible second, the car started; the lights were one and the engine was running efficiency. "Thank fucking god!" Zyster shouted and slammed his feet onto the pedal. The car drove off before the Titan could even grabbed hold onto it.

The titan titled it's head to see the fleeing car, and let out a roar. This causes all the titans nearby to hear it's scream to turns to the attention of the car. From then, they started to pursuit them...!!!
"Shit!" Ximena yelled. "Just drive into the narrowest place so they can't grab at us or something!"

Natalia had her ears covered from the piercingroars, panicking and hyperventilating.
"Okay!" Zyster shouted, looking for a narrowed path as he drive like a bat out of hell. The titans chasing them were growing bigger in numbers. There was a particular titan that tore a tree from the ground and took it's sight of the fleeing car. With all it's might, it threw the tree across the sky, aiming to hit the car.
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