Attack on Titan: Modern Day

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Sep 3, 2015
This is a more, "modernize" take on Attack on Titan, using today standards of how the situation would be if something like this would occurred in our time-era. This is also an reboot of the RP from AF, because it was never finished due to some complication towards the end. This also given more chance to bring in some fresh faces, while keeping the spirit of what we did in the original. With that said, here's the story of Modern Day.

You and your classmates attend University of Los Angeles. From there, all of you are taking Pre-Calculus final exam. Unlike most exams you've taken in this course, this is a test of your knowledge throughout the course. If you fail this, it will result a failing grade and can hold you back from graduating. Don't worry though, there's something to take that stress off your shoulders, an mysterious giant being appeared over your campus and started attacking. What are they? They looked like giant people from those Jack the Giant Stories! Titans-Like beings!?

You and your classmates are one of the handful of people whom have survived the onslaught of the campus. You must drive yourself to survived the destruction of the campus and find some form of safety, or face the wrath of enemies that threatens the concept of humanity! The military and government officials have been slow to respond to this incident. What are they doing..? Regardless, survival is priority!

Registration Here

Setting: University of Los Angeles, California 

General Rules:
  • You are allowed up to 3 OCs
  • You don't need any knowledge of the series to be in this roleplay. This is entirely original and independent from the manga/anime.
  • You can have weapons; however, no high-tech weapons such as nukes, rocket launchers, bio-chemical weapons or anything of the sort. Let's keep it realistic. 
  • Similar to the manga/anime, Titans can be killed in the same manner. Though, this is revised as shooting or aiming is enough to take them down. 
  • Characters can be killed, it's up to you whether or not they die in the story. If they do die and want to replace them with a new one, you can do so. However, it requires registration first. 
  • No Titan Shifters without permission. I'm planning something special for them. 
  • If you wished to play at Titans, placed a special note when a RP starts (I wished to play as a titan). 
  • Have fun! Take the modern day perspective if Titans ever appeared in our world!

Class is seems to start in a few minutes. The students across the room seems to be tense up about the incoming final. There are some that are confidence of their scores, while most are rather shaking to the bone. However, there was a student on the desk, seems to have his head down, shaking around a lot.
Dyomi sat in class, wondering as to what the final might have in store for them. She felt as if she studied decently enough to pass and wasn't at all too nervous. She tapped her pencil, seemingly aloof about everyone's worry. She drew in a notebook little things about the island she grew up on. She turned to the boy who was shaking around and tilted her head.

"Must be sick." Her accent was a bit strong.
Natalia tapped the lead of her mechanical pencil down on the scratch paper. Even though she studied with all her might, hardly any of it stuck. Before she got in, she wrote some equations on the inner lid of the calculator, hoping she could sneak a few peeks if the professor wasn't looking.

Ximena had laid down on her desk. 
Man... I didn't study at all. Maybe I can pretend to get sick in the middle of it and ruin my Scantron before I leave... She thought, her eyes being closed disguised her internal turmoil. If only she didn't have that Sociology exam that same week, she would've bothered to study for this one.
Seto was sitting down looking out the window.

It's time. he thought. Been studying for this stupid test for a while now.

Angel came running through the door.

"Oh crap." he was panting. "Am I late?"
The professor fixed her glasses a bit, when Angel came into class. "No, but it's about to start soon. I recommended to take your seat, Mr. Ocampos." She said in a flat tone. Seems she'd also tense about the upcoming test, but she couldn't help why she was. Perhaps the atmosphere in the room was affecting her? She was sweating quite a lot today as well. 

Boy woke up; his eye swere barely halfway open, with a bit drool over his mouth. "H-huh?" He looked around, to see if the class was started. "Did the test already came" he blurted out. Holy shit.. what a crazy dream I had..
Dyomi stared at her drawing and didn't seem to notice that the Professor was all sweaty and worried looking. She noticed the boy who was late and glanced around the classroom to stare at all the other students that were gathered. She wondered how she would do on the test and even thought about how many people would fail.

"Mmm.. Today is gonna b' a long day." She muttered to herself.
"Let's get this over with so I can go back to my dorm..." Ximena muttered. "I have a Psych paper to write."

Natalia wasn't sure why the professor herself seemed so unsettled. Did she forget to bring something?
Seto rolled his eyes when he saw Angel come in late.

Angel nodded. He went to his seat, put his bag on the floor, and sat down.

Alright, I know I'm gonna fail this so I'm just gonna finish it quick. he thought. That party last night, though. He started smiling.

Seto sighed and looked at the teacher for a second. He didn't know why his professor looked so nervous. She wasn't taking the test after all.
The distraught boy grabbed his head, sweating a bit. Man I could have sworn that I was fighting for my life with the others against this giant.. human looking beings.. and then I got captured and this kid got a sword. His mind continue to wandered. He looked up at the clock, noticed that it was time for the test. "Well.. guess it was all just a dream, after all.." He whispered to himself, picking up the pencil.

The teacher cleared her throat as the sweats forming on the edge of her head dripped down the side of her face and landed on the floor. She passed out the test to each student and went to the front of her desk as she turned to face them. "Welll.." She pulled her shirt a bit. "It's time to start your test.." She said. "You made all begin no-"

A loud "roar-like" presence is heard from afar.
"Hmm? What was... that?" Dyomi whispered to herself as she lifted her head to stare out the window. She didn't know what the noise was but seemed to be curious as to what it was. The fact that it was loud enough to be possibly heard from miles away, she didn't want to be up close. She seemed a bit nervous but thought it must have been thunder or some sort of loud music.

"Must be hearing things..."
Natalia remained staring out towards the windows in the classroom. is it storming? I didn't bring my umbrella...

Ximena didn't notice the noise due to her ears ringing out of pure nervousness. Everything on the test paper looked like gibberish to her.

I have no idea what any of this is.... She sweated. Maybe I should wait a little bit before pretending to puke?... actually, I think I might puke right now...
Seto heard the loud noise but thought it was nothing. He to focus on the test.

Someone's having a party. Angel smirked as he continued to put down random answers.
The teacher didn't move for a moment as the "roaring-like sound" continues and then, cease. She once again cleared her throat as she turns to the student. "Could be a large animal outside or the sort, but nevermind that.." 

Zyster raised a brow. That was definitely not an animal. Perhaps I'm overthinking.. I didn't crammed the books all night..

The teacher once again turned and faced the students. "Alright, once again, you may begin your te-"

From the ceiling above the student, each side was broken in by two large hands, tearing through the walls as it was being lifted. Toss aside, an giant arm reached in and placed it's arm on the ground. It's head emerge from all the rubble that came from what was originally a ceiling, sporting a sinister smile towards the student. 

The teacher turned but couldn't even move a muscle. A sheer force of silent sweep throughout the room.
Dyomi looked up at the figure staring down at them. She didn't know what to do or even how to react. Was this real or fake? She couldn't tell at first. When the silence grew, she realized that the rumbling noise of the falling debris was no lie. To her surprise, she wasn't actually the first one to scream. One of the students began to scream at the top of their lungs, causing a panic in the classroom.

"W-What is dat?!What da' hell is dat?!"
Out of pure fright of the deafening screeching of the structure being ripped wide open, Natalia saw what had done it and screamed. Immediately she hid under the desk in panic. "J-just what is that!?"

"What the fuck is that thing!?!?" Ximena shouted, but the screaming and pabic around her drove out her voice.
Screams streamed across the room, as the giant continue to smile. In a swift instant, the giant grabbed the teacher, tightening her as he pulled his hand towards his mouth. He slowly opens as the teacher is flailing around, crying and screaming as she grows closer to it's mouth; then in a instant, it close it's mouth, chomping the teacher in half as the blood spills across the room. 

Zyster narrowed his eyes, in horror. "What the fuck..!?" 

One of the student stood. "I'm getting the fuck out of here!" as he ran towards the doorway. The others followed suited but it seems to cramped the door. 

Multiple loud noises can be heard, it seems to be sounds of footsteps.
"Yep, definitely got too wasted last night." Angel said as he stood up from his desk and backed away into a wall. He was scared sh*tless.

Seto couldn't believe it. What kind of monstrosity was this? 

Those guys are cramming the doorway. Guess that's why they told us to be in single file line back in school. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the window. Perfect.

He then heard the footsteps. Where were they coming from?
Dyomi noticed the crowd near the door and quickly tried to think up something that might get them out. She stared at the window and instantly gripped her chair. She tossed it out the window, breaking it. She didn't know how long the fall might be but she stared at the others who didn't rush at the door.

"C'mon now! Don't stand 'dere! Move it!"
Ximena ran through her row of the desks before seeing Natalia cowering under one. 

"Move your ass! They'll step on you!" She shouted, before realizing the girl had passed out. "Dammit."

Ximena knew Natalia since they shared the same dorm building. Even though Natalia was taller than her, she slung her arm over her shoulders. There was no point trying to get though the mass of bodies by the door, so she followed Dyomi's lead instead. "Man, you're heavy." Ximena muttered to Natalia.
Holy shit.. was that dream.. is it coming true!? Zyster narrowed his eyes, looking towards the professor was being chomped up by the giant mysterious being. Zyster heard the loud sound, turning to see that Dyomi threw a chair towards the window. "Going through the door isn't going to be any worth, better follow her lead. I think this is the second floor?" Zyster stood up. "Might end up a few bruises but it's better than to sta-"

As the moment Zyster was about to finished his sentence, the sounds of "footsteps" stopped; then in sudden succession, multiple arms ram through the buildings as it was going through paper. The giants roar like a hungry bear witnessing it's prey, destroying the area as the students resides. 

Zyster sweated and gritted his teeth. "No time to talk now, I'm jumping for it!" Zyster shouted and jumped out through the window. 

The other students that hasn't even reach the door, due to being crammed seen the others jumping through. They didn't even think twice and followed suit as the giants tore through the buildings. Those that are still at the student flail around even more, causing nothing more than a nuisance to get out of there. The panic and fear have taken over their instincts.
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