Zombie Survival Strats!


Green Jacket
Sep 7, 2015
When it comes to zombies, you dont really need a lot; but for what you do need, you gotta have a strategy.

Assuming its a Zombie appocalypse, how do you plan to survive it?
Grab all the food I can and just haul ass. I don't know how to drive but I will in such an event. Running over zombies isn't such a bad idea, right? xDD
Get many objects, at least the ones that have enough blunt force. Guns is useful, but unreliable if you don't have any experience of shooting, plus when the bullets runs out, well yeah, that's your ass xD So baseball bats, blunt objects is a must.
Honestly, I feel like the safest place would be a school. It's hard to get out, it's hard to get in.
Keep moving and never stay in one place for too long. Kill the weak, take their stuff, survive until a cure has been discovered.

No mercy. B|
Whelp, Erunner will survive, because he will be the only one to consider calling the military as that was the only possible use for his cell phone...
I guess you can say... Eruner has this in the palm of his hand.

If you live in the outskirts of a smallish town you'll be fine at your own place for the first couple weeks anyway. 

Big cities is where you would die doing that XD

But most public places are bad ideas anyway since there's more people freaking out
The real danger, is your mind... and of course those traps that you didn't make correctly... best you dont walk back that direction right?
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