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Veterinary Science or Environmental Sciences. I wanna be a Vet Tech or at least do something with animals. Art history is also on my list and so is foreign language ( I'm really indecisive haha)
While I was in college it was Emergency Medical Services, but I kind of want to do something with Forensic Science if I can get back into college when I move next summer after I get comfortable with the new surroundings. xD; That, or possibly Biology.
I major in Communication Media and Film, but is it weird that I enjoy the theory almost as much as the lab stuff?
Trying to get Computer Animation or even maybe a B.A in Biology. I like science but...

I also wouldn't mind teaching.
Sailor Twilight said:
Nursing! A mommy and baby nurse or obstetrician. But I just started and am taking basics right now

That sounds pretty cool. I didn't even know there's a field that focus on that. 

I wouldn't mind aiming for a teaching credentials of my history major; problem is that I have speech impairment so that kind of limits me of a speaking role in careers.
Certified Welding

It only takes 1 full year to achieve but since i'm a slow learner its gonna take a year and 1 semester.
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