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I'll be trying to major in Independent music studies I am trying towards taking on a career of being a singer ,and I love instruments and could express my talent by playing the piano and guitar,practice violin too and the flute ,I could compose songs I write a lot of music but I mainly hold love and passion to singing even if I am shy.
So what are everyone's majors as of now? People tend to change their majors/minors every now and then as they progresses further into their education :kat:
I switched my major from Animation to Computer Information Technologies. I personally loves computers and I like to learn how to operate them better than probably the little I know now.
I can safety say with confidence, considering I got straight As for my final quarter, I received my Bachelors in History! This is my second agree I have earned during my college career. I'm thinking about starting my Masters next year; alas, a must needed break comes first!

How about you guys? How close are you towards your degree?  :D
I am working on Cyber Security (Information Security) as my main major since I think I finally found my passion and calling card. My second degree would probably be within coding/programming or IOT (Internet of Things. Think of Smart devices and how they connect to each other) connection communications. IOT is a bit tougher but it's super interesting since it involves code. I'm struggling a little in the class mostly in the math aspect. Overall, I plan to take an ethical hacker course sometime after I get my Information Security certificate, IOT certificate, and certification of completing the new Cyber Tech program. I currently have my A.A degree and, hopefully, by the end of this semester (Dec. 15 for me) I'll have my two other certificates. 

Once that's set, I'll finally be able to get out of the area I live and prove myself to my parents.

From there, I will continue to study on how to be an ethical hacker and earn both my degree and certificate for it.

So here's when I think I'll have everything:

A.A Degree (Currently have)
System Information Security Certification - End of current semester
Connected Devices Certification - End of current Semester
Completion of Information Security path (Since I'm leaning more to Cyber Security than IOT) - Hopefully by April 2020-ish
Get B.A in Information Security - Maybe around 2022?
Continue to get certified as an Ethical Hacker - ????

It's kinda ironic to me since Kire is very similar. He's a hacker and can make little devices to help him.

I have become Kire.  :toocool:
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