Worst Games You've Played?


The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
Perhaps a straight forward thread. What was the shittest game(s) you've ever played, whether from consoles, smartphones, handled and the like? 

Don't mention Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom :maybe:

The sims games for kids under 13.

I swear this game was the worst. Nothing but minigames and nearly all of them were the most boring things ever. And some of them were nonsensical and you just wandered aimlessly through town. 

And appearance wise, the sprites' left eye would SINK downwards for the idle animation. 
The commercial had all this fun looking shit but it was the opposite when you sat down to play it. Only plus side was decorating your house. But Animal Crossing has more to do than this terrible game.

At least Shamu's DS game was more interesting than this...
Golden compass the video game.......
Would you guys believe I've actually played ET for the 2600? Like, I was really young but we had it and a 7600, which was backwards-compatible to 2600 games. And I actually played ET! The sad part? I think I've probably played worse.
I remember long ago my mom rented us the series of unfortunate events video game instead of Lego Star wars......needless to say I was not amused:

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