When the last time you've watched an anime?

I watched episode 26 of Evangelion yesterday. Excuse me, Anno, I did not ask to be read to filth like this via the fourth wall
Today, caught up to all the Oregairu episodes.. i cant believe its ending in 2 more episodes.. i cant believe ill actually get closure after 7 years, I'm not ready AAAAAA
Today, caught up on all of my ongoing animes at the cost of my eyes lmao
Remind me never to let myself fall behind this much again xD
Last night, watching the final episode of Uzaki-Chan. Never understood why everyone was so damn angry over this anime. It's essentially your everyday comedy romance anime.
Two days ago I felt like watching Greed Island part of Hunter x Hunter again. My favorite part of my favorite anime. The legendary dodge ball fight is always amazing no matter how many time I watch it.
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