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What's Your favourite Animation Studio?


Green Jacket
There are a lot of animation studios who work on animes. A few well known ones are Mad House, KyoAni, Toei Animation. 
So I was wondering if you guys have a favourite studio, and if so which one. 

It could be because of the animation, or because they've made a lot of good series or just because they made a lasting impression on you. I'd just like to know your thoughts. :D


Blue Jacket
I don't really follow studios, but I noticed Mad House makes top notch quality anime and that's what matters to me.


The Strongest
What Tadashi said. Madhouse tends to always have very good and fluid animation whenever they picked up a series. Very impressed how the animation style is done for OnePunch-Man and Hellsings OVA 5-7.


Green Jacket
For me, my Top 3 qua animation and artstyle would be:
1. Kyoani (K-On!, Free!, Kyoukai no Kanata)
2. P.A. Works (Nagi no Asukara, Charlotte, Angel Beats!)
3. Trigger (Little Witch Academia, Kill la Kill)
Other than that MadHouse also makes a lot of good series. It's just that each of my top three has a distinctive style you can recognize easily which is why I prefer them. :D

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Madhouse has one of the best animation I have seen. One Punch Man is kinda the proof. xDD


Green Jacket
why do no one mention gainax and sunrise?

my fav is ufotabe. it is a small company but all their work is flawless.


Blue Jacket
My favourite is Mad House, I also like Kyoani and ufotable....
They are all different but I like their styles and series...


Green Jacket
White Fox is pretty good as well. It's relatively new, but it's made stuff like Steins;Gate, Re:Zero, and Hataraku Mao-sama which I really liked!