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What made you smile today?


Blue Jacket
Be it a funny meme, a video, a photo or a story, it's probably just what we need to brighten our day. So yeah, post it here and you might be able to bring a smile to someone else too.




Black Jacket
Love this thread idea!!


It's a gif of Yusuke and Botan from YYH! I think they'd be a cute pairing (I haven't read far enough to know if it's eventually canon so don't spoil it!!), and it also reminds me of how I'd greet Drago once I see him again. :D


Blue Jacket
Firstly, this corgi (cause who wouldn't smile at one?)
The narration hilarious xD Warning: don't get too serious about it

When Krillin needs to be revived

Snowball Cay

Green Jacket
For the past week:
- Two nice dinners last week and last Sunday:
   - Chicken wings.
   - A very nice Japanese food such as the ebi fry curry.

- Having seen four of the rescue animals while having my cat neutered.

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
To be frank, H3H3 made me smile during a very low point I had recently. Love Ethan and his memes.