Undertale: After Pacifist


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Sep 4, 2015
For Loopy and I ONLY  :grr: :twitch: :baaa:. Generic name is Generic xD

Frisk ran into the house she shared with the skeleton brothers and Toriel. She quickly slammed the door shut, and leaned against it, taking deep breaths. Rolling up her sweater sleeves, she noticed the bruises on her arms. 

"Can't...Can't let them see these. Not yet..." Frisk said to herself, pulling her sleeves back down, covering the bruises. Papyrus walked into the room. 

"Ah, Frisk! You're home! I, The Great Papyrus, eagerly waited for your return home from school today" Papyrus said. Frisk smiled. 

"Missed you, too, Pap," Frisk said
"School was...School was good," Frisk lied slightly.

"Good!" Papyrus said, Frisk's slight hesitation going right over his head, "I'm making spaghetti for dinner. I must go start to prepare it now!" The taller skeleton left the room and went to the kitchen
"..." Sans didn't say anything for a bit, but didn't seem to press much. "Well, how about we do somethin' to pass the time while Pap' gets dinner started?" If Frisk wasn't as happy as they used to, maybe they just needed some cheering up?
"Sure. Do you think you can help me with my homework? Or, we could watch TV" Frisk said
"Lessee... Toriel would get miffed with us if we don't get your homework done first. Puns get ya extra credit, I bet." Sans joked. "I bet it'll be easy peasy for ya." He sat down at the couch in front of the coffee table. "Alright, let's see whatcha got."
Frisk took out her math homework, and sat beside Sans
"Math is my strong point. Considering I've got a booming hot dog cart business." Sans chuckled. "What's the tough stuff in here for you?" While Toriel stayed back at the school, Sans tended to stand in as the caretaker for Frisk with Papyrus, though the latter had no problem being tasked with making snacks and helping Toriel out with dinner.
"Long division. I don't get it at all, no matter how much the teacher explains it," Frisk said

(Hey, I had an idea for how Sans finds out Frisk is getting bullied. Frisk goes upstairs to take her sweater off (she has a t~shirt on underneath) Sans followed her tomake sure she puts her homework away,and sees the bruises)
"Lucky for you, I know just how to do it." Sans winked. For the next ten minutes, he proceeded to show Frisk step-by-step long division with a few examples and let her try her own after he explained the process.

(That works. Frisk can't lie about it then XDD)
(Yep xD)

"Thank you, Sans" Frisk smiled, hugging him after she had finished her worksheet. "I should go put this, and my backpack, in my room so I don't lose it" Frisk said. She got up, grabbed her things, and went upstairs
"Alright kiddo. Pap' should be done by now." Sans watched Frisk head up the stairs and sat idly at the couch for a good ten minutes. "Hm..." He scratched this chin. "I oughta check to make sure Frisk doesn't forget to put it there." The skeleton didn't like to be much of a naggy person, but Toriel would be pretty miffed with him if Frisk ended up forgetting something important like schoolwork on his watch. "Guess I'll do it."

He headed up the stairs past his room, down the hall, and knocked on the door briefly before opening it. "Yo, Frisk? Just checkin' on you to make sure you put your stuff way for the morning. Dinner's lookin' to be ready." Sans states, entering before stopping.
Frisk had been in the middle of taking off her usual blue sweater. She froze, and turned her head to Sans. The bruises from earlier dotted her armslike polka dots.

"S~Sans...I can explain!" Frisk said quickly
Sans' pupils shrunk in surprise, and he didn't say anything for a minute or two. He looked at Frisk's arms. There were no cuts on Frisk's shirt below the sweater, and it provided minuscule relief given the bruises bothered him greatly.


"Explain." He said, a flat tone, but it was a low pitch. Sans knew Frisk was capable of handling things like monsters attacking and never would hit anybody. But other humans were different. They weren't the same as monsters and were stronger physically. At least, he assumed it was a human given Frisk served as an ambassador for all the monsters that left the Underground and befriended many of them. (Let's assume Frisk said yes XDD)
"...Most of the kids in my school don't like the monsters," Frisk said softly. She put her sweater on her bed, and sat down beside it. "At first, it was just them yelling at me for living with three of them. I never thought...it would escalate to this. Today, after school...a few of ones who really hate them pulled me aside. They started beating me up, insulting me and the monsters. When I got up and ran, they chased me all the way home" Frisk said softly, notlooking at Sans
"...." Sans didn't speak, just listening to Frisk.

"Guess there are other troublemakers besides that old talking flower a while back, huh?..." Sans muttered. "I guess Toriel wouldn't know if it just happened today..."

He looked to be in thought for a bit. "Maybe Papyrus and I can walk you home from school for a few days. After we... 'talk' to those kids."
Frisk nodded silently.

"Dinner!" Papyrus called from the bottom of the stairs
Sans sighed a bit before rubbing the back of his skull. "I'll talk to Toriel about it later. C’mon, champ, let's come on down. We'll ice those after you eat. We'll let Papyrus in on it too. You're his favorite human after all. I can't guarantee he won't tell Undyne though."
Frisksmiled softly, and nodded. She got off her bed, and hugged Sans
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