The Valentine's Day Plot

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
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1. Standard no god-modding, overpowered characters, etc.
2. The characters here are civilians and monster hunters. Beyond that is anything not stupid or overpowered.
3. Unlimited OCs, but keep it to a reasonable number. An army of 500 being brought in just, doesn't work.
4. Use common sense. Please.
5. Alright, you can have any sort of non-ovepowered monster hunter whether that's Capcom or European myth or in my case Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing inspired, that's your stuff.
6. The monsters are going to have a boss role. While they might have weaknesses, such as werewolves and silver, don't expect that to help you.
7. You want to play a monster send me a message. I'm open to that.
8. Character death. Don't worry, no one's going to succumb to the disease unless you want that. And, don't kill each other's characters' unless you both want to do it.
9. I have final say or balance or other things.
10. Characters have to be approved first. 


A helicopter hovered over a street in the city, the pilot looking behind him to see Lily and a group of hunters.

"This is where you get off. The mayor and his assistant are awaiting in the bar below us." The pilot said, lowering the helicopter to just a few feet off the ground.

"Make sure to stick that landing." He followed up. The side doors of the copter opened up, and Lily Prescott looked out of the door, grabbing a rope and silently descended down to the street, muttering things on her lips scared.
Maylis nodded as the pilot aviding them to have a safe landing. She came to the door and looked both ways and down. She grabbed onto the rope and descended down towards the street and landed safetly. "Perfect landing.." She thought to herself, and turns to Lily. "Nothing too tough, eh?"
Eva landed atop the lid of a dumpster before jumping off of it, cheering to herself. "Stuck the landing!~" she said. "Ready!" She ran over to the other two. "Why do we hafta meet the mayor in a bar, anyway? They reek of cigarettes."
Lily looked up towards the helicopter as it rose into the air and flew off.

"Guess the mayor thought it would be a good place to hold up." She said somewhat quietly.

"Come in! You must be the hunters, or some other poor souls in this city!" A voice said from a door near the three. Lily went up to it and pushed the door open, revealing John and Edward sitting across from each other in a bar.
"My, I suppose that whatever it is he wants us to do, he wants to have a beer to... I suppose, calm his nerves?" Maylis chuckled a bit. "Alas, let's head inside, yes?" Maylis head inside and seen the two.
"Two hunters? Are there any more?" John asked.

"Just one." Lily almost whispered.

"Not like it matters," Edward said, "almost everyone's dead and monsters roam the streets. We've been burning bodies to keep ourselves warm, we're that desperate."

"That's for getting rid of the disease." John corrected.
John nodded.

"Yeah, as soon as they are gone we can begin to work on solving this disease."

Lily just looked away and sighed, staring at the wall.
"That's sounds rather simple." Maylis thought. " Of course, that's what make the job even harder. So where are the last whereabouts of these things?" She asked.
John scratched his chin while Edward spoke up.

"There's a place where a werewolf made it's den I know. Used to be my cousin's auto shop. I say, we kill the cretin." After that, Lily faced the ground.

"I, I'll do it." She said, trying to hold her voice.
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