The Official Post Your Anime/Manga Crap Thread


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Sep 3, 2015
As the title suggest, show off all the anime/manga contents you've bought over the years. Including cartoons from all over the world and such. 

How this works:

Get all your anime/manga stuff/ From Plushies to mangas, anything! 
Take a photo of it 
and post them here

Show us what you got  :D
Got a new bookshelf and filled the first shelf with my manga's (and mini cacti) lmao


I also like how you put another manga to replace your missing volumes of Gray-Man. I thought I was the only one who did that but with cards. Nice collection! :D
I do too! :heeheee:
Actually about that, I've got all the books of D.Gray-Man! Some of them look different because I bought them in Germany when I went on school trips (the grey ones with purple text) xD
And thanks! I want to someday complete my Death Note collection too. But I'm not really in a hurry anymore to buy mangas.
Ploep said:
Got a new bookshelf and filled the first shelf with my manga's (and mini cacti) lmao


Now that's a collection! One Punch Man and Watamote (Not My Fault I'm Not Popular) is the only manga series I had bought and kept up consistently xD
Omg I'm crying I miss those cacti.. I killed them by accidentally overwatering them.. :katcry:

Ah the only update I have is that I finally do have all the Death Note volumes (except those extra volumes) and the 1st Boku no Hero Academia volume!  
My money is going towards games nowadays so I dont expect my collection to grow bigger. xD
Finally got a decent collections to show off my comics. I'll post a pictures of plushies I got over the years, including ones given to me by Jaz later on in the near future.


Woop woop latest addition after like forever lol
Kimetsu no Yaiba is another series that deserves a physical spot in my collection, tho i wont get all the volumes so I settled for one.
Im lucky my favorite volume also has my favorite character  as cover hehe.
Holy crap that 2016 post.. I MISS THE CACTI SO MUCH     :sob:
Whoa this site is older than I expected , time flies!

This is how the shelf looks like now, running out of space. I kinda feel like going back to collecting artbooks/mangas now since games are too damn expensive bros :katcry:

So not much changed, but I expanded now to LN's and Artbooks too:
- Magical Girl Raising Project LN Vol 1- 5
- To Your Eternity Vol 1
- Monochromatic Zine of @/Krazehkai on twt (ADORE THIS best bday present i bought for myself tbh!!)(tho the shipping hurt.. learnt my lesson there :') its full of BW + sketches pieces of literally all the games I like like FE3H, Octopath, Xenoblade etc i also got them in prints too bc why not support art i love!) Ill add their tweet here later!!

Today arrived:
- Fire Emblem Awakening Art book (ITS HUGE I DIDNT EXPECT THAT, I HAVE NO SPACE) Apparently it also has the full dialogue of ALL support convos in it XD

- Heikala Art Book (Another artist I have admired for a long time, her art videos are so soothing to watch!!)

- RWBY Art/Storybook-ish thing (its got a few in-universe fairytales in it, and I like RWBY so i wanted something tangible from it!! HYPE)

I'm too excited to open them right now xD

Also waiting on the 3 volumes of ID invaded manga because apparently it's a direct sequel to the anime which I loved!

Ill probably edit this post once those arrive too! 

Phew it's  nice to have a place to talk about this stuff because the internet is all i got XD

Final batch arrived!
😭Not me being the only one posting in here LMAOOO

But, in the mean time, I also got Shadows House vol 1-3.

I got vol 3 as a lil bday treat for myself, but it turned out to be a spanish version. So I got a refund + also got to keep the volume. Not sure what to do with it xD
but its cover is very different from the english versions, it can completely be taken off so thats neat!

But the real Bday treat I ended up getting, was the Demon Slayer boxset from my sisters as a gift!
I never saw it coming, I had simply given up hope on getting it myself someday so I am super very grateful to them! 😭
20230331_120700.jpgthe spanish vol i was talking about lolol20230330_115031.jpg
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