The Magician Square

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Sep 3, 2015

The Magician Square

The Magician Square is a gathering of salesmen that attempts to sell quality products to traveling mages for a profit. Services which includes healing, rooms for resting, quality restaurants and small-name stores that sell goods. You can trade and gain the most valuable of goods that you can find. Even tourists from other countries travel through Magician Square to obtained goods that had yet to be available in other places in the world. It's a no-brainer why the Magician Square is referred as the trading capital of the world.

Magician Square is located on the northern outskirts of the Paradice, near the Snowy Mountain Gate and Bridge that connects the two continents. The Gate was built in order to prevent monsters from invading the Square. Furthermore, the Gates is coated with a powerful magical barrier that prevents thieves from breaking out of the Square after stealing goods.

Take note that there are conmen within the Magician Square that sells phony materials and off-brands goods. They prey on the weak in order to drain as much money as they could before looking for the next victim. So be careful!

Notable Areas of Interests

Snowy Mountain Gate: A powerful Gate at the end of the Magician Square and the Snowy Bridge that connects to Empire State. It is coated with a powerful barrier to most prevent monsters from coming in.

Jolly’s Restaurant and Hotel: A restaurant that cooks up quality foods and provides room services for travelers. They even allowed you cook your own foods for free.

White Nurse of Para’s Clinic: A clinic that heals all wounds and status illness. Originally there was a hefty price for healing; however, after a certain incident, she offers her services for free.

Festival Tree: In the middle of the Magician Square, there is a tree that supposedly grows fruits that temporarily boost up your magical attacks. They distribute the fruits every month when a Magician Festival starts.
Asuza, Iceik and the newly acquaintance mysterious man arrived in Magician Square.

Asuza, Iceik and the newly acquaintance mysterious man, arrived in Magician Square. The first thing they noticed is a number of people in the area. Every corner of the plaza is filled with Magicians from all classes--Wizards, Warlocks, Witches and then some.

Magician Square is a place where Magicians from other parts of the world gathered together—and promote their products, recruiting new valuable members for their schools—not affiliated with Brotherhood/Sisterhood. However, there are occasional con-artists who lurks around to sell cheap spells or services--when in reality is nothing sort of "curses".

Iceik began to sweat when a handful of eyes shifted their focus on him. Deimos and Demons aren't very well like, but monsters can be considered in the same caliber for some. However, they chose to not engage since they were more interested in expanding their products. Taking this as an opportunity, Iceik hid behind the mysterious man.

"With this many Magicians…this makes me sick to my stomach..." Iceik uttered. Narrowed his eyes based on what he said. He quickly added another statement. "N-not to be offensive or anything. Just specifically talking about those games..."
The mysterious man was looking around for a place that provides some form of healing.
Asuza opened her eyes a little bit to look around the Square with the man. "I hope you mean that for your own safety, little fleabag." She stated towards Iceik in a hiss of a whisper.

"Magical schools are... such a joke." Asuza hissed with hatred in her voice, which probably would be rare to hear from a witch's mouth. 
"There has to... be a clinic... somewhere..." eventually she trailed off to swallow back the taste of blood in her mouth. "But where...?"
A little figure seemed to be following the group. The antennae atop his head twitched with every move they made and every word they spoke. The female voice peaked his interest and he slowly began to inch his way to the group but keep clear out of their line of sight. He flicked his tongue over a loose tooth he has and blew air to ruffle the hair on his forehead. His eyes were covered by the hair, so much so that people wondered how this creature sees. He seemed excited to know that there was a dog-like creature in the group and he rushed a little closer but kept his distance.

"Man, Lady, and Doggy..." He snickered.
LoopyPanda said:
Asuza opened her eyes a little bit to look around the Square with the man. "I hope you mean that for your own safety, little fleabag." She stated towards Iceik in a hiss of a whisper.

"Magical schools are... such a joke." Asuza hissed with hatred in her voice, which probably would be rare to hear from a witch's mouth. 
"There has to... be a clinic... somewhere..." eventually she trailed off to swallow back the taste of blood in her mouth. "But where...?"

Iceik sweated a bit. Looking around. He noticed a trend among the people around here. "Damn, everyone looks shady.." he whispered under his breath. All the people were giving them trio strange looks. 

The man continued to walk. He looked around, and noticed a sign of "White Magic Clinic". 

"Well, White Magic is associated with the arts of healing.." Iceik said, looking up at the sign.
Asuza nodded. "Any...thing... to fix this up..." she covered her mouth to cough a few times. "Damn that monster's grip...."

How much damage did he inflict on me? she thought.
The little creature continued to move closer and closer to the trio until he tripped over his own two feet. He scoffed and pulled himself to his feet. He seemed tired of waiting for the right moment but he didn't want to cause them any trouble. He sensed that the woman was injured and he seemed flustered. The little creature rushed to the Clinic before the others can notice. He scurried inside and hid under a bed, waiting to sense the trio again.
The trio entered the clinic. The man looked around of the area, observing what they've stepped into. The color of the place was completely white. With the exception of the door, there was no windows, no lights or anything in the front home. There was a office desk with a single worker there. It was a young lady, seems to be also wearing white, from her white eyes, white hair and clothing. Even wearing white lipstick. She'd turn her head to see the newcomers arriving. 

"Oh? How can I help you?" She'd asked kindly. 

"This woman is in critical condition. We got ambushed by a demon under the bridge when we're crossing Snowy Mountains." Iceik explained.

"Oh? That's rather unfortunate." the woman said. "It's rare to see a demon hanging around here and doing good deeds, but I'll see what I can do for this little one." She said. It seems that the presence of Iceik didn't seem to bother her in the slightest, despite her little comment. "Is she conscious?" 

The man pinched her cheeks a little, to make sure she's at least awake a bit.
"Rrrgh..." Asuza winced and tensed from the movement. When she opened her mouth to speak from having her cheek pinched, her teeth looked to be stained a light red due to the blood in her mouth. "Oush..."
Nicori watched silently from under a bed he recently slipped in to. He seemed pretty curious about these three.

"Demon dog?" He whispered to himself. "It's gonna be called Ruffy..."
"Oh my. Looks like you have a hell of a battle there." The woman said. "Rest assure, we shall make sure she's get the proper care." She'd stood up and walked away to get a hospital bed for Asuza. "Lay her gently here."

The man nodded and place her gently onto the bed. "You two can sit down in the waiting area until she's properly heal." the woman said. "There are magazines and the like for you to read while you wait.." As she went behind the back with Asuza. 

Iceik looked at the man. His fur ruffled when the man returned with intense eyes. He quickly turned to the woman. "T-thank you.." As he turns towards the chairs. He noticed the magazines were also completely white. The pages were blank, with no writing content whatsoever. "Man.. this place makes my stomach curled up.." Iceik thought he overheard a young child's voice. 

The man simply took a seat and closed his eyes. 


They're in a dark room. In contrast to the outside where everything was white, the room that Asuza was in were completely black. No windows or anything aside from the door. The woman was digging through her bag, examining every bit of tool she'd has.
Asuza, not wishing to move due to her pain, glanced around the room she was in with half-open eyes.

So dark... I've never been to a clinic like this... why is it so empty...? 

The young lady watched the strange woman from where she lay, feeling nervous for some reason. She brushed it off as simple anxiety given she had never been so critically injured, much less visited a clinic like this.
The woman pulled out a toolbox and placed it on the table. She'd turn around, pulling out an large needle with some mysterious liquid. She'd flick it a few times. "Well, this is a bit of a mess. From a simple observation, your body was rustled up, some broken bones and ..." She'd opened the tool box, revealing all sort of "medical tools". Growing closer with the huge needle coming to her left arm.


Iceik was a few seats away from the mysterious man. He didn't feel comfortable sitting next to him and for some reason, he'd reek of the stench of "blood", especially the smell that he'd familiar with, though he can't recall who it reminded him of. "Man, she's sure taking a long time.."
Asuza narrowed her eyes at the needle suspiciously. "Since when.... would a white mage need a syringe... to heal anybody?" She flinched away from the woman, sweating. "Don't you.... lot cast some... flowery spells and fix people up?..."

Asuza came from a white magic family, and even if they didn't practice healing arts, it definitely struck her as odd to need tools. She wasn't sure what to do.
"Don't worry, child." The shift of her voice changed tone; from calm and sweet to dark and a bit twisted. "It'll only hurt for a moment. Once you feel the sensation, it'll be over soon." Asuza was strapped down onto the table, restricting her movements. "It'll be over.. soon."
"...!" Asuza struggled against the restraints. "Damn it!" She shouted as her hands lit up with fire to try and burn the straps off of her.

"Don't come near me! I'll torch you to ashes!" Asuza threatened loudly, trying her hardest to make her voice heard from outsid the room. "Back off!" The girl tried to shift her hands to burn the straps off her in her panic. 

She inhaled as deep as she could, not caring about her broken ribs, and shouted as hard as she could; "HELP!"
The room shifted around rapidlly. Blood spills from the walls; tons of arms stretch out, eyes opened on the floor and the ceiling. The woman smile, drooling from the side of her mouth. "It's been quite a long time since i had a human girl in my office, and a mage at that!" The syringe pierced her skin. "Once the effects spreads in your body, you'll become numb, and unable to feel any sort.. of pain.." 


Iceik's ears went up after hearing the scream "Help". He looked around, recognizing that voice of hers. He went up and ran across the room, slamming his shoulders onto the door. However, it seems that it proven futile as it is protected by some "magical barrier". "Damn, I know I heard her scream, but I can't get through!" Iceik turns to the man that was sitting there. "I gotta get him to help..!" He ran towards the man, flailing his arms around. "Hey! I think there's something weird going on in there! Asuza just scream for help! I think she's in trouble!"

The man opened his eyes, staring down Iceik. This frighten the small wolf, causing him to return back to the door. "Fine! If that man isn't going to help.." Iceik grabbed his axe and swung at it multiple times, but it failed.  "Shit..! If that's guy isn't going to he-" 

He felt rage "reforming" behind him. He turns around, seeing Caim with his blade out ready to be swung. Instinctively, Iceik jumped out of the way as Caim tore down the door into multiple pieces. "W-whoa!" Iceik shouted.
Even if Asuza looked furious, there were tears at the edge of her lids; the sight of the arms and eyes and he creepy woman frightened her in the end, being trapped and weakened like this.

She looked towards the door to see Iceik and the man crashing in. "Thank... God...." Asuza's voice had lowered in volume significantly, feeling lightheaded from the injection. She looked over at the woman with hatred and defiance before seeming to not be able to focus on anything in particular. "Ah...." Asuza tried to speak some more but all that came out was some kind of strained sound.
Once Caim broke through the door, Nicori took this chance to run in after them. The little child-like monster tripped over his feet at first but he quickly recovered and instantly made his way to stand before the multi-armed beast. He instantly regretted his decision and ran to where he heard Asuza. He rushed to her side and pushed himself on top of the table. The straps holding Asuza down were being pulled on by the kid but when his strength alone didn't cut it, he began to chomp down on the straps, ripping them apart like butter. He continued to do this for all the straps and turned to the monster, trembling but acting ever so brave.

"I-I'mma have Mama Z get you and shut this place down!" His antennae twitched. "You're a big meanie-head!"
"What the!? Pests?" The woman turned around to see three persons breaking into her room. "That man, he'd shatter my barrier as if it was nothing!" She sweated a bit. She turns to the demon that was ripping through the strapped that bind Asuza to the table. "Get away!" Her arm stretches towards the young child; grabbing onto his body and flung him away. 

Using this as a chance, Iceik bone-rushed towards the "Nurse" and headbutted her onto the left side of her torso, slamming her onto the wall. He'd jumped back and ran towards Asuza. "You're alright!? D-don't worry, I'll get you out of here!" He noticed that the strapped were already tored away by the child. What a weird kid...

The man tapped his sword onto the ground, alerting the Iceik and the unknown child about the nurse, getting back up and the transition of the room. Iceik turns to see the woman, revealing her true self. An monstrosity where she'd had many arms coming out of her back. She sports a wicked smile as her eyes glow bright red. 

"W-what is this!? Aren't you suppose to be healing Asuza!" Iceik shouted.

"Healing? Yes, I was about to performed the ritual of obtaining the beauty of the one lad. I devour on beautiful human beings in order to maintain my eternal youth by devouring them" One of her arm turned into a blade. "Now, sit doggie.. or I'll permanently put you asleep, forever.
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