The Dark Hospital


Black Jacket
Sep 3, 2015
cyberia cafe

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Deep in the darker side of Boogaloo Plaza lies a sinister hospital run by a doctor of the Dark Arts....
Be careful upon entering and don't wander too far in... you might never come out...

"I can cure any serious injury or illness, including the hexes of the supernatural. But be warned... if you're interesting enough to me, you might become one of my new test subjects..."
Deep beneath the main floors lies the Morgue and creepy Lab where the Dark Doctor spends most of her time in... concocting sinister elixirs.


An eerie echo of the air vents reverberates through the hospital... you feel drawn to this place, but the air is heavy and foreboding.

"Come on in... what ails you?~"
I heard you guys got some delicious lollipops. I want two, oh and I twisted my ankle on the way here.
Now that sounds delicious! 

Now, can you do something about this ankle? It's giving me quite a pain. *Looks around* though... I have a strange, unsettling feeling about this place.
I have to clean it!  :wagh:  *wipes it off and digs in trunk for a different tool* Then here we go! The Ankle De-twister!

It's old, but it gets the job done!  :Interesting:
Uhh.. you know what. I think my ankle is starting to get better. It was just my imagination! I'I going to leave! *about to get up from the table*
But it's my gummy lolly recipe ...  :kattears:

Don't you know? This is where the serious injuries are treated... and I make gourmet lollipops in my spare time. The masses just don't understand my culinary art...

But this is also where the naughty ones go... you haven't been naughty, have you?

I know who you are

Well, there was that one time...

w-wait! I haven't been naughty, at all! I'm perfectly a good ol' sport! Where did you get your medical degree at?!
Tough enough to know that this is not the place to get my treatment!

*turns around, falls, shatter kneecaps*

W-wait! It isn't broken! It just a strain! Watch!

*gets up, instantly fall over due to the bone being completely shattered."
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