The Crescent Hunters Guild

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Sep 3, 2015
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Welcome to the Crescent Hunters Guild.


The objective of the Crescent Hunters Guild is to build leadership and fellowship, creating a sense of a community. The Guild emphasizes the importance of cooperation between fellow Guild members by rewarding these efforts through completion of Guild missions (plus it provides some income!). The Desolate Lands are without law, but that doesn't mean people can't try to create order. Unlike the Empire State, the problems plaguing Desolatians rarely extend past the threat on a multi-town scale. When they do, The Crescent Hunters Guild is one of the locally-run establishments people send for help on eradicating whatever is posing a threat to their town or livelihoods. Typically, they deal with other humans causing trouble, but lately, a lot of strange events have been appearing more often-- monsters banding together, and the occasional freakish mutated lifeforms due to the radiation left over from the days of war.
The Guild is managed by the Missions General, Bronson, and the Guild Master, Valerie.

The Guild's History
In the advent of the wars, Desolatians lived without laws nor morals; looting, murder, ransacking were common around every corner. Some towns decided to close off their borders to outsiders, others remained open but wary of foreign passerby. A man named Wolfred and some of his fellow villagers were forced out of their home by an attack from madmen along the river. They were fed up with the daily toil of trying to fight others for the sake of a better tomorrow. There had to be another way to live peacefully with other Desolatians without resorting to violence. Calling themselves 'hunters,' they set out to do what nobody else was willing to do at the time; establish a guild that ran on cooperation to solve the local area's problems. It worked for a short while, but as time went on, monsters of many varieties began to show up more often, along with the fabled mutants. Eventually, they had much more to worry about besides humans.

For a short time, the Guild members enjoyed the coin earned from slaying beasts and punishing the wicked, full bellies and enough peaceful time to start families of their own that could live in cabins near the Guild Hall with the assured safety of having their Hunter loved ones close by. Wolfred died a happy grandfather, but his descendants were too fearful of taking up his occupation. And without a leader, the Hunters in the Guild disbanded (thankfully on good terms), parting ways to bring order to other towns they could return the favor Wolfred gave them. And so, the Old Hunters Guild fell into disrepair; the rain rotted the wood away, the old weapons workshop abandoned by the hunters. Valerie, Wolfred's great-grandchild, decided to establish the Crescent Hunters Guild with Bronson as their way of carrying on the torch from their Old Hunter relatives.

Guild Building Structure
Here you will be able to find out about various missions listed on the Request Board. Choose one, and see Bronson to have him approve your group's quest (or Valerie). The first floor also allows you and fellow Guild Members to congregate and form groups to go on missions. You won't always team up with the same Guild Members depending on the requirements of the mission assigned or what mission you would like. This is also a kind of hub before you set off on missions with your group. Other amenities include:​
Storage chest: a place for safekeeping of your belongings while you're here or away on your mission.
Tool Bench: For repairing or restoring the quality of your weapons should they suffer damage or breakage.​
The second floor is for resting and leisure between missions. ​
The Infirmary: for treating wounds sustained on a mission that you cannot treat yourself immediately. Should you find yourself ill or burdened with fatigue, this is the place to recuperate.​
The Library: It is a room with a relatively small collection of books compared to a proper library, but it's better than nothing. Many of these books are decades old, yellowed, and are worn from the passage of time; they were recovered by looting while on missions for the most part, but they prove to be an interesting read. Some have burn marks and water damage on the covers, implying they were hastily rescued from their original housing in the process of being burned down.​

Currently, they're funneling any money earned from guild quests to build a proper weapons workshop for members to repair and modify their existing tools.​

Guild Membership is achieved through either completing a mission or recommendation by another member. Please see Bronson on the first floor or Valerie in her office on the second floor for more information.

To embark on a mission, form a group with other players (or go solo if you feel  and see Bronson on the 1st floor to have your chosen journey 'approved'; you will have officially taken that job and will earn the reward for completing the task. Check the Request Board for open missions.

A Scholar's Report


My name is Lorian. I am a scholar from Paradice that has decided to study the flora and fauna of the Desolate Lands as part of my research on the history of Rupoee over the last 8 millenia since the era of wars. Unfortunately, I lack the expertise and nimble agility of a mage, so I fear that I cannot make it anywhere in the Desolate Lands safely past the town full of kind souls that took me in. Perhaps it is not my place to ask for a guard detail, but I've nowhere left to turn. Desolatians are for the most part, quite hostile and aggressive to an outsider like myself...

While I'm not sure if money is sufficient as a reward for you (I also don't reckon you do currency exchange...), I can certainly give you the supplies I've accumulated on my travels here... they are little use to me in Paradice, but for Hunters like yourselves, they may be invaluable.

  • 4 glass bottles of Moonshine: Don't ask me why I have these on my person... it was a gift from the local drunkard I met on my way to Crossroads Town... but rest assured, this isn't potable. It actually is full of toxic substances that can't be good for your liver. I don't know how this drunk even is alive! Thankfully, it's extremely flammable, so perhaps you could have proper uses for this when coming across a ghastly beast.
  • 1/2 pound of charcoal pine resin: apparently, this catches fire with friction. Must be good for applying to bladed weapons, no?
  • Satchel of Blooming mushrooms: this doesn't have any strange effects. I just think it makes soup taste really good.
If you decide to take me up on my request, please meet me at Crossroads Town at the old inn.

TAKEN: Missing Lord Belmont, Grimsby Falls
[TAKEN] Help requested by a surviving servant of the Belmont Estate. Objective is to clear Belmont Manor of whatever dark force is at work. A group of more than two is recommended.


The Lord of Belmont Manor has up and disappeared! Plates fly, brooms sweep alone, cobwebs glow green! I'm the remaining servant here, everyone else has succumbed to whatever dark force lurks here! The manor has become overrun with all sorts of creatures of the darkness under a sinister hand. I beg you to bring reinforcements! I am currently at the town's Church, so look for me there. I will explain everything that I've no time to cover in this letter.

As for payment, Lord Belmont will likely compensate you properly, but if he is not alive anymore, I hope all of our meager salaries would suffice...

-- Ivan, the servant

[Do check back on this front page frequently! Players will be notified of new missions available by an OOC announcement.]​
Excalik walks into the Guild, observing his surroundings. "So this.. is The Crescent Hunters Guilds.. Interesting.." he said. He wandered around for a bit before reaching information center. "Excuse me, I'm looking to joined the Guild. Where would I go to do so?"
Bronson, who was the only one on the first floor, was about to reply to Excalik, but saw another person enter the Guild Hall.

"This is the new Guild I've heard about, correct?" It was a young woman wearing a hooded cloak, carrying something on her back. "I wish to apply as well."

"Man, we finally get some members! I suppose since you're both our first members, you ought to meet Valerie up on the second story." Bronson gestured towards the stairwell nearby. "She's in her office right now sorting through the paperwork and things. You'll get your applications there given we've opened to the public recently."
"Alright." Excalik turns to the direction leading to the second floor. He took noticed of the stranger that also wished to apply, examining the appearance. He then turns his head once more, and proceed to move up onto the second floor. "Valerie huh?" He thought.
The woman didn't say anything as they ascended the stairs. Once they reached the office, Valerie looked up from her papers.

"Are you here on Guild-related matters, or have you other inquiries?" Said Valerie.

"Applying." Replied the cloaked woman as the two entered. 

"I see." Valerie reached towards the drawer and pulled out two separate packets of paper. "I assume both of you are here on terms of joining us."
"Yes." Excalik responded. "I grew tired of my home town. Would we be expected some form of examination that goes along with the paperwork to properly join this guild?"
"About that." Valerie rocked side to side in her chair. "While we do allow anyone to apply, we don't allow anyone to stay a member without proving they are capable for handling the tasks we are requested."

"How would you do that?" Asked the quiet mage.

"Rather than put applicants through a tedious exam that would take forever for us to actually grow in numbers, we test you just by how you handle your first mission. Given that we have just started running, it won't be for a while before we receive difficult requests that are ultimately handed over to us while the professional heroes deal with more alarming matters." The Guildmaster explained. "If your first mission is a success, then it is your privilege to remain a Guild member if you so choose."
Ecalik's eyes grew cold the mention of "professional heroes" was uttered. "What? They didn't thing a guy like me couldn't handle something more for Heroes? The organization.. thinking that they're better than any of us.." He thought to himself. However, he seems to be back to spirits when the mention that it was more to see if they're capable to joined the guild. "Well, I suppose that sounds fair." Excalik thought. "So what's this first mission based on, then?"
Valerie looked back down to the open envelopes on her desk. She picked one up and slid it over to the two across the desk. "First missions are different for everyone, as no two are the same. We just got this one earlier. You haven't got much other choice besides waiting for something else to come in."

The cloaked mage woman leaned close to read the letter, expressionless but her eyes seemed analytic while she read the paper.

"As of recently, the owner organization of the establishment known as the Paris Opera House as had a problem regarding the back of the stage. There is a monstrosity of undead origin wrecking havoc back there, preventing any plays from being shown, or, other activites that generally occur out of the public eye, such as the training of our Stealth Units that serve as our guard and escort parties.

I'm certain we could scrape together some sort of reward, after we get access to our coffers post cleansing of the monster. I would assist but I'm busy tracking a dangerous necromancer and his undead assistant we the organization have been trying to kill for months now. Any of those that show up there, Vincent will be trying to pry a faire off his face, and then will direct you to the problem.

Warmest Regards while under attack,

The Dark Gunner, Leader of the Meeting, Owner of the Opera House"

"So, what will it be?"
Excalik examined the board that Valerie provided. He turned to the mysterious stranger, then back to her. "That's fine by me." He said as he finished reading the paper. "It seems that they need more than what they need for. Until I can imagine that they tried to call in the Hero Organization but got rejected since they don't handle cases like this.." He thought. He once again turned to the cloaked stranger. "Sounds good to you?"
The woman nodded. "I don't want to wait at any rate." After she had read the letter, she filled in the short form paper and handed it to Valerie. "Fill out yours and we can get to the job relatively quickly."

"I'll mark you both as occupants of the case unless you seek out reinforcement."
Excalik nodded and filled out the information on the paper and handed to Valerie. "Alright, I don't think we need reinforcements, since we, it just the two of us. Unless you will assist us when needed?"
"I don't get involved unless it's absolutely necessary. In this case, possibly, if you need it. Bronson can cover for me." Replied Valerie, instructing how to get to the Paris Opera House.

"It's likely not such a large issue. I've never been to Hero City, however." Remarked the mage as she took out the staff she had been carrying on her back.
"Hero City is nothing more than a Elitist club." Excalik responded every quickly when it's name came up. After he listen to Valerie's explanation of how to get to the Paris Opera House, he drew his sword. "Unless we need anything else, we ought to get going. It seems that whatever this guy is saying, must be urgent." He noticed that she took out a staff. "Magic user? Never thought I seen one in person.
"Come from a family of mages. ...My name is Vala, by the way. I don't usually talk enough to introduce myself immediately." Vala said, tucking the item allowing her to carry the staff into the crook of her boots. Her gaze seemed mildly interested aside from the overall lack of expression while she cast a portal spell in focus. "Hm. I could believe that. Given my family used to be a bunch of elitists."

The portal eventually grew in size. "This should save us some time in going there."
"Vala huh? Nice to meet you then. Name's Excalik, I'm looking forward to working with you." He responded. "I suppose that the world only caters to the elite." He turns to the portal and nodded. "Well, let's get going." He entered the portal.
. . .

Some time later, the portal Vala used opened back up in front of the building, with Vala stepping out first.

"We're here. It seems the imp followed us back." Vala said indifferently.
Excalik jumped out and fell onto the floor, holding onto his stomach. "I didn't get use to it.." Excalik turns and noticed the Imp Vala was referring too. "What the heck? Why did you follow us?"
A girl, no taller than five feet and in a black dress with red eyes, walked into the guild hall, curious about the place. "Hmm, im sensing something very powerful here. Maybe i could use this to my advantage." She certainly didnt hide her personality. She walked up to Bronson and asked "So, do you know how i could join?" Her voice was sweet, but had a slight magical boost revolving around manipulation.
Bronson had been smoking a cigarette, blowing smoke out before waving it upstairs. "Talk to Valerie outside. We just had a couple of people come back in from their first mission. She could probably send you out on one too, if you want to be 'officially' a member here."


"So long as it doesn't hinder our work, I don't care if it hangs with us." Vala remarked. "Now let's head in and report back. Those people will probably have more for us later."
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