The Clan of Swords Guild

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Sep 3, 2015

The Clan of Swords

The way of the sword is to achieve full enlightenment for one's self. Never lose your way of the sword.

The Clan of Swords is a Weapons-based Guild that has a central focus on swordsmanship and monster slaying. Located in the Southwest region of Desolate Lands, it was created as an response to the abundance of monsters and mutants that spring up locally; although the Clan of Swords do take on international missions if the payment is worth it.

The founder and leader of the Guild, the Great Swordsman, Silence, is renowned legendary swordsmen in the weapons community. Mastery of the sword, it allowed him to gain a reputation for his record-high monster slaying in plentiful of towns throughout Desolate Lands. However, Silence received criticism for his ethnics of slicing down monsters in a discriminatory fashion—including friendly monsters. Another form of criticism is the abundance of recruits abandoning their posts—for various reasons—and their illegal actions of striking down defenseless monsters. There are no official comments from Silence regarding those matters.

The Clan of Swords accepts anyone who studies the way of the sword and delivered justice for the towns being sack by a horde of monsters. The location of the guild is another interesting attribute—due to the Great Wars, the weather patterns is thrown off whack and constantly snow for the majority of the time throughout the year.

The Clan of Swords Guild is a singular building consisting of multiple floors. Each of the floor has a purpose to assisted newcomers and veterans on mastering their swordplay create new bonds and served justice against the monsters. The Tower next to the building is known as the Monster Eye Tower—using some form of magic, it sends off an alert of any monsters coming near the guild at all times.

Notable Areas of Interest

The Main Floor is where newcomers can come in and join the guild, veterans to check out various missions available on the Request Board, or talk with high-ranking officials such as Mecha Samurai, Camellia and Jason. In order to become an official member, one should be able to wield any type of sword or blade, including its family such as axes, hammers, etc. 

Silence’s Office is located in the first floor, the Main Floor. If Silence is not on a mission, he is always in his office researching and preparing his gear for the next one. If you wish to speak with Silence directly, come to his office.

The Resting Floor is the second floor of the Clan of Swords, whereas members can use to rest, sleep and eat before and after missions. Each room has their own fridge with plentiful of foods they get from various trade, donations and deliveries. Every morning, they are stocked up by Jason who always traveling.
Down the hall of the second floor is the nurse office—head by Camellia—for any injuries. Camellia is an odd woman—she was actually born in Empire State but moved to Desolate Lands so her practices in medicine are more accepted and less reliance on technology.
The Training Room is located on the third floor, whereas both newcomers and veterans can train and honed skills of their swordplay. Members can challenge one another to test their skills.

The Request Board

Once you and your members form a group and decided to take a quest, meet with Jason or Mecha Samurai (and if they are absent, Camellia) for approval.


Hi, we're currently in a need of some magic resistance armor and have the tools to build one. However, I'm currently missing one key ingredient for the armor that can be found only in the Fairy Forest. Hope to hear from you soon.

- Jason

[TAKEN] Please, find my daughters!

Hello, my daughters were kidnapped and I have no one else to turned too. She's was taken to the Forest of Memphis, I believe, by those Watcher Cults. Please, save my daughter! I will pay handsomely! I'm on the Coast of Cleo, so I can fill you up on the details.

- Worried Father

Silence, returning from his mission in the Fallen Sky Temple, stumbled through the main floor of the Guild. He was clearly exhausted from his battle against Negative, the man previously known as Grand Sorcerer, ShineCero. “That battle… something is clearly wronged here. Even if ShineCero possessed such strength, for him to easily deflect my silence strikes without even moving an inch.” Silence thought over the grand battle as he attempted to reach his office but collapsed on the floor. “Whatever he did… it boosted his abilities far beyond a mortal can handle. I need to write a report on this.”

Mecha Samurai rushed to him, holding onto his body to lift him up. “Silence, you looked like hell, sir. What happened?”

Silence stood up, although his legs still wobbled. “Don’t worry about my injuries. I just need a good rest. The mission was an utterly failure, so I refused payments.”

Mecha Samurai narrowed his eyes. “So, ShineCero was killed?”

Silence shook his head. “No… he’s very much alive, but I need to figure things out before I relay some information.”

Mecha Samurai wanted to press on but respect his wishes. “Well, refusing payments isn’t the wisest decisions, sir. Our Guild is currently low on funds and much of our members abandoned this place, save a few. We cannot afford to not received compensations…”

“I’m very much aware of that, but I won’t taint the name of the Guild with failure. We have other missions we can do to get cash.” Silence took a deep breath. “Do we have anything available?”

“There is one request we been getting.” Mecha Samurai pulled up a piece of paper from the main floor’s desk. “It seems a disturbance is happening in some remote parts of Shina Ania, so I sent a few members to check it out. However, none of them returned, so I assumed they ditch the mission and went someplace else.”

“Figures, we always get the worst types of trash that joined our guild.” Silence let out a sigh. Disappointment in his eyes reflect his mutual feelings of how things aren’t going in the direction he had hoped. “Take the remaining group and lead them to solved whatever issue is arising in that area. Once you complete the mission, I should be well enough to give you some insight of what I discovered.”

“Alright… take care, sir.” Mecha watched Silence entered his room. He noticed an air of “anger” and “disappointment” on his face. “I wondered what put Silence in such a foul mood?” Mecha wondered, turning to the paperwork. “Guess it’s time to call the rest of the group…”
Booming knocks came at the door of the main building. It appeared to be several people that were doing it. 

"Are you sure this is the place?" One said.

"There's the other Guild, but I doubt they'd take any troublemakers like this punk... This is what the warden ordered anyway. All the prisons are full anyway."

"We barely have any still standing..."

"That's my point."
Blazrin yawned slightly but grumbled when he heard the knocks on the door. He didn't want to get up and open anything but no one else seemed to be doing him the favor. He groaned in annoyance and slowly went to the front door to open it. His hair seemed messed up thanks to the nap he was taking. When he opened the door, he stared at the people who were behind it.

"Clan of Swords, how can we help ya'?" He said lazily, rubbing one eye.
Standing before Blazrin were two men in what looked to be as close to what a police officer would look like, but they each gripped the shoulders of a shorter young woman between them who was cuffed and wore a bored expression.

"On official business. Is a man named Silence here? If not, can we see anyone who's filling in for 'im? Our jail's Warden sent us down to work some things out with the Guild's leader."
"The boss?" Blazrin looked behind him and didn't see anyone coming his way. He groaned again but knew he had to take this situation into his own hands. "Yeah, I'll fill for him. What's up with the chick? Why is a cutie like her cuffed and bored?"

Blazrin laughed loudly and opened the large door with ease, allowing them to enter. 

"So what bring ya' here?"
"This punk's got a track record, but since our prisons are full, the warden made a deal she'd stay out of his custody so long as we had her join a Guild." One guard said. 

"We've got a laundry list of what she's guilty of and her confiscated weapons. I'm not the warden so that sentence record is sealed off to our eyes." Said the other man. "Under warden's orders, if you lot take her in, you can keep her weapons outside of missions, take a cut of any cash she makes, standard protocol of criminal reform."

"Well, could you have picked something besides these wooden cuffs? I'm getting splinters." The young woman interrupted as they entered further in.

"Quiet, girlie. You'll be out of em soon, anyway."

"She knows she'll end back up in our hands worse than when she started off at if she doesn't behave at least a little more in line anyway. Dunno what the chief was thinking."
"Well, we need a couple of members since some o the others dipped." Blazrin shrugged. "Sure, we'll take her in as long as she can show us she's actually useful."

Blazrin eyed the girl and seemed to chuckle at how feisty she was. 

"She doesn't look useful at all. The only working part of her seems to be her mouth. Maybe she can lick stamps or something." Blazrin picked the girl up by the back of her shirt and wiggled her around a bit, trying to see if she would do anything. He stared at the guards with a large smile. "You can toss her weapons on the sofa. I'll be sure to let da' Boss know we got a new member."
"Hey! Watch the threads, man!" She took the wooden plank that they clamped around her hands and swung it at his torso while attempting to kick at his knees. "Quit manhandlin' me!" 

The first one that spoke dropped a duffel bag that housed her confiscated items before bowing their heads and leaving. "Thank goodness we got rid of one chore..."
Blazrin laughed at her attempt to hurt him. He was stronger than he appeared so all her swinging only made him twitch. He kept his grip on her shirt and held her in front of him, almost as if she was contaminated or something. He took a hold of her weapons with his other hand and started to walk down the hall to where Mecha Samurai was always working at. Since his hands were full, he kicked the door open.

"Hey, Mecha', we got mail." Blazrin said, wiggling the girl again. "She's gonna be our new member."
"Oh, Blazrin. I was just about to call you." Mecha noticed the girl he was carrying. "New member? Why are you holding her like that? We definitely do not people to demonize our guild with such deplorable behavior."
"Well, the police came in and handed her over." Blazrin nodded to Mecha. "They said this lil' rascal is bad news. They had t' take her belongin's away. They said she's nothin' but trouble. They said we gotta take her in 'cause they don't have any room left in the jail."

Blazrin looked at the girl and stuck his tongue out.

"I hold her like this 'cause she's a feisty one! Even with those cuffs on she's still fightin'!"
"Are you gonna keep talking or can I be put down now?" The young woman says with a scowl and furrowed brows. "These cuffs aren't gonna take themselves off."

"Course they have to pick some group I dunno anything about." she muttered. "Didn't even use the old metal cuffs, just a damn plank of wood!" In an attempt to try and split it herself she lifted up a knee to try and bend the old wood and split it, but it only splintered further. 

"Bah... Yeah, guess I am new. You the leader of this.... thing, Pops?" She asked after giving up the effort. "They didn't tell me shit before dragging me out here."
“So a criminal? I guess we’ve sunken to levels to get the scraps nowadays, huh?” Mecha turned to the girl trying to break the handcuffs. 

“I’m call Mecha Samurai. An android program to serve and protect the public from villains. I am not the one you referred as “boss”. That title goes to the leader of the Clan, Silence, The Silent Swordsman. I’m simply acting as an assistant whenever he is unavailable.” Mecha explained.

He grabbed some paperwork from under the desk and pulls it out. “Take off the handcuffs to prevent further harm, Blazrin. Once you filled out these paperwork, you will be officially be part of the clan with. I will let you on the details of what we do here once you are done."
Blazrin placed the girl on the floor and effortlessly broke the wooden cuffs using only his hands. He stared at the girl with a high brow and wondered what she was truly in for. His eyes gazed at the papers and he chuckled, remembering the time he had to sign in.

"Don't be thinkin' you'll be gettin' away with your crimes in here, girlie."
"Yeah yeah, I heard it the first..." She paused to count the numbers on her fingers. "Four times? Jailers run out of things to say once you tune them out anyway. Besides, you're stuck with me, and I'm stuck with you." She raised a brow in a matter-of-fact demeanor before turning towards the desk to fill out the papers. "I'd say that's a lose-lose situation," She remarks while rubbing her wrists and flicking off the splinters.
"And.. just sign right here and you're officially part of our clan." Mecha Samurai said.
"Right... E...lea...nor." Eleanor made some ridiculous looking signature but she just seemed to like moving her pen in circles. "Aaaand, signed." She looked at Mecha Samurai expectantly, but her glance would shift to the bag every so often.
Mecha Samurai took the paper and reviewed it. "Alright, with this, you are now officially part of the clan."

Mecha Samurai opened the drawer, pulling out an device to placed a stamp on it. This is considered a seal of official for members to be recognized as part of the clan.

"Well. Let's get right into it. We are the Clan of Swords. We tackle missions in our usually in our area. Though, ever since the newest guilds being build here, we have been losing steam. So we take on missions outside our usual area to generate some funds. We take pride of our sword, so we refused to have our honor fall over competitive scenes." Mecha Samurai looked over to Blazrin. "Can you bring the young lady's bag? It peaks my interests..."
Blazrin held the bag away from him since he assumed it was full of weird stuff that he wouldn't understand. He did this on purpose to try and annoy the girl.

"Be care tho'. It might have some sort of cooties or something." Blazrin placed the bag on Mecha's desk. "The guards never said she was clean, I could smell her even with the doors closed."
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