The Big Apple

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Sep 3, 2015

The Big Apple

The Big Apple is Empire State’s biggest tourist attraction and destination for its sheer volume of goodies, for both locals and guild members. It stretches over 22.82 mi² across and surrounded marvelous things; beautiful lakes, composed of phenomenal skyscrapers, made of Californite, that reaches the clouds in the sky, that reach the sky, five-star hotels and excellent facilities for one's pleasure and entertainment. The Big Apple is about 234 miles away from Futuropolis, the most technologically advanced city in Booga.

After the Crisis War, Mysterious Beings found their world incapable of existing—and themselves are unable to coexist in the world for long. In response, the Mysterious Beings made a deal with Todasúl to be summons to avoid complete erasure from existence. As an result, Mysterious Beings turned into toy-like states and can be summon by anyone to assist them in battles; however, they are very powerful and if fell to the wrong hands, can bring dangerous results anywhere. In order to accommodate the Mysterious Beings figurines, in AGE 7000, under the orders from the Parliament of Empire State with assistance from the legendary hero, Image-Man, built the Big Apple as a place to buy these figurines, which contributes to being one of the tourist spots in the continent. 

Notable Area of Interests

Akihabara Street contained all sorts of goods, rest stops and establishments for tourists and residents to seek out every day. It is an ideal place for a romantic getaway or last minute shopping for special events such as birthdays, Valentine day or winter holidays.
Stop by Judy’s Diner to get the legendary Big Apple Pie, pack with sugar, delicious treats and homegrown apples that are out of this world.

If the sweetness of these pies is simply not enough for you, head over to Jilly Monka’s Candy Factory where you can get delicious candies, chocolates and other sweets that will satisfied your sweet tooth.

Every Sunday, there is special event to bring out the best of the city and show off its glorious and glamorous style. Sometimes it would offer musicals, festivals or old fashion tournaments, which allows Mysterious Figurines, temporarily summoned, to fight off Guild Members who want to test their might against them.

The Mysterious Figurines License Office, located on the far end of the Akihabara Street, is the place to register for a license in order to obtain a Mysterious Being. The director, and the only employee, of the office is Toriyama-Bot, who will review your applications and other areas to see if you are fit to handle such summons. You cannot obtain Mysterious Figurines without a License.
  • Must be a high-rank, an equivalent to that of a A-Rank Hero, of your respective guild
  • If your Mysterious Figurines had been damaged, cracked or any form of condition, this is the place to restore it back to its perfect condition; however, the cost to fix it is incredibly high, so be careful and take good care of it.
  • Toryiama-Bot will see your heart is not susceptible towards of becoming evil. Mysterious Figurines made tried to exert influence to make "malicious decisions".

Hamleys' Toys, located next to the Mysterious Figurines License Office, is where you can obtained Mysterious Beings. The clerk, Neydis Tlaw, will advised you the best deals, summons and anything that will help you for adventures. 

The cost varies, depending on their status:
  • Regular Mysterious Figurines: 75,000 Seckles.
  • God Mysterious Figurines: 1,000,000 Seckles.
  • Evil Mysterious Figurines: Toriyama-Bot's Permission and 100,000,000 Seckles. 
  • Super Rare Mysterious Figurines: 1 Billion Seckles.

Rules and Guidelines for Mysterious Figurines Usage

Mysterious Figurines are characters from existing official works in any medium; however, they serve as summons for the characters in battle or assistance. When not in battle, they transformed into their toy-like state (similar to Amiibos and Super Smash Bros; Mysterious Figurines is the official term) or hang around for a while to give further assistance in battle until their time limit is up since they cannot exist properly in BoogaVerse for long periods. You can get them only in the Big Apple for a heavy price. This is the uniqueness of BoogaVerse!

Canon, by definition, is a collection of accepted works. For example, in the case of Dragon Ball, every form of Dragon Ball—officially produced material—counts in the canon. Whether or not it fits into the timeline has no bearing onto the canon, as that is “continuity”. A canon can have multiple continuities (i.e. Marvel and DC). As long the character in question is part of the canon (as in officially produced by the right owners), you can use the character; if it right-owners have nothing to do with information and/or content, then it’s not canon.
  • You can only get them in the Big Apple and received the MF License
  • You cannot automatically have them. You MUST go to the Big Apple to have them in your possession.
  • You are bound to stay true to a canon character(s) personalities and background when deciding on a MF. Exceptions applied to characters who have multiple versions throughout their history. 

    • If a character(s) has a single story throughout their history in the same consistency which cannot be divided into separate characters, use the current one.
    • If a character has different personalities, history and vice versa, please select one version of the character and stick with it.
  • Do not include fanon concepts, any relations with an OC (Character Box Guide), abilities never displayed before, etc. Period. You work around the canon character; they do not function around you.
  • There are rouge Mysterious Figurines that break away from their summoners for being under-leveled. They have two weeks before they returned to their toy-like state.
  • Mysterious Beings will break away from their summoner if they felt they are forced to do something they do not approve of or any other reasons. The time-limit still applies.
  • If they die, they will simply return to their toy-like form, and in that state, it is impossible to destroy completely.
After obtaining the MF License, you will unlock more abilities of the MFs overtime as you grow stronger and continuous usage of them, including access to their stronger forms and moves. However, summoning in general takes a massive toll on your stamina—and reduced MF’s time-limit massively—the stronger your MFs, the more it consumes stamina.
Walking into the Mysterious Office was a man dressed in a brown coat, a red helmet over his head. The rest of his body was in some sort body armor that was connected together, it looked though, and strangely dangerous. He matched the description of Crimson Vendetta, criminal legend, boogeyman of the scum, the Avatar of Pain.

"Uh, hello. I'd like to get a liscence?" He asked in a harmless voice.
"Hmm? Ah! Can customer?" Toriyama-Bot said in a cheerful tone. His office is a mess with drawings, figures everywhere, and tons and tons of paperwork scattered across the room. "Sorry about the mess! I don't get people coming in here too much!" He chuckled. "So, you want a license eh? I have to ask some questions before I can approved such a thing. Last thing I want is people suing me for doing background checks!" 

He cleaned his desk a bit, pulling out a piece of paper and a pencil, preparing to write down whatever Crimson says. "What's your name? And where are you from?"
Crimson took a moment to think, surprised to be asked such a basic question and yet, he had difficulty answering.

“Well uh... The, birth certificate says James Chickadee, but most people know me as Crimson Vendetta. I’m from here, Empire State. I live in Port Graham. Glad I moved there out of Los Demonios, with LEMONs running the place, well, frankly I’m happier with a lack of neighbors than with many sneaking into my garage.”
Toriyama-bot raised a brow upon hearing the two names Crimson gave out. “Huh,” He wrote down his name the paper. “For some reason,” Toriyama-Bot looked the man in the eyes with a curious look. 

“Your name is ringing a few bells." He chuckled when Crimson spoke about the dangerous group known as LEMONs. "Ever since the LEMONs got the hold of the place, the Heroes Organization simply refuses to do anything about it unless it was an abduction or something.” His eyes widened upon hearing that he was from Port Graham. “Port Graham…? That town was definitely bombarded by some rouge Mysterious Being a while back, right?”
Crimson nodded, his grey eyes taking on a quality of sadness.

"I was out on a business trip before, during, and after the attack, missing some of the reconstruction period.  According to what friends that can tell me anything, some sort of super empowered being, even stronger than the ones normally around Empire state like myself. Green hair, screaming, tore the place up. Maybe if I had been there, I could've blown a few holes in his side and saved the town."
“So the reports are true… some out of control Mysterious Beings.” Toriyama-Bot rubbed the back of his head and let out a heavy sigh. “This is going to be penalized against me for giving those things away. Anyways, it is nothing to worry about… things like this happens all the time. People get so caught up and they wind up forgetting their responsibilities.” 

Toriyama-Bot stared at Crimson. “Why are you’re interested in getting a Mysterious Being in the first place? Sorry if I’m being blunt here… but I gotta covered all my bases so I won’t get chewed out further in the next couple of days.”
This was the point Crimson had hoped to avoid, but was prepared for. Smiling with convinction, he made his case plainly.

"The Mysterious Being I'm looking to purchase happens to have information that will lead to my benefit. As an incredibly powerful magic user, I'm hoping that it can help me understand uh, a few quirks about myself." He explained.
Toriyama-bot stared at the man with a suspicion look towards his answer. “Well,” He started to write down some more notes. “I do have to warn that obtaining a Mysterious Being is a hefty task—though I’m aware that you know what they can do when they go rouge. They can damage cities, islands, and whole worlds. Some of them are very crafty in how they manipulate their summoner to do something evil-like—I hope that you are in the right state of mind when obtaining any of them.” Toriyama-Bot advise Crimson. 

“One last question: What organization are you affiliated with?”
Crimson's smile turned to a puzzled frown at the question of affiliation.

"Well um, that's a hard one... I'm currently not affiliated with any at all. I used to work as an Operative for the Meeting of the Dark, uh, the Reaper Guild and I had an intereve once because of the fact I've been to the afterlife and back... I did spend a few decades in space as a bounty hunter for a solar system's empire. Well, I suppose the best I've got is having spent several years as an Operative for the Meeting." He listed off an abridged summary of his exploits that didn't involve breaking the law.
Toriyama-Bot raised a brow. “Are you sure you’re not famous for something? I have a strange feeling that I heard of you from somewhere… one of those legends kind of guys.” He chuckled. “Well, I heard of the Meeting of the Dark...” He was lost when the man started talking about his adventures in space and the afterlife, but considering that, he was there for Mysterious Beings who can do unusual things, it does not ring much of a surprise to him.

“Well! I think that’s all the questions I need.” He finished writing everything down and place it in the file. “Your record will be in the file in case something happens in the future with the Mysterious beings for safety measures, if you will. Give me a bit to bring out the screen; oh and stand over there so I can take your picture.”
“Alright, just give me a few second to get everything here in order.” Toriyama-Bot turned on his computer and uploaded Crimson into the database with the information he provided. “Okay, stay cheese!” 

He clicked a button on the computer, which flashes a bright light. His picture appeared on the screen, in which Toriyama-Bot pressed another button. In a couple of seconds, his printer printed the license.

“Here’s your license. Take this to Hamleys' Toys next door and the clerk will let you get any Mysterious Beings you want. I have to warn that they are incredibly expensive, so hope you have a large bank account; though you would not be here if you were not packing any dough.” He gave Crimson the license. "Any questions?"
Crimson walked up to the desk, tapping on it and huffing, eyes pointed up wards as he was clearly trying to remember something.

"Oh right! Uh, one question actually. What's the worst punishment you could give me for mishandling a Summon?" He asked.
“The worst punishment one can give you for mishandling a Summon?” Toriyama-Bot rubbed his chin. “Well, you have to remember, these summons are special beings that hailed from other worlds. Therefore, they will not do anything that goes against their character; if anything, they themselves will give you more punishment by abandoning you at the worst times haha." Toriyama-Bot joked.

"As for me, I most likely am going to have to yank that license away until you can prove that you’re capable of handling the task.”
“Well I’ll be sure to avoid letting them cause anything. I’d hate to have to prove myself responsible, it was hard enough to convince my parents the first time!” He chuckled. “Well, thank you for your time. If I ever come to the Big Apple again, I’ll tell you how the summons are going.” He added in jolly mood before stepping away and waving. “But, goodbye for now.” He said before departing for the store.
“Alrighty! Happy Summoning Hunting!” Toriyama-Bot waved back.


When Crimson approached the store, there was light inside the Hamleys' Toys, indicating that it was open. There was a man placing the figurines in different spots behind the public viewing window. 

“Alright, that should be organized enough.” Neydis said. “After what happen in Port Graham, more folks would be more hesitant of coming here.” He continued to talk to himself.
Crimson walked around and went into the zone, scoping the place for entrances, exists, structural vulnerabilities, cover, potential threats, and potential hostages. Eyes drifting and analyzing every square foot before seemingly coming to a conclusion, walking to the counter and pulling out and placing with a loud thud a bar of solid gold, marked with alien symbols.

"Do you accept extragalatic currency or will I have to pay domestic?"
“Hey, if you want to get my attention, slamming stuff onto the corner is not going to get any business.” Neydis turned around with an intent to scold the customer more for his rude behavior, but his eyes quickly stare at the shiny bar of gold place in front of him.

“O-oh!” Neydis quickly changed his tone. “Welcome! We take any form of currency, especially something such at this! How may I help you at this fine-evening?”
Crimson mused for a moment before pulling the gold bar back into a bag, and then replacing it with several gold coins, each marked with the symbol of the Meeting of the Dark. He counted them all up and glanced over to a particular figure in the store.

“That’s an amount of gold equivalent to that purple dragon summon over there.”
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