Sketchuary 2021

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Sep 3, 2015
Design created by ~ Z ~

Happy New Year!! You know what that means…! Its Sketchuary!

Calling upon all artists, starting January 1st to January 31st, do a sketch drawing, whether simple or complex every day! It is a new year, new outlook and new drawings ideas! You can either do the following prompts below or pick anything that pops in your mind! Do not mind the small details in your artwork—the point is to post all things you have sketch out. And then hopefully, next month, you can pick whatever among your sketches and turn it into a finish sketch.

Rules and Guidelines
  1. Make a sketch drawing. You can use anything, from traditional to digital.
  2. You can post one or multiple sketches at once!
  3. Post it in Sketchuary thread
  4. Link it with your social media account with the hashtag #BGCSketchuary
  5. Rinse and Repeat until the end of the month!
That's all is to it! The BGC hopes to push your artistic abilities to the next level! We believe in your burning artistic heart!

January Daily Prompts: I thought it’ll be interesting to give artists some inspiration to kick off to make sketches off. You don’t have to do this and can choose your own topic, but it’s something to give you some ideas!
  1. New Original Character
  2. Original Character
  3. Dynamic Pose 1
  4. Dynamic Pose 2
  5. Gender bent Your OC
  6. Swordsman
  7. Flying
  8. Muscles
  9. Transformation
  10. Your Favorite Character
  11. Your Hated Character
  12. Draw Someone’s OC
  13. Witch
  14. Magical Girl
  15. Superhero
  16. Supervillain
  17. Monster
  18. Demon
  19. Angel
  20. Pokémon
  21. Cover Page
  22. Bust Drawing
  23. Future
  24. Medieval
  25. Ocean
  26. Animals
  27. Mecha
  28. Sleeping
  29. Space
  30. Scenery/Landscape
  31. Animation
I'll be the first entry! :maybe:

Here's my sketch... doing the first prompt. New character? So I came up with someone that's from Spina's planet (Good Days). Whirla! Guess which puns I'm using :lmao:

That looks amazing! I really like how you use reference to get an particular shape for this lizard dude :thinking: Does the lemon shape help you out with angles and the sort?

Here's another sketch piece... for a PPG comic I'm trying to start. He's an original character, exclusive for this comic haha :p

Dabble on some dynamic poses following gesture posing practice... I should've done this years ago :sob: 

Two more sketches... planning on finishing one of them in a few days. :p


I made some basic sketches of how I try to make a base for my drawings. It's not much but I kinda like this one for some reason... It's my take on some dynamic poses.

Made a quick sketch of Spina using SSj4 form!


@"~ Z ~"

Those poses looks really good! Its interesting to see how you make dynamic poses using basic shapes.
I drew Black Crystal Panich from Reality Vortex


It's very late and Shine gave me the drawing bug so I blame him XD
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