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Sep 3, 2015

I’ve decided to relaunch my progress journal with a new direction. Not only it includes upcoming projects, but it also houses all the important links needed so you can follow whatever content I put out. Making it easier for everyone to have everything all at once. In addition, now that I’m no longer in school, and employment won’t have much of an impact on my artwork and stories, this will be a way to motivate myself to continue these creative ideas. With that said and done, this will be a general hub for various written works, snippets of character designs, progression of comic(s), etc.

The following below are projects I’ve personally interested in doing. Although it does not mean they will eventually become full-fleshed ideas. Perhaps some of them will have short stories and/or drawings with snippets of what it could had been. Anyways, these are confirmed projects.

Art Links
Creative Projects
  • Shineman
  • Good Days
  • Powerpuff Girls Burst!
Anything that’s not based on the above will be regulated to one shot stories and nothing more; and course, they will have their own respective threads in Modern Inkers. For the purpose of this thread, I’ll simply be focusing *only* the above projects. Makes it easier and keeps my thoughts in order. With that said, please look forward to all my works!
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Carnage Hero, the main character and protagonist of the story, is a defense adventurer from a small town called Riverside. At age of 20, he left Riverside to become an adventurer to fight off the Demons that dominated the world since the Great Disaster. However, he returned home after his party refused to work with him anymore, citing that his desire for battle is higher than they can handle. Eventually, he left Riverside once more after hearing that the Princess of the land had been taken by the Demon Lords and sought to save her, but his intentions rings hollow: in truth, it was an excuse to laid carnage in his path. Because of his brutal fighting, people around him had dubbed the man, Carnage Hero.

Amai is a support adventurer that comes from small town called Ekta. She trained herself in the arts of magic in order to join the Chosen One’s party; however, due to oversleeping, she missed his debut. She first appears in Chapter 3, introducing Carnage Hero about the advantages of joining a party. Initially, Amai is confident and headstrong, but after joining Carnage Hero, his personality traits became an influence on her—making her thrill to have an exciting battle against the Demons. Her design is not final, and will undergo some major changes.

Smokeface was a leader of an Ogre Tribes. She seeks revenge against Carnage Hero for wiping out her entire tribe—though the tribe did instigate the fight. Despite her efforts, she eventually join his party against fighting off the Demons and saving the Princess. She still takes any chances to strike him dead if he lets his guard down. She an expert gunman, capable of using a wide range of weaponry. Due to the fact that she is a demon, she technically not an adventure, but if she was, she would be an offensive adventurer rank.

The story, Carnage Hero, went through a lot of different ideas before its final literation, especially the titular character of the story. Initially, the first incarnation of Carnage Hero as a whole was Box Samurai. It is a small series comic (5 pages in total) that focuses on a wandering man that has a box on covering his head.


Box Samurai has a box shaped like a slice of cheese

The idea was to create a character, although their goal is reasonable, their actions is pretty destructive in nature. Not evil, but not good either. If the character was placed on an alignment board, Neutral evil is the best option. However, despite of their brutal nature, in the large scheme of things, you still able to root for him (somewhat) until his path swiftly changes for the worst due to his ambitions—even if the enemies he kills are Demons that have dominated the world for centuries.

To illustrated what I mean: Box Samurai grew up in a village underground away from the surface. His people have lived in peace for decades until the Demons managed to locate them and went to exterminated them all. As Box Samurai witnessed his people, including his mother and father, being brutally murdered right before his eyes, the leader the of assault was a Demon-Centipede that consumed the faces of people to use as his own. At his dying breath, the Demon-Centipede ate Box Samurai’s face, leaving the child with no face, with the exception of his right eye. Driven by hatred and rage, Box Samurai set out to slaughter every single demon as revenge, no matter who gets in his way.

Eventually, I revamped the idea into something else—keeping the idea of an “anti-hero” who isn’t good, but not necessarily evil—a character with do things without remorse for their actions as long it gets them what they want. However, I thought that things need a bit of a contrast in Box Samurai’s personality—in the comic, he couldn’t talk (due to his predicament). Furthermore, I put more thought into the monsters and demons that appear in this world, leading to the idea of messing with Kaiju (or Strange Beast).


Kaiju Man's prototype design

Kaiju Man was the next “vision” of the character. A man caught in an explosion that had completely warped his biology, turning him into a humanoid monster, along with the creation of other giant creatures. Admittedly, the idea never gained much ground aside from the idea that humans turned into giant monsters due to “emotions”  that stimulus the cells that cause the transformation; Kaiju Man had a partner that assist with him in fighting these creatures, and he became more “brutal” as times goes on, and the introduction of “outer-worlds” such as aliens and space.

Eventually, the final literation of the character became Carnage Hero. I think this was the natural state for this character. I took various concepts from Box Samurai and ideas that linger with Kaiju-Man. A world of demons that appear suddenly due to an event, and humans on survival and having reduced population. A world of giant monsters, and humans gaining the ability to wield “magic”. For example, I took elements from another short comic, Polar Space, regarding the Demon Lords.




The Demon Lords briefly appeared in the beginning of chapter 2 of Carnage Hero! They have been expanded to 13 members

Carnage Hero, based on the name itself, represent his habit of committing carnage in his wake—but it usually targets demons. I added several elements that creates a sense of balance of his brutality; for example, he doesn’t fight those that are defenseless, and, based on his description earlier, he has no problems accepting Demons into his party.

It’s strange when you build a character, it often goes through several different versions until you get a character that you are quite comfortable with. I think this is a sign that you are willingly to look at your creations with a critical eye—and see if the changes is needed to secure the vision you need. In this case, I wanted to create a neutral evil character, but with traits that balance out their actions, for the purpose of enhancing the character, the story and his surroundings.

Under Construction! Come back later :cool:
Since this is the New Year, one of my biggest goals is to start an original comic (hint, its Good Days) before the year ends. But first, in order to achieve that goal, I need to improve my drawing capabilities so I can make breathtaking artwork.

In addition, I need to work on characterization, personalities and dialogue. Roleplaying with others has granted me some much-needed experience of how to convey scenes, whether suspenseful or thrilling, on interactions with multiple characters. But I have weaknesses—I do not think my portrayal of characters are enough, or at least, I do not make them interesting enough to draw in the readers as I should. So, this year, I want to improve my writing ability and a way to make a character grab the interest of the reader.

The reason I am making a discussion because before I dipped my toes into these works, I need a basic framework to start myself off, so I can have a better understanding on paneling, characterization and clean, and clear, artwork. Hence, I am announcing a project called Powerpuff Girls fan comic. I have teased this project last year with four pages of storyboards on this thread here: Storyboards

I have chosen the Powerpuff Girls for several reasons. Firstly, I was always drawn in on the uniqueness (at the time it aired on Cartoon Network) of main female protagonists that express a level of agency and autonomy. Often or not, action cartoons in the West were predominantly [white] men—and few female characters in the show were regulated as side characters or eye candy for male audiences. Despite having girl in the title—it became a worldwide success that appeal to both boys’ and girls’ demographics (whether their success impacted future cartoons right after can be argue, but that is a different case altogether). After hearing that it was getting a live-action adaptation, I was quite unsatisfied with the legacy of Powerpuff Girls with weird spin off, that one Japanese adaptation and the strange reboot of the show that led me to tackle this show.

Secondly, the chance to tackle handling three (and more) female protagonists and tackle on their personality, dialogue in face of new changes, characters and environment. The main character of Good Days is a woman, and although I have her motivations and personality, I still want to handle her character with care and avoid making her “she’s a male character with boobs latched on”. So, this will be good practice and write from a female perspective.

Finally, the Powerpuff Girls are a perfect example of testing out my artistic ability and display powerful scenes. Since the girls have a wide range of abilities and complexities, it’ll challenge my ability to draw background, dynamic posing and perspectives of scenes.

With that said, the name of the fan comic will be called The Powerpuff Girls! Burst. Taken place 12 years after the original series, the girls had gained world-wide recognition for their heroism in Townsville. Many cities across the country are fighting for the girls to move into their cities after graduation. However, monster threats had seemingly increased over the years in Townsville—with a messenger sent as a warning: “The Monster King has returned”.

The Powerpuff Girls! Burst is based upon the original series—with some elements from other series in the franchise. For example, Bliss will appear in the fan-comic, retool and reintroduced in a proper format, with motivations and goals. The 2016 cartoon handle on Bliss was underwhelming, mainly because, as usual, especially when they introduce an PoC character, they are regulated to a single episode or two and cast away for the reminder of the series with the hope of making a cameo or two instead of a permanent member. And that’s not even count that her character arc was largely not impressive in a large of things that isn’t hit with gags or memetalk. Another character taken from the 2016 cartoon is Professor Newtronium, the supposed “rival” of Professor Utonium. She’ll also be retooled and given new direction of her character (if she had anything) in this fancomic.

The girls themselves are aged up of course. They will be 17 years old, almost 18 at the start of the story (they are few months away from graduation). I’ve posted some sketches on some potential look of what they will look like below.

The first arc (assuming if this gets popular enough or I’m interested to make more) is called the Monster King Arc, where the girls are faced off with the King of Monsters on Monster Island, an island near Townsville. This will also include Bliss’ arc, which is set to properly introduce her. It’ll bring new characters that will be part of the girls’ lives, along with old and familiar characters.

The Powerpunk Girls are also set to appear—and since Loopy have access to the original comic issue, it’ll served as a turning point to introduce them in a proper format.




All and all, it’s a very excited project I want to do… and I’m hoping to accomplish such. I’ll post more sketches and even pages on the project. Look forward to it! :smile:

Under Construction! Come back later :cool:
A little reference for Spina's Movesets (in both Reality Vortex Roleplay, and Good Days). That way, I won't forget about them.

Rising Strike is a fighting style that focuses on dealing powerful blows against the enemy with rapid movements. Spina created this style for the sole purpose of fighting to the limit against his opponents.
  • Rising Blast: An powerful wave of energy from his hands. An more powerful version, Rising Blast Extreme, is where he used both hands.
  • Rising Strike: Twenty-Four Orbs: Unleashing 24 powerful orbs that seem weak at first, but grows in power overcome. It can deal rapid blows by a swift of Spina's fingers. If combined, it can transformed to an powerful, singular attack called Rising Star! Mizu Atomic Strike.
  • Rising Fist Explosion
  • Rising Strike - Energized Fist
  • Rising Strike - Protostar
  • Rising Strike - Galaxy Explosion: His strongest move from the Rising Strike moves. After trapping his opponent in a barrier, Spina gathers every bit of energy in his body and unleashed it like bullets. It overwhelmed his opponent as the barrier shrinks in size as the energy bullets ricochet across the walls. Once it forces both Spina and his opponent in proximity, the barrier will ignite due to the heat from the energy and explode with both of them inside. 
Flowing Strike is a fighting style that focuses on dealing precise blows against his opponents, which includes killing them without much of a "mess" afterwards. Kai taught Spina this style when he was on Planet Mist.
  • Flowing Strike - Instant Slayer
  • Flowing Strike - Waterjet
  • Flowing Strike - Waterslide
  • Flowing Strike - Oxygen Destruction: It a suppression technique that prevents his opponent from breathing and absorbing any oxygen around them; outright erasing it, leading to suffocation. An extension of this attack, Oxygen Destruction - Pulse, overwhelms his opponent with water, replacing the oxygen molecules, causing them to pop like a balloon.
  • Flowing Strike - Joint Destruction
  • Flowing Strike - Hydro Cannon
Rising Star is the combination of Two Strikes, and still currently underdeveloped. Once Beast Mode is unleashed, he'd start to using Rising Star! style rather than Rising nor Flowing.
  • Rising Star! Mizu Atomic Strike. An extension of this move is called Rising Star! Mizu Atomic Star Blade. 
  • Rising Star! Shocking Rising Bullet
  • Rising Star! Spinning Vortex
  • Rising Star! Pressure Fist
  • Rising Star! Collapsing Vortex Cannon

Under construction. Come back later :cool:
To start off this month and onward, I’ll be starting a webcomic called “Simple”. Simple, no pun intended, is a simple premise where two characters, Markis and Melissa, go through their days getting caught up in a problem. At first glance, they made be “simple” problems and can be blow off. Then, it turns into a supernatural phenomenon because of such. Oops!

Markis and Melissa are adults in this webcomic, since the premise will be much more flexible than if they were children or teenagers. They have been friends since childhood, so they will be the protagonists of this webcomic!

Markis is lazy, but brilliant. He always does things at the last moment and prefer to do other things than slave away at a job. Of course, when the situation calls for it and its time for him to get it done, he’ll get it done right. He doesn’t mind Melissa’s harshness, and always there to back her up. He cannot stand the idea of boredom and will do anything to make things lively. He’s a huge fan of fighting games.

Melissa, at first, can be seen as “harsh”, but that’s the way she is! She just tells it how it is and never tells a lie. She’s always making sure Markis is on top of his responsibilities and bailing him out when its needed. She doesn’t have many friends, but that’s okay! She has Markis to chat with, even if Markis doesn’t understand “dark” stories. She’s a huge fan of Dungeon and Dragons.

This is a chance to: practice my drawings, paneling, storyboarding, writing and dive into dynamic poses. I’m aiming to release the first few pages by the end of this month. Here’s a written sneak peak of what to come:

“Book Overdue Draft” [Subject to change]

Melissa: Hey, I found the book you lost a while back. [She picks it up from the pile of clothes in Markis’ room.]

Markis: “Oh! My favorite book! I haven’t seen that in ages…” [Markis expressed happiness seeing the book.]

Melissa: It’s definitely overdue. Might as well turn it now.

Markis: No way. It’s definitely a huge, hefty fine at this point. I ain’t dropping a dime on this one.

Melissa stared at him with her eyes, scolding him for not returning the book.

Markis: That library ain’t going to care about *one book* missing. They can always order another one. It’s that simple.

Suddenly, after Markis finished his sentence, a gigantic mech crashed into Markis’ room, pointing all its weapons at the young man.

Markis: Whoa! What the-!? [Markis falls and lands on his behind[

Mech: “We have detected a book that’s been overdue for 10 years. Markis. Failure to return a book, and deliberately holding it, grants you punishment. You will be terminated.” [a panel where his guns become bigger]

Melissa: Should’ve return the book.
On the first of August, I decided that I’ll work on my story. To encourage myself to write it out and not blow it off like usual, I deliberately placed myself with a deadline. Every two days, I must write 3 pages. I’ve encouraged Jaz (aka Z) to join me on “Deadline” Writing to see if we can at least make it to 15 pages.

Within 2 weeks, I would say, it was a successful project. Both of us managed to write 15 pages of content for our stories, starting us off with an introduction and slowly expanding our world. For myself, I’ve written 7118 words so far!

Thus, I will continue with the Deadline Writings. Starting Monday, every two days, I’ll put in 3 pages worth of content for Good Days. To motivate myself even further, I’ll add a word count every two days to see how much I’ve written. My current goal is aiming at least 15 pages within 2 weeks or so. Wish me luck!

I’ve already posted the first initial draft of Good Days on the forum; waiting for reviews by some of the readers here. Regardless of however long it takes for some reviews to start pouring in for Good Days and Immortal Scars, I’ve already started revising things of the first draft.
Strangely or not, deadlines gave me the motivation to push myself and hurried to get it done; since without deadlines, I’m always in the mindset of “I’ll do it later…”.

If you wish to do the deadline writing; you can officially start on Monday and post your progress on Wednesday, then two days after that and so forth. There's no right away to go about it. You can use a script format, novel format, dialogue heavy, etc. As long you hit three ages, that is fine!
It's deadline today!

Managed to add 3 pages or 885 words today, bringing it to a total of 8003 words. Next deadline will be on Friday, and I will use the time to add some revisions and corrections. :kirbydab:
Another Deadline, another word count of my progress!

I added 523 words (around two pages) to the story, bringing it into a total of 8526 words! This is basically adding further additions in the beginning of the story (adding more characterization to both Suyoi and Deisy) to give the readers a sense of their personalities. :kirbydab: 

Next deadline is Sunday!!
Deadline today, so I added 322 words to the story! Once again, I'm expanding the "Episode 2" section to expand everyone's character, and emphasized the importance of why Candy is forgoing a mission, rather than training exercise. Total word count: 8848. :kirbydab:
Deadline today; so there's no "updated" word count, since majority of the new edits was largely replacing the old ones with new, and it's more or less the same number. 

Things I've added: Expand Suyoi and Deisy's character, along with adding more clarity with Mex's personality. Added a motivation to Mex's goal to be more concise and clear. And I expanded on Candy's character to be more "soft-spoken" as a contrast to the rest of the cast.

Next deadline, Thursday, will be a significant rewrite of the first mission. :comfy:
Deadline today. No updated word counts, more or less the same. I've begun rewriting the first mission to be more "appealing" and engaging. In order to slowly introduce the world of "Good Days" and its affairs with other worlds. By the time Monday rolls around, I'll update the original thread for review!
Took a break, but I still managed to do some editing, additions and improving the first draft! For this second draft, I've added 1024 words! Witht hat, I've completed Episode 1 and 2. Next deadline is Wednesday, and will work towards finishing Episode 3 :kirbydab:
I’ve decided to cancel Carnage Hero, and instead to merge it with Good Days. There’s a similar character that will appear in the future essentially acts the same way (including his dynamic with another character). And since Carnage Hero was originally intended to take place in the same world as Good Days, this was an easy process to make by merging those two characters. Carnage Hero will be his codename that he uses. This goes the same for No Heroes (originally titled No More Heroes); I’ll incorporated elements and characters I’ve created in there and repurposes them for Good Days standards.

To put it simply; I’ve cut down everything to three things:

Good Days | Simple | Powerpuff Girls Burst!

Please look forward to the next information stage for the other two soon! I’ve already put down the basic ideas and concepts already for them.

The deadline is more or less the same; I haven’t replaced too much of Episode 3! Hope to keep this steady growth for the next deadline on Friday.

My goal is to finish the second draft before the end of the month. That way, the next few months will be spent on storyboarding and finally, making it an “official comic”, using the draft as a basis. I’ll upload the second draft for review when I finished!
Still working on the 2nd Draft! Will post an update of my progression either tomorrow or Sunday!!

Really need to clean up the first 3 posts since they're severely out of date :joy:
Gearing up to finish the next episode of Good Days (redit) this week! :kirbydab: Will update the OP to include new stuff once I dish out these last few drawings for Fright Nights.
Been quite a while since I visit this thread! I think its time for a little reconstructing :sneaky:
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