ShineCero's Character Box

Name: ShineCero

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Laughlin, Paradice

Position: Rouge Mage

Height: 1.5 m

Weight: 55 kg

Species: Human

Appearance: ShineCero is tall, medium build and has dark skin. He has brown eyes and currently bald (but he does have black hair) and has a scar on the back of his head. He wears a white tunic with black markings around the shirt collar. He wears a large, sash around his waist that has black and white checker patterns. Finally, he wears a black and blue robe with a hood, along with blue trousers and combat boots.

Personality: ShineCero has a quiet personality and more focused on his work than participate in social events. He does have a sense of humor, but it’s rather dark taste rather than typical knock-knock jokes, and especially says it at inappropriate times.

  • The Shining Staff is a powerful magical weapon that's able to record many spells with ease, giving ShineCero plentiful of ammunition to summon magical attacks that isn’t in his normal move pool.
  • Darkness Cards is a collection of five different cards, each having their own purposes. Together, they formulate an incredible and strong barrier around ShineCero.
Magical Attacks: ShineCero is capable of learning a large variety of spells thanks to his staff, but there are original attacks that he came up himself. 
  • Negative Hole: Able to formulate a mini-black hole and sends towards the enemy to destroy. Its gravitational pull is just as strong as a black hole.
  • Fallen Dragon, Rain of Life: Rains down green-like energy attacks that snaps the enemy’s stamina and heals the user.
  • Teleportation Crash: Where he can teleport himself in different areas within in instant, sending a barrage of attacks along the way.
  • Thunder Dragon God, Thoron: Summons a powerful lightning strike to struck down the enemy
  • Chaotic Dragon Lord, Hell Raiser: Summons destructive flames and engulfed the enemy with it.
  • Blooming Ice Dragon of Destruction, Absolute Zero: Summons a tsunami of water that crashed onto the enemy, then instantly freezing them in place.
  • Birth Dragon, Extreme Dark Void: Summons thousands of dark orbs around the enemy, attacking them from all directions. 
  • Purity Dragon of Light, Screams of the Fallen: Multiple lasers instantly formed around the enemy and striking them down until they are nothing more than mincemeat. 
  • Paradise Dance: ShineCero’s strongest attack. He summons two orbs, one of light and one of darkness, and sent it towards the enemy, engulfing them in whole. It will transition from light and dark rapidly until it lands on a single color: It will snap their life force out of their body instantly if it lands on light or completely annihilate them into nothingness if it lands on darkness.
Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status
  • Spirit of Rage: Raise one's attack
  • Guard Boost: Raise one's defense
  • Extreme Speed: Raise one's speed
  • Ultimate Strongest Field: He creates a powerful, dense barrier that prevents damage from any forms of attack.  
  • Gravity Disruption: Manipulate gravity and pins down the enemy
  • The Void of Nothingness: ShineCero rips a hole in space and time and sends them to another dimension. It takes an enormous amount of stamina to pull this move.
Biography: ShineCero was from a poor town called Laughlin, Paradise. He became interested in magic at a young age when he saw a little girl crying over the loss of her dog. In attempts to make her smile, he taught himself various magic spells, showcasing his fast learning ability to replicate skills and performed various magic he observed earlier to cheer her up, with success. This was the first time that land ShineCero a spot in the Magic Society. As he grew, his magic skills became profound and advanced that the previous leader picked him as the next leader of the Brotherhood of Black Magic. ShineCero continues to improve his own skills and sought to create a brand-new magic. He resigned his position as Grand Sorcerer after the White Space Event.
Name: Mecha Samurai

Model: Fifth Samurai Series

Birthplace: Robot Island

Position: Beast Hunter

Height: 2.9 m

Weight: 205 kg


Personality: Mecha Samurai is programmed to be kind, loyal and understanding of situations. However, one of the problems of this series of machines is their inability to control their emotions when pressed in the situation too much for them. They will not strike down an enemy that cannot defend itself.

Special AbilityThe Database Scanner is a tool that allows to search and find any information about everyone in the world. It also picks up life signals through heat, soul or energy signatures.

  • Mecha Sword is a powerful twin-blade made from Californite. It can cut down through diamonds with ease. It’s also equipped with properties to allow it to strike a person’s soul.
  • Transformation Glove is a mechanic that allows Mecha Samurai to combined with any mortal, giving them a powerful armored suit. The powered armor suit exceed their natural human limit, become a powerful warrior. 
  • Soul Strike: Target’s an enemy’s soul and puts them asleep for a while.
  • Machine Gun Blade: His blade transformation into a machine gun and fired down the enemy.
  • Energy Blade Strike: The blade lights up brightly, a single swing will slice through mountains.
Biography: Mecha Samurai was built in Robot Island as an introduction of the Fifth Samurai Series to assist Swordsman in Desolate Lands. However, a major flaw of the programming of this series is their inability to kill a defenseless person. They will not fight if they no longer poses a threat and in no condition to battle. Silence refused to scrap Mecha Samurai for the Sixth Samurai Series Robots, citing that he has no problems with Mecha and his loyalty to listen to his blade rather than succumbed to violence is remarkable.
Name: Iceik Wolf [DEAD]

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Snowy Mountains, Empire State

Height: 1 m

Weight: 43 kg

Species: Ice-Wolf

Appearance: Iceik is a bipedal wolf with a blue scarf around his neck. He has white fur and sharp claws on each of his paws. He has blue eyes and a singular scar on his left eye. He has a sash around his torso, in which has a strap to hold his battle axe.

Personality: Iceik has a brutal personality and does not care for others… at first. He’s rash but knows when to stand down to an enemy stronger than him. He does not like to mess with witches and mages that are fire-based.

Special Ability: Wolf’s Call is a transformation technique that Iceik goes through. He becomes a gigantic monster with its snake-like body. He strength doubles and his speeds become fast and fierce. His rationality might be subjected since his murderous instinct dramatically increased in this state.

Weapon/Items: Ice Axe is Iceik’s trusty weapon. Made completely out of ice, it allows him to cut through enemy with one strike.

Attacks: After the events of Los Demonios, Iceik gain the ability to use fire-based attacks.
  • Ice Ball: Shoots out a ball of ice out of his mouth.
  • Ice Howl: Rains down snow from a single howl.
  • Ice Dome: After Ice Howl, the snow on the field harden like steel and covered the enemy. From there, Iceik used his Ice Axe and smashed the dome, causing to shattered into many shards and sliced the enemy up.
  • Frozen Fire: Combing fire and ice, he breathes onto the enemy, burning them at extreme heat and the coldest of temperature at once.
  • Ice-Fire Fang: Iceik bites onto the enemy and tears them limp to limp. It will either leaves severe burns or freeze them instantly.
Biography: Iceik belong to a tribe of ice-typed monsters called Ice Wolves. They are nefarious monsters that attack any travelers that stumbled upon their territory. Iceik was one of the smaller ones but extremely skilled due to his ability to be one of the few to hold weapons. He was slated to be the next alpha leader of his tribe due to his skills, despite his small size.
Name: Edge-Man

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Quiet Town, Empire State

Position: Hero

Height: 1.5 m

Weight: 65 kg

Species: Human

Appearance: Edge-Man wears a black gothic coat leather steampunk jacket with shoulder to wrist sleeve length and white undershirt. He wears black leather pants and black combat boots with small spikes on the side. He has black, spikey hair, light brown skin and his blue eyes with black eyeliner and has black colored fingernails. He has several earrings on each ear and 2 rings on each hand. He has a small scar near his right eyebrow and his top lip.

Personality: Edge-Man has a brutal personality and does not get along with others. He does not have any friends and considered any form of relationships as a waste of time. He’s easily angered and often vent out his frustration by ranting through social media websites. There was once where his fellow peers got a beatdown of his life for insulting Edge-Man’s hero work. He is paranoid and have trust issues. He prefers to work alone and holds a mean grudge for anyone that wrong him.

Special Ability: Increasing Edge is a power-growth ability based on amount the pain inflicted upon himself. The more he pain he receives, the stronger he becomes.

Weapons/Items: Edge-Man has two weapons he used for combat.
  • Edge Blade is a powerful blade that hack and slash anything in sight. It has a button on the tilt that allows to absorb the enemy’s stamina each time blood was drawn.
  • Dagger Knife is a small blade that Edge Man uses for last resort. It has a special property that each stab results an explosion due to the molecular imbalance added onto the blade.
  • Edge Strike: He focuses and launch a powerful strike on the enemy. It will leave them staggered for a few moments.
  • Self-Infliction: Edge-Man drives his dagger knife onto his chest, craving out the name of the enemy he wish to destroy. It activates his special ability in the process.
  • Blood Slices: Edge-Man uses his own blood and send them towards the enemy as hardened blades. It can slice through the densest of metals.
  • Death Calls: Edge-Man engulfed the entire area in darkness, leaving himself and the enemy. He lets out a devastating scream before stabbing himself in the chest, unleashing a powerful boost as he attacks the enemy in a brutal beatdown, and absorbing their life force in the process. At the end of the assault, he drives the dagger down at the enemy’s throat, resulting a massive explosion.
Biography: Edge-Man was born in Quiet Town and had a normal life for majority of his childhood. However, things went down spiral after the murder of his parents during his teenage years. After months of being in the foster home system, he was adopted by a loving family, only for them to get murdered as well. He was deemed too old to be accepted and left out the streets to fend for himself. He went through heartbreak, depression and lack of social friends that made his life unbearable, resulting in anguish and hatred for the world. This led to the activation of his abilities when he was caught in the fight with a robber. He was able to get stronger the more he takes damage. Using that to his advantage, he became a vigilante that punished criminals. He was then found by Minute-Man, impressed by his skills and offer him to become a full-time hero; he accepted such offer.
Name: Gravity Girl

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Hope City, Empire State

Position: Hero

Height: 1.2 m

Weight: 45 kg

Species: Human

Appearance: Gravity Girl has white skin and green eyes. She wears a blue, sight one piece and blue gloves. She has long, black curvy hair that has a blue glow whenever she uses her powers.

Personality: Gravity Girl is a hardworking and trustworthy and very kind to others, even when she’s scolding them. She does not tolerate weakness and laziness and will call you out on it if she sees it. She likes all heroes to be the best they can be and willingly to work with others to accomplish a goal. She has a sweet tooth and loves to go shopping whenever she’s on her break from hero work. 

Special Ability: Gravity Force is the ability that allows Gravity Girl to manipulate and control gravity. She has her own gravitational force, and if concentrated enough, she can force people to orbit around her without much resistance to escape.

Attacks: Gravity Girl is very versatile of using gravity against her enemies, but she does have a couple of moves that she uses to suppressed powerful foes.
  • Super Gravity Extreme: A powerful force of gravity suppressed enemies to the point that their organs get squished in the process. It takes a powerful enough focus to pulled this off.
  • Gravity Destruction: She slams both of her hands together and compressed the air so much that she creates air bubbles. She uses to slammed down onto the enemy in rapid succession.
Biography: Gravity Girl was born in Hope City, Empire State through a family of people who can manipulate as aspect of the world. She was humbled and raised to use her powers for good. Once she grew older, she left home to become a professional hero, instantly becoming a favorite in the Heroes Organization and the people due to her powerful personality and abilities, along with interactions with fans.
Name: Alice

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Fairy Forest

Position: High Fairy

Height: .5 m

Weight: 2.5 kg

Species: Fairy

Appearance: [Coming Soon]

Personality: Alice is hotheaded, but cowardly when it comes to actual danger. She's a prankster, but will apologize immediately if she takes it a bit far. She's known to be stubborn, but her heart is in the right place.

Special Ability: Fairy Aura, an powerful aura that naturally increased the strength of magic ability around her by several notches. It ends if Alice is knocked out.

Magical Attacks
  • Fairy Beam: Unleashed powerful fairy magic that attacks the enemy. When hit on a ally, it heals them.
  • Fairy Combat: Unleash physical violence on the enemy, which draws away their stamina. Her strength is capable of crushing bones on a unexpecting opponent.
  • Chaotic Fairy Distortion: A powerful energy balls that form around the enemy. It smashed against them at once, until they are overwhelm, then leads to an massive explosion. Butterflies fly outwards, carrying balls of their stamina to the alley, and restoring their health.
Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status:
  • Barrier: Creates an powerful barrier around herself and allies from physical attacks.
  • Slowdown!: Slows the enemy's movements for a moment.
  • Haste!: Increased the allies' speed momentarily. 
Biography: Despite being designated as a cooking fairy at birth, she would strive to become a scouting one—and pushing to become an adventurer. She always wanted to explore the outside world and learn more things outside the Fairy Forest. After the events of White Space, the Fairy Queen had increased her magic, changing her into a High Fairy.
Name: Buccaneer Jack

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Mayergn, Desolate Lands

Position: Elite Five

Height: 1.70 m

Weight: 122 kg

Species: Mutant

Appearance: [Coming Soon]

Personality: Jack can be described as completely unhinged, unpredictable and chaotic. Numerous of people that worked with him described that he was impossible to work with, due to his nature of continuing on an adventure even when odds are entirely stack against him. But to the eyes of Jack, this is a challenge. 

Weapons/Items: Buccaneer Jack has two weapons.
  • Gold Diamond Gun: A powerful pistol, along with bullets, made of gold diamonds from Shina Ania. Its strength can pierce through multiple steel walls in a single shot.
  • Grenade Sword: A sword with grenades attached on the edges. Every strike, it will leave a large explosion that can blow away a building.
Special Ability: Pirate’s Greed, which allows him to sense rare minerals, and able to break down to their literal elements and matter, transforming it into anything as long the resources is available.

  • Pirate Bomb: Jack throws several mini bombs at the enemy, creating a powerful white flash to blind them.
  • Davy Jones Beam: Using his mutant powers, Jack opened his mouth and fires a beam at the enemy.
  • Pirate Slash Delta: In a string of brutal attacks, Jack ends with stabbing the enemy with his sword, causing an explosion within.
  • Atomic Split: Jack caused matter around them to completely break down into their core elements; swords, weapons, and the sort, for several minutes. He isolated the rest and leaves the atoms around before splitting.
Biography: He was born in Mayergn, the most radioactive place in Desolate Lands. As a mutant, he feed off nothing but dirt and soil, and kills anything in sight. As he grow, due to his ability to sense minerals, he was hired as a mercenary for various organizations, including the Red Market. Eventually, he left that life and went on to become a pirate, which became successful. He led a Pirate Guild, that focus on finding riches and hunting down monsters, demons, and evil spirits. He was asked to join the Beast Hunters as one of the Elite Five, which he gladly accept.
Name: Monster Hunter

Age: 35

Gender: Non-Binary

Birthplace: Garden Town, Desolate Lands

Position: Beast Hunter

Height: 1.9 m

Weight: 80 kg

Species: Human

Appearance: [Coming Soon]

Personality: When not in battle, Monster Hunter is quiet, docile, and cold. However, once the battle starts, the Monster Hunter is a masterful warrior who shows no mercy to their opponent. Due to constantly wearing their armor, it is hard to get a read on what they are thinking.

Weapons/Items: Monster Hunter has a large variety of tools and weapons on their person.

  • Monster Sword: A sword designed to slay monsters with swift strikes and precision. 
  • Crossbow: A powerful long-range weapon, with enough force to split skulls cleanly in half.
  • Gasoline: A bottle of gasoline that can be used as a starter for fires to create wide-range damage.
  • Monster Shield: A powerful and durable shield. Able to deflect magic attacks. 
  • Monster Armor: A powerful armor that covers them head to toe. It is durable, but light in usage for easier moment. 
  • Leather Mask: A mask worn to prevent breathing in toxic radiations. 
  • Monster Bag: A special bag with various of tools and kits designed for monster killing.
Biography: Born in Garden Town, Monster Hunter live their whole living in despair and fears from monsters constantly invading. One day, their family was caught in the crossfires of a monster invasion and was brutally killed right before their eyes. Fuel with anger, Monster Hunter dedicated their entire lives to kill monsters in their path. Training, honing their skills and using every item they come across to their advantage to kill every monster they come across with. Eventually ended up as part of the Beast Hunters.
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