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Sep 3, 2015
Reality Vortex General Discussion

Welcome to the General Hub for Reality Vortex! A resolute, informative thread for lore, detailed descriptions, guidelines and more. Beneficial for players and helps expand their characters and story ideas.

Is character registration required?

No. You can jump in with any character you wish. All main characters will either join or assist the Breakers. Supporting Characters are Arc-Specific characters that assist the main characters and push character(s) and/or story to a certain direction.

What is an Introductory Clause?

Introducing any character, whether main or supporting, to the story. All must have a narrative purpose. What can this character bring to the story? How would their inclusion shake things up? These are something that you must think about when introducing a character into this story.

What are Supporting Characters?

Characters not part of the main cast, but have a role tied specifically to an arc. They bring information to the arc’s issues, expand worldbuilding of Reality Vortex and drives the themes of the story. All supporting characters need permission before inclusion. Supporting Characters do not appear in the next following arcs unless their inclusion is necessary. They can become a main character, but they will join the Breakers.

What is an Arc System?

Each thread represents an arc of the story. Once an arc ends, the thread will close and a new one [arc] will begin. This is solely for organizational purposes, allowing players to read previous arcs any time.

Can I make suggestions or even make my own arc?

You can make suggestions to an upcoming arc. You just need to consult with me on your ideas, and I’ll determine if it deem worth to explore. Remember, your ideas need to be consistent and relevant to arc’s themes.

You can suggest an entire arc. You’ll be the game-master of your arc, and I’ll supervise everything. As you’ll consult with me, you will provide the premise, themes, and ending. From there, I’ll offer changes, advice, and recommendations to ensure the quality of the overall story. The most important part of creating your own arc: it must involve all the Breakers. The second is that your schedule should be flexible enough to drive the arc. If you do not post within a week without notice, I’ll take over and run it.

What are the confirmed arcs?

Doctor Doom - New Roads - Red Reputation - Shadow Game [Current] - Abyss – The Beautiful Rose - Paradise Dance - The Behemoth’s Belly - Shattered Crisis [Finale]

Rules & Guidelines
  • The Breakers are the main characters of Reality Vortex.
  • You can bring up to FOUR characters, excluding Supporting Characters, to play at once.
  • Any rule-specific concepts attached to characters from their original worlds do not apply in Reality Vortex.
  • All characters not native to Reality Vortex cannot die. They instead turn into Vortex Coins; however long they remain in that state depends on the narrative.
  • All characters native to Reality Vortex do not turn into Vortex Coins. They will die, and in their deaths released enormous amount of Dark Energy to form Dark Clouds.
  • Brand-New Transformations, Forms and Fusions required permission. If the character never displays these beforehand, they’re considered brand-new.
  • All players controlling Bosses are allowed to post multiple times regardless of posting order. Bosses cannot be one-shotted.
  • All locations resided in Reality Vortex. Only the Overseer’s Domains are considered “separate dimensions”.
  • The Voice is the only character capable of permanent erasure.
  • Be courteous to other players!
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Reality Vortex

A strange world where the impossible happens. Eons ago, a celestial object called daffodil star produced three seeds into the Abyss of Darkness. By absorbing the Dark Energy around them, they would grow into Cosmic Plants and create their respective worlds. However, a war broke out between them for sole domination.

In reaction, the daffodil star produced a fourth seed, Jinaira, into the Abyss of Darkness to discourage in-fighting. However, upon completion, Jinaira didn’t participate in the war and created his own world instead, leaving the fate of those worlds to their destruction from the war.

Jinaira was more interested in creating his ideal world than some squabbles between Cosmic Plants. Since his creation was supposed to disrupt in-fighting, he was not granted the ability to create life. Thus, Jinaira designed his world to do the impossible: bring all beings from other worlds into Reality Vortex.

Thus, the birth of Reality Vortex was born. It was a world where all beings erased from existence lived. It is the last destination before permanent, true death. Once someone enters Reality Vortex, they cannot leave under any circumstances regardless of battle power or ability. To drive further home, Reality Vortex is enclosed by a powerful barrier that prevents anyone from leaving the world itself. It also protects the world from the endless sea of Dark Energy; otherwise known as the Abyss of Darkness and a creature that lurks within.

Originally, the world was a place for all beings erased out of existence from their worlds. It was considered the final destination before permanent, true death [erasure]. Once someone enters Reality Vortex, they cannot leave under any circumstances regardless of battle power or ability. For eons, it was extremely rare for anyone to appeared in Vortex.

Old Reality Vortex Concepts
  • Death is not impossible. After their bodies are destroyed, they’ll re-spawn in a different location.
  • There was no passage of time.
  • Dark Energy was a rare occurrence.
  • A barrier enclosed Reality Vortex: it is impossible to break through the barrier regardless of battle power or ability.
  • If, by chance, someone managed to escape Reality Vortex, they will be violently erased from existence upon entering the Abyss of Darkness.
One day, a strange phenomenon happened. Doctor Victor von Doom, infused with Dark Energy, created a machine that brings outsiders from different realities in Vortex. His goal was to merged all worlds together, where Doom will have absolute control of everything. He’d nearly succeeded somewhat, but his ultimate ambition was thwarted by the Breakers. Reality Vortex was successfully rebooted, but it finished prematurely, leading several consequences to occurred. It is known as Reality Vortex v2.

Reality Vortex Post Doctor Doom, aka Reality Vortex v2

A new Reality Vortex form, and time began to flow. Thus, some old concepts ceased and new concepts are brought in.

Vortex Coins

All outsiders cannot die in Reality Vortex. If their bodies are destroyed, they’ll simply turned into a Vortex Coin. A golden coin that has a portrait of them on the front and their names embedded on the back. Vortex Coins cannot be destroyed by anything, regardless of battle power or ability.
  • Cracks on one’s body is an indication that they’re closed to being coined.
  • Some are aware of their surroundings as Vortex Coins.
  • On average of 3 years, a person will reform from their coined state. However, their reputation can be a factor of influencing their return. Positive reputation will result a faster reform time. Negative Reputation will result a slower reform time.
  • One can gained abilities, by using external means, from Vortex Coins. However, one cannot be reformed from their coined state as a result.
  • If someone gets coined after being hit by Dark Energy, they cannot reform for a thousand years.

In rare instances, any attempts to create life in Reality Vortex will give birth an unnatural phenomenon: Yowls. Yowls are lifeforms native to Reality Vortex. Due to Dark Energy, they rapidly age to their prime within 24 hours.
  • All Yowls are born from Dark Energy. No exceptions.
  • Weather changes upon Yowl’s emotional state.
  • All Yowls will succumb to Dark Energy’s increasingly influence; they will rapidly evolve from each battle until they reach their end-stage: Behemoths.
  • Yowls can experience permanent, natural death. They do not become Vortex Coins.
  • Upon their death, they will release so much Dark Energy, it’ll form Dark Clouds upon their corpses.
  • Ever Dream: An unique ability that only a Yowl can utilized. Upon reaching their end-stage, since they are unable to obtained Empty Mind, they will gain Ever Dream. They allows to create fantasies to life from their most negative thoughts.
Dark Energy

Dark Energy, sometimes referred as Madness Chi, is the dominant energy force in the Vortex. All things in the Vortex have or created from Dark Energy. The exceptions are the outsiders that came from other worlds: since they are not native to Reality Vortex, they do not possess Dark Energy naturally; only if they come in contact with it (whether from Black Crystals or bestowed by Overseers).

Anyone who gains or possessed Dark Energy will gain immeasurable power, but at the cost of their own mind. They are driven to madness, become obsessed with their ambitions and goals, and indiscriminate destruction follows in their wake. If left unchecked, Dark Energy will fester until it completely consumes them and turns them into Behemoths. Due to the reshaping of the world, cases of people gaining Dark Energy had risen.

Once someone gains Dark Energy, it is impossible to remove it. Dark Energy can be paused and lay dormant. And residues of Dark Energy will appear where Dark Energy first manifest as a reminder that it’s still there and can be activated at any time.

Black Crystals

To ensure that the world isn’t being overwhelmed with the excess of Dark Energy, the world naturally created a defense mechanism that clumped Dark Energy together until it crystallized. Approaching a Black Crystal will cause immense pressure and forcibly drag to get close to one. Removing the crystals by any means will result a violent and powerful explosion, capable of wiping away entire cities. Anyone caught in the explosion of a Black Crystal will automatically turned into a Vortex Coin and unable to reformed for a thousand years.

Dark Clouds

When large quantities of Black Crystals are destroyed, or a death of a Yowl, a powerful thunderstorm will form from its essence. Generating and releasing black lightning that can form Black Crystals on impact; it is extremely dangerous for anyone to be in the area were Dark Clouds can be seen. In the presence of Dark Clouds, in the case of a dying Yowl, it’ll bring forth memories and audio recordings of their voices of the deceased where it originated from in forms of rain drops. However, Dark Clouds are permanently stationary and will not move from where the deceased had perished.

Composite Beings & Alter Beings

In the rebirth of Reality Vortex, countless beings from infinite worlds were dragged into Reality Vortex. In that a phenomenon was born: a merger of beings to form a single person. Doctor Victor von Doom wanted to erase the concepts of incarnations of the same beings. His intentions are to merge all incarnations of the same person into one singular being: Composite Beings. However, due to his defeat, things did not go accordingly. Another phenomenon occurred as well: Altered Beings. The Breakers DO NOT (the cast before New Roads Arc) become Composite nor Altered Beings.

Composite Beings

A character that is a combination of every single incarnation of themselves fused into one. They have access to all memories, abilities and more. To determine one is a composite being is through their eyes: all have horizontal pupils with blue and red eyes.
  • If a Composite being turns into a Vortex Coin, they will have Shin before their full name on the back.
  • If a character appears in Vortex, not a Composite Being but do have incarnations of themselves from their worlds, all of them faced erasure.
Alter Beings

A character that is a combination of not every incarnation, but rather than every single person from their worlds merged into one—the one being the dominate one that won the right in control of the body. Physically, their powers (both disturbing and chaotic) are completely unstable, un-synchronized and can lead to their bodies staggering if they push themselves. Mentally, due to various of different thoughts, voices, etc., expressing all their will at once in a constant manner, their existence an unstable and unpleasant existence. To determine one is an Altered Being is by their eyes: all have vivid colors and cracked pupils.
  • They cannot control their powers in extended periods of time. It’s wildly out of control.
  • If an Alter Being gains Dark Energy—everyone inside of them also gains Dark Energy.
  • Sometimes other personalities resurfaced depending on their emotional state.
  • If an Alter Being gets coined, upon their return, its highly likely that someone else will appear instead. They bypass the reputation factor since it’s a different person every time.
  • Union Link: It is possible for Altered Beings to slowly form bonds with the numerous people they merged with. It is a taxing and heavy task and does NOT solve their staggering issue; it merely allows them to use all their abilities in an efficient manner for a limited time. It requires maximum concentration and understanding of all users. Any disruption will cause the Link to fail.
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The Overseers

To run Reality Vortex as efficiently as possible, Jinaira took portions of his own energy and split it into eight entities. Originally started out as mere extensions of himself, these entities would grow to gain their own personalities, traits, ambitions, and agency. Dubbing them as “Overseers”, they are task with ensuring the growth and prosperity of Reality Vortex.

The Mysterious Manor, known as The Border of Life, is the birthplace of all Overseers and the first establishment of Reality Vortex. It is a strange manor filled with artifacts and remnants from other worlds in the Vortex. An impenetrable barrier, formed from the very essence of Jinaira’s energy, prevents virtually anyone from entering the manor. Only those with Dark Energy or Clear Mind can bypass it.

While some rooms in the manor contains secrets of Vortex, the most important rooms are those resided by the Overseers. Once the Overseers reached a certain point of becoming their own individuals, their specific powers manifested, their appearance takes shaped and will gained a unique name. In turn, their rooms will naturally warp in response to their sentience.

History, the youngest of the Overseers. Taking on a more feminine appearance and pronouns, she is the Overseer of Events. She collects all things across the cosmos and beyond to create a record of all events of Reality Vortex in a Vase called “Vase of Ages”. She can manipulate history at her will, including adding and erasing moments in history to change one’s fate if she so wishes. After the rebirth of Reality Vortex and time began to flow, History was able to gather history from across all worlds into Reality Vortex’s recorded events. In her room, all relics and artifacts from all worlds resided here, but rendered inactive of their abilities. She is the sole resident of the Border of Life.

Futurology, History’s Twin and the second youngest of the Overseers (only by a few seconds). She is the Overseer of Outcomes. In her room, there are infinite number of orbs that contains outcomes of all possibilities known as “Orbs of Outcomes”. She can perceive everything that’ll happen based on these outcomes and worked accordingly. She can also force certain outcomes to occur if it benefits her in some way. Both History and Futurology do not get along well and are constantly bickering with one another.

Growth, the third of the Overseers. They took on a more androgynous appearance and used gender-neutral pronouns. They are the Overseer of Development. Tasked by Jinaira to oversee the development of Reality Vortex, Growth ensures that the world is growing in a stable rate. Any deviation or defects that prevents such development will be eliminate on the spot. They also analyzed the development of individuals, determining if their growth will be healthy for Reality Vortex or detrimental. If the latter, they’ll absorbed their development and revert them back to their original state. If one enters their room without a sound mind, leaving will result the person to come out with an opposite affiliation and personality.

Barrier, the fourth of the Overseers. Taking on a more feminine appearance, she is the Overseer of Protection. She has a simpler role as an Overseer, creating and preserving the barrier around Reality Vortex. If any events that there’s a breach of the barrier, it is immediately repaired. Those that enter her room, especially without Dark Energy, are unable to leave. They’re trapped over in an eternal, frozen state.

Guardian, the fifth of the Overseers. Taking on a more feminine appearance, she is the Overseer of Giving. She is tasked to maintain the Vortex Tree and ensured that everyone comes to Reality Vortex; when they’ll appear, depends on her discretion. She ventures the world seeking to disciples to bestowed Clear Mind; to annoyingly thwarted Brutality’s plan to overrun Reality Vortex with Behemoths and create an “Rescinded”, simply to create a counter. Those who attempt Clear Mind and failed are added underneath her dress, forever trapped, to act as mere bodyguards. She is also capable of restoring a coined person back. In her room, if one enters and leaves without Clear Mind, their minds will be left behind and their bodies will be nothing more than a walking, empty shell.

Brutality, the sixth of the Overseers. Taking on a more androgynous appearance, but used male-specific pronouns, he is the Overseer of Taking. He was task to ensure that Dark Energy doesn’t spill all over Reality Vortex (and presumably, consumed Behemoths and Black Crystals). However, he is the most rebellious of all the Overseers and went against the will of Jinaira. He considered mortal life as an unnecessary concept that simply delays true death. Since this is impossible in both iterations of Reality Vortex, Brutality began to usurp the opportunity of finding the right person to turn into Behemoths. His ultimate goal is to seized Vortex Tree and infect it with Dark Energy. Brutality can take away one’s memories, bonds, decisions and ideals and scrambled them to such a point that they’re easier to fall to destruction. If one were to enter his room, their aggression, distrust, paranoia, and any negative traits will reach critical levels.

Spirit, the seventh of the Overseers. Taking on a more androgynous appearance, but used female-specific pronouns, she is the Overseer of Cruelty. Unlike the rest of the Overseers, she has no specific purpose nor task. Instead, she simply does things freely out of her own amusement, mainly causing discord and chaos whenever she goes. If Spirit find someone she's interested in, she'll continuously messed with them until they break. She is the cruelest of the Overseers and isn’t view positively by the others. She, in terms of appearance, looked the most similar to Jinaira. If one were to enter her room in the manor, they'll lose all their memories. Only if they come back to her room a second time, would their memories returned.

Balance, the eight and final of the Overseers. They took on a more androgynous appearance and used female-specific pronouns, she is the Overseer of Will. She oversees the affairs of all the Overseers and ensure that there’s no in-fighting between them. She will not act unless she received the order from Jinaira himself. She is the strongest of the Overseers. If one were to enter her room, one will become enlightened and achieved total peace with themselves. However, it will disappear once they leave the room, forgetting everything except that feeling.

The Overseers cannot be sense by any means—regardless of one’s battle power, ability, or connection. Only when an Overseer allowed themselves to be sensed by someone—and its only to that specific person(s). The Overseers do not live in Reality Vortex, but rather in a “dimension” within; it cannot be reached by any means—only if they’re connected with an Overseer. Overseers also cannot interfere with each other. If two overseers are fighting; Balance will appear to ends any squabbles; so, they always tried to avoid one another as much as possible. And if they do come to a battle, they usually pick a “avatar” to do the fighting for them; a loophole that avoids confrontation from Balance.


Clear Mind is a state where all internal and external factors ceased and grants one’s mind to freely perceive and respond to any scenario, with choices best suited for it. It allows their mental abilities and awareness to operate at such a prominent level that emotions, bonds, subconsciousness, any other mental boundaries/limitations no longer have any influence. All Cosmic Plants, and by extensions, The Overseers, have access to this powerful state of mind. Guardian has absolute proficiency in Clear Mind and only she can bestow the ability to mortals (there is no method other than this), which turns them into a Rescinded.
  • Rescinded do not have Dark Energy.
  • Clear Mind requires upmost concentration. Anything that disrupts it when a Rescinded is using Clear Mind will cause Mind Backlash. A devastating aftershock that fractured their mind down as an image of blood rupturing from their head, followed by a surge of electrical shocks surging through their body. It takes a while for them to recover.
  • The more a Rescinded taps into Clear Mind, the more their emotions disappeared, until they can no longer feel emotional drive. Rather, emotions will simply a be tool if its efficient for a scenario.
  • A Rescinded’s appearance will change overtime, resembling to that of Guardian, including grey skin, white hair and eyes, and horn that looks strikingly similar to her elf ears.
  • Breathing Technique is a special skill that allows a Rescinded to tap into Clear Mind far more easily, clouding everything in darkness to avoid interference. However, this simply hasten the destruction of their emotional drive.
  • Rescinded are aware of Overseers if they appeared before them or others.
  • Upon full mastery, they’ll be able to utilize Guardian’s abilities.
  • Wanderers are previous Rescinded that failed to master Clear Mind are dragged underneath Guardian’s dress, forever trapped for all eternity and act as mere bodyguards. However, in preparation of training the next disciple of Clear Mind, Guardian will release previous disciples out to the wild and have them wander Vortex. A second chance, they are task with mastering Clear Mind again and escaping Guardian’s prison: the fastest way to accomplished this is by defeating the next disciple of Clear Mind. They are very powerful opponents—they will act as “secret bosses” in the story.
Empty Mind is a state where all personality, emotional attachments and the concept of self-awareness ceased, leaving only their killing instinct intact. Free from all inhibitions, their bodies automatically attacks and defense at the slightest of movements. Even breathing, thinking and thoughts at a subconscious level trigger a response. Unlike Clear Mind, which is bestowed upon, Empty Mind can only be obtained by these conditions: when an outsider reaches the end-stage of Dark Energy, Behemoths, and completely abandoning their greatest bonds.
  • Behemoths will rapidly evolve if their regeneration fails.
  • A Behemoth’s appearance is depending on the user. Some can look monstrous; some can simply have a more humanoid appearance. Only thing that always consistent in all Behemoths is red eyes.
  • Behemoths is the end-stage to one exposed to Dark Energy. Once they become a Behemoth, it cannot be reverted by normal means.
  • Empty Mind harnessed the power of Dark Energy efficiently, including regeneration, hyper awareness, precise attacks and defenses and reality warping.
Limit Break is a state where an outsider will experience a surge of power and surpass their natural limit. After the rebirth of Reality Vortex, Growth placed a limiter on all outsiders in Vortex. However strong they are in their original world, that is their limit in this world and cannot go any further. However, under very special circumstances, one can achieve a state where they will surpass their limits and gain abilities they never displayed before. It is considered a transformation.
  • Composite Beings, Altered Beings and Yowls cannot achieve Limit Break.
  • The Breakers, prior to New Roads, cannot achieved Limit Break (until 8th Arc). New Breakers can achieve them.
  • Once they reach Limit Break, they will be constantly surrounded with red, electricity-filled aura.
Cruel Touch is a state where all attacks, no matter the strength input, will be fatal. It’ll slowly turn the user’s arms crimson red and their fingertips black. Depending on the person’s personality, Cruel Touch will rapidly expand its functionality based on negative emotions or stress. Only Spirit can bestow the ability to mortals.
  • It is not a one-hit kill, but each attack will be extremely damning to their opponents.
  • It can slow egeneration; at critical levels, it can even bypass/stop regeneration altogether.
  • It can drain away one’s stamina throughout the duration of battle.
  • Once a user reached critical state, their arms will morphed into a armor-like state.
  • Cruel Touch disappears when the user dies.
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Time began to flow properly after the events of Doom Saga. Under supervision of the Overseer of Events and Overseer of Outcomes, history is now forming. In consequence, time-manipulation abilities are now functioning with some limitations. Time-traveling cannot work in any circumstances; unable to see into the past nor future by any means, unable to create multiple timelines.

As recorded history began, below is the passage of time between each arc:
  • Doom Saga ~ 3 Years
  • New Roads / Coin Hunter Arc ~ 3 Weeks
  • Red Reputations Arc ~ 3 Months
  • Shadow Game Arc ~ 2 Weeks
  • Abyss Arc ~ 1 Week
  • The Black Rose Arc ~ 1-3 Weeks [Pending]
  • Paradise Dance Arc ~ 1 Month
  • Behemoth’s Belly ~ 1-3 Weeks [Pending]
  • Shattered Crisis


The Strongest of the Skies Martial Arts Tournament

A thrilling martial arts tournament, whom the warriors across Vortex gathered to determine the strongest being in Vortex. There are two different versions of tournament: Casual and Advanced. Causal, usually held frequently throughout the year, are done where the winner will win a card with over a million points, the currency of Vortex. Advanced, held once a year, is where they determine the winner obtained the tittle “the strongest of all”. They will make their first debut in the House of Cards Arc.

The City of Gods

Debuting in the Paradise Dance Arc, the City of Gods is where all omnipotent beings from various worlds resided in. Shocked that their powers and authority are no longer absolute, they built this place as a reminiscence of their glory days, feeling out of place among the mortals. There is a faction among them that seek to overthrow the Voice and become ruler of this world and install order. Unfortunately, they are still arguing on who shall lead them to such victory.

Vortex Moon

Created out of the scraps from original Reality Vortex. Just like the original version of Reality Vortex, it is a place where everything is completely nonsensical, where natural laws are repeatedly broken, time does not flow. It is the home of the Voice. It orbited around Reality Vortex, acting as its moon. Since time now flows normally in the “New” Reality Vortex, day/night cycles are more consistent and seasons are more apparent. It cannot be reached by any means.

Vortex Tree

It spring into existence after the events of Doctor Doom Arc as a way to prevent untold amount of people from overwhelming Reality Vortex. Under the protection of Guardian, the Vortex Tree contains every single person from the destroyed infinite worlds. They do not have physical forms; instead, they are represented as a ball of light that act as leaves for the branches. It resided in a separate dimension and cannot be accessed unless one is an avatar to an Overseer.
  • It is random for the Vortex Tree to release a ball of light in Reality Vortex.
  • Guardian can pick and chose whoever to appear in Reality Vortex. She can take requests—but at a price.
  • If there are multiple versions of a single character, they’ll automatically merged into a Composite Being.

Strange Figures

Vita: After Jinaira disregard his intended purpose, daffodil star produced yet another seed. Ensuring that it won’t go rouge, it granted it one with purpose: destroy Jinaira and bring Reality Vortex to its destruction. It appeared in Reality Vortex and confronted Jinaira. With its mighty strength, Vita slain Jinaira, nearly killing him. He’d only managed to survive by abandoned his body and kept himself hidden. Seeing that its purpose was fulfilled, Vita formed a powerful barrier that erased his presence, along with Jinaira’s body, from the world in an unmarked location in Vortex.

Viegan: A strange, mysterious creature that lurks outside of Vortex. Debuting in the Red Reputations Arc, the Red King states that the moment he broke though the barrier, the monster instantly took over his mind. All he could feel is the endless coldness, and only the heat from the monster could give him warmth. It is unknown what is the goal of the monster.
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Next Arc will begin on 6.2.22. I'm giving everyone a chance to reevaluate their characters and their arcs. Furthermore, once again, you are allowed to bring any new characters or returning characters. Remember, if you are planning on using them for long term, they will join the Breakers. Otherwise, they will leave by the end of the next arc.

King of Games Arc will features a Tournament, which will features tons of new characters. If you are planning on bringing in a new character (or an old one), the tournament is the place to do it. Remember, let me know if this is what you want to do. That way, I can work out an scenario to introduce your character to the story.

Thank you!
We're fast approaching the Tournament Portion of the arc, which will introduce plentiful of new characters. I'll lay out of each characters will get introduced into the scene (each of them is fighting an opponent. I'll take care of that, don't worry about it). More details coming soon in the next few posts in the main thread.
Further clarification, we won't be going through the entire tournament in detail. We'll only be highlighting important ones as their introduction. Here's all the confirmation characters. I won't highlight names that hadn't been said in the thread for spoilers.

Mooli vs Caim
Z's Character vs Turles
Meta Knight's Character vs Malugia
Z-Fighter's Character vs Omegamon
Vegetto's Character vs Daiman
??? vs ???
Heads up for those who want to add some things for the next arc. I left a few notes where you can explore or squeezed anything regarding your character(s). Of course, you need to speak with me so I can work it properly into the story:

Reality Vortex: Abyss

Split into 5 segments: each containing a final boss apart from the last two. If you wish to introduce or add a side-element to the story, it must be before the last two segments. Once we entered the final two segments, you cannot introduce any new story beats.

Segment 1: Anti-Breakers

Roughly 3 weeks after the events of the Shadow Games, a new group appeared in Beach City. Advertised themselves as “heroes”, they gained a reputation for helping people in various cities across Vortex. Led by the hot-tempered Roya, they targeted the Breakers and attempts to get rid of them from Beach City.

Segment 2: Wanderers

After the incident with the Anti-Breakers, the Breakers leave Beach City to explore other places. While it may not boost their reputation, it will at least give them a better understanding of their surroundings. However, they were confronted by a member of the Detective Agency, Battler. He’s investigating a series of murders and accused Bernkastel as the main culprit, along with Lucifer and Zenta as co-conspirators.

Segment 3: Breaking Point

Upon returning to Beach City, they found the place in ruins. Spina had gone rogue—but the Breakers cannot sense him due to Dark Energy. Only one person can pinpoint his location, but she’s not willing to share that information with them.

=======You cannot add new story beats=======

Segment 4: Red Wings

Majority of the Breakers will have a 1-to-1 battle against an opponent. The order of which Breaker will fight him has already been decided.

Segment 5: Lost

The finale. Everything will be revealed and will change the trajectory for the rest of the story.
I'm unlocking this thread for everyone to see and comment their thoughts. The main thread is still locked. It'll be on hiatus indefinitely.

As you can tell, I've did some construction that I've planned on for a while. I held it off because I wanted to see any changes in activity for the section. So far, RV was the only one keeping the section afloat, making it hard to justified giving it an entire section. It'll served in a better home under the art section; all things creative will be under one umbrella.

However, while I have no issues continuing the story (since there's still tons to cover: Spina being the main antagonist, Lucifer battle, their first Overseer Battle and Doom returning), the RV did had a drop in activity in these last few months (starting around late last year). Regardless of the reasoning why, I felt this was the best course of action for it. This was similar to how No More Heroes ended: a absolute drop in activity, thus making it hard to justify keeping it open--not fair for users who post consistently, while some may need some time due to other commitments (or the roleplay starts to become overwhelming).

I'll keep it close for the month to give everyone a break and see where we're all at a month from now. If nothing changes, then its a done deal!

Let me know what you guys think.
Reality Vortex will return on April 19th. I'll be making major changes to make it more post-friendly for users who're struggling with multiple characters, starting with the 5th Arc. Hope this will give everyone time to ease out the burnout and come back with fresh mind sets. Thank you for understanding!

RV will resume on April 19th. After an extended break, I’ve come up with the following changes that will be effective immediately.

All players, barring Game Masters, will only be able to play two characters at once. If you have more than two characters, they will have to leave the story until they are needed. We will alternate different characters (aside from the main ones) each arc to avoid overcrowding. If you can RP multiple characters, you will need explicit permission AND explain why they need to be there (how will they expand the story?).

The following arcs have been cut down and merged. This is our schedule now:

Doctor Doom - New Roads - Red Reputation - Shadow Game [Current] – The Beautiful Rose – Omnipotent Wars - Shattered Crisis [Finale]

Vegetto/Loopy’s Arc will come after the Shadow Games, and Spina’s arc will merge with Vegetto’s Arc as an extension of it.

Once an Arc has started, we are not accepting any new players. You will have to wait for the next arc AND you are required to read through the previous ones. While summary is great and all, it does not replace the actual development of characters. Read through the story, and when the ARC is about to begin, then you can jump in.

With that said, the conclusion of the Shadow Games is imminent and I’m very excited to take these chaotic games into new heights!
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