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Reality Vortex General Discussion

Welcome to the General Hub for Reality Vortex! This is a dedicated thread for Reality Vortex lore, discussions, and any other information regarding the roleplay. Beneficial for users who do not use any social media offsite to communicate; they’ll be able to keep up with all the same information without being lost.

Is character registration required?

No. There is no character registration for this roleplay. You can jump in with any character at your disposal. However, there is a character limit and an introductory clause when you want to participate in this grand story.

What is an Introductory Clause?

It is introducing a new character in the story. If they will be part of the main cast, the Breakers, then they must have a narrative purpose. What would that character bring to the story, whether character driven or drives a certain narrative? If the character won’t be a main character, but instead a supporting character, they followed a different format.

What are Supporting Characters?

They are characters that are not part of the main cast and have a role tied to an arc. In other words, the purpose of these characters is to expand the lore, add onto the worldbuilding of Reality Vortex, and drives the story of where it needs to go. If you have a supporting character in mind that drives a story in an arc, you’ll need permission to do so. And yes, there can be cases where a supporting character transition to a main character and vice versa.

What is an Arc System?

Each thread represents an arc of the story. Once an arc ends, the thread will close and a new one [arc] will begin. This is solely for organizational purposes, allowing players and readers to reviewed threads at any time.
Can I have my own arc or add something to an arc?

Yes. If you are interested in running your own arc, you will need to consult with me. While you will be the gamemaster, I’ll be supervising your story details to ensure quality, including advice, story changes, potential retcons, etc. You are task to create a story that involved all the Breakers. Make sure that your schedule is flexible enough to drive your arc. If you don’t post within 2 weeks without a notice, I’ll take over and run it.

If you are interested in adding a potential plotline to the arc, consult with the current gamemaster and myself. It needs to be consistent and relevant to the theme and perspective of the [current] arc. If the gamemaster and I like it, we’ll work things out to include your plotline into the story arc.

What are the confirmed arcs?

These are all, and final, confirmed arcs for Reality Vortex:

Doctor Doom - New Roads - Red Reputation [Current] - House of Cards - Solitude & Ruin – The Beautiful Rose - Paradise Dance - The Behemonth's Belly - Shattered Crisis [Finale]

Reality Vortex Rules
  • The Breakers are the main characters.
  • You are only allowed up to 4 characters to play at once.
  • Characters can shift between Main and Supporting role, depending on the arc.
  • Nearly all rules that originated from the character’s original world do not apply in Reality Vortex.
  • Death is almost impossible. Once a character’s body is completely destroyed, they will turn into Vortex Coins. Erasure, that only Voice is capable of, is a permanent death.
  • Brand-new transformations of main characters will be restricted to one per arc.
  • During Boss Battles, players controlling it will be allowed to post multiple times regardless of posting order.
  • Be courteous to other players; do not metagame, make your characters have extensive knowledge, trying to trivialized things, etc.


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Reality Vortex World Guide

What is Reality Vortex?

A world filled with strange possibilities, is it reserved for beings wiped from existence or forced out from their respective worlds. One someone enters this place; they cannot leave under any circumstances. It is literally impossible, regardless of battle power, to break out of this world. Reality Vortex is one of four worlds in the Vortex, orbiting around a celestial object called Energy Star. It has a powerful shield that protects it from the Abyss of Darkness, an endless sea of Dark Energy.

Previously, there were elements of the original Reality Vortex that does not exist now. There was no passage of time; when someone dies, they respawned elsewhere at a later date; and there were a lot of cities nor people since existential erasure is very uncommon. Now, thanks to Doctor Doom’s reshaping of the world, the Reality Vortex abandoned certain mechanics and introduced news ones.

Vortex Coins

Characters cannot die in Reality Vortex. If their bodies are destroyed, they will turn into a Vortex Coin. It has an image of them in the front and their names on the back of the coin and, of course, they are indestructible.
Some are some awareness of their surroundings even as a Vortex Coin.
  • After a certain amount of time (at the minimum of 3 years), the person will return. However, if their reputation is bad, it will take longer for them to return.
  • They cannot reform if there’s something compromising in it such as a usage of a device, magical properties, etc.
  • If someone becomes a Vortex Coin after being hit by Dark Energy, they will be unable to reform for a thousand years.
  • One can gained abilities and powers from a Vortex Coin using various methods.
  • An indication of someone is close of being “coined” is the cracks on their bodies. The more cracks one has, the higher the chance they’ll get coined.
Dark Energy

Dark Energy, otherwise known as “Madness Chi”, a type of energy that is the most predominant force in the Vortex. It someone comes in contact with Dark Energy (whether by Black Crystals, Dark Clouds, or Overseers) it will grant them immeasurable power, but at the cost of their own mind. They are driven to madness; become obsessed with their ambitions and goals; indiscriminate destruction follows in their wake. Left unchecked, Dark Energy will fester and grow, until it completely consumes them and turned them into Behemoths. Due to Doctor Doom’s reshaping of the world, large quantities of Dark Energy spilled onto Reality Vortex.

Black Crystals

In attempt to prevent the world from being tainted with the toxics of Dark Energy, the world itself created a defense mechanism that clumped Dark Energy together until it crystallized. Approaching a Black Crystal will cause immense pressure and forcibly drag to get close to one. Removing the crystals by any means will result a violent and powerful explosion, capable of wiping away entire cities. Anyone caught in the explosion of a Black Crystal will automatically turned into a Vortex Coin and unable to reformed for a thousand years.

Dark Clouds

When large quantities of Black Crystals are destroyed, a powerful thunderstorm will form from its essence. Generating and releasing black lightning that can form Black Crystals on impact; it is extremely dangerous for anyone to be in the area were Dark Clouds can be seen. If big enough, it will release enough power to turn someone with a lack of will power into a “Behemoth”.

The Overseers

The Overseers are a group of celestial beings that watches over Reality Vortex. Born shortly after the creation of Reality Vortex, they are task with various roles between them to ensure balance and avoid destruction. Prior to Doctor Doom recreating the world, they were more docile in their roles; afterwards, they became much more active in their duties due to the influx of residents in Reality Vortex. And yes, all of them have Dark Energy.

There are five that make up the entire group. Some are more expressive than others and prone to interact with the residents, while others prefer to keep their distance.
  • Barrier: She preserved the barrier across Reality Vortex is stable. If the barrier is somehow destroyed, she immediately repairs it. Unlike the others, her role never changes between the old and new.
  • Guardian: She oversees the Vortex Tree, the one that has every single being from all destroyed realities. Although, she finds the role extremely taxing due to how hard it is to maintain everything. Her original task was comforting a resident that was erased from their world, then finally accept their fate. Compared to the rest of the Overseers, she's the nicest one.
  • Brutality: He oversees the progress of Black Crystals and ensure that they do not spread across. However, he is negligent of his job out of bitterness. Because his original task was ensuring that all residents died since he considered death, true death, as absolutely final end for all beings (once they have been comforted by Guardian). He considered Vortex Coins and “immortality” as a mockery of such. As such, he tends to interfere with the residents to cause “mayhem”. He longs for an absolute end of all things—as it is his nature.
  • Growth: She oversees the growth of Reality Vortex. Unlike the rest, she was born as the result of the rebirth of Reality Vortex. She strives on progression and seeks to ensure that the world continues to evolve. She considers Alter Beings and Composite Beings as a miserable existence and detrimental to progress.
  • Balance: She oversees the state of Reality Vortex and ensure that it is not at risk of being destroyed. She follows the will of Jinaira and will not act unless she receives order. She is the strongest of the Overseers.
The Overseers cannot be sense by others through any means. Only when the Overseer allowed themselves to be sense by someone for a particular purpose. They don’t exist within Reality Vortex, but rather in a “world” within. Overseers also cannot interfere with each other. If two overseers are fighting for one reason or another, Balance is sent out to ends any squabbles; so, they always tried to avoid one another as much as possible. And if they do come to a battle, they usually pick a “candidate” to do the fighting for them; a loophole that avoids confrontation from Balance.

Vortex Moon

It is identical to the original version of Reality Vortex, where everything is completely nonsensical, where natural laws are repeatedly broken, which is the current home of the Voice. It orbited around Reality Vortex, acting as its moon. Since time now flows normally in the “New” Reality Vortex, day/night cycles are more consistent and seasons are more apparent. It cannot be reached by any means.

Composite Beings and Alter Beings

As a result of the Doctor Doom Arc, countless beings have appeared in Reality Vortex. However, a new phenomenon had appeared: Composite Beings and Alter Beings. Introduced in New Roads Arc, these individuals are a result of a merger in two different ways. According to Hart Kimber, Doom intended to combine one person with every incarnation of themselves into one, but due to the interference of the Breakers, not everything went accordingly. In consequences, there are certain individuals in Reality Vortex that are either Composite Beings or Alter Beings:
  • Composite Beings: A character that is a combination of every single incarnation of themselves fused into one. They have access to all memories, abilities and then some. It’s impossible to tell if one’s a composite being unless you check their eyes. Composite beings have horizontal pupils with blue and red eyes. For example, Superman is a composite being, barring Ultraman, of all incarnation of Supermen. All Composite Beings have the title “Shin” before their full name.
  • Alter Beings: A character that is a combination of all beings from their respective world(s) merged into one. Unlike Composite beings, they have multiple spirits due to the imbalance. Their powers is completely unstable, unsynchronized and can lead to their bodies being staggered if they push themselves. Mentally, due to various of different voices expressing their thoughts at once, an Alter Being is an unstable and unpleasant existence. An Alter Being’s energy is disturbed and chaotic, and their eyes have vivid colors and cracked pupils.
The Breakers (except for Cross) are excluded from this phenomenon since it only affects characters that came to the New Reality Vortex at the end of Doctor Doom Arc.


If a character appeared in Reality Vortex, and it not a Composite Being nor Alter Being, no other variation from their original universe can appear. For example, Lucifer Morningstar comes from a series called Shin Megami Tensei; this means, no other Lucifer from that franchise can appear as they were seemingly erased during the end portion of Doctor Doom Arc. However, a Lucifer from another series, say, DC Comics, can appear.

Important Areas

All areas that have appeared throughout the story. Some areas will include a brief summary if they include a cast critical to the overall story.

Reality Metropolis: Originally Reality City, it was a place with vivid cultures from many different worlds. However, the city is now forever in shambles because it was caught in an explosion of a Black Crystal.
  • Cuki’s Apartment Complex: The mainstay for the Breakers. It usually rebuilds itself many times after being destroyed. However, due to the explosion of a Black Crystal, it hasn’t come back.
  • They Valley of Black Crystals: Hordes of Large Crystals scattered about. Thanks to the destruction of Metropolis, a dark cloud is forming there.
  • Cross’ Mansion: A strange mansion that exist elsewhere, with Cross and his maidens that attends to his affairs. Since it was out of range, it was not affected by the explosion of the Black Crystals.
The Detective Agency: An independent body that investigates all crimes in Reality Vortex. Started by Detective Vegeta prior to the events of Doctor Doom Arc and expanded greatly afterwards. All the members of the Detective Agency below:
  • Detective [Shin] Goku
  • Detective Bage
  • Detective Spawn
  • Detective Battler
  • Detective Ryo
  • Officer Broly
  • Officer Ben Tennyson
Reflection City: A highly advanced city with beaming technology and a defense mechanism that detects “foreign Chi”. Although plenty of cities have their own Vortex Task Force, and this city being one of them, their main prize is the recent Heroes they’ve gained.
  • Reality News Network (RNN): A news broadcasting network that documents all news across several cities in Vortex. Started a year after the events of the Doctor Doom Arc, various people banded together to create a place for all people can keep up with the latest content.
  • The Atomic Force: A new group founded by Vortex Man after the events of his battle with Bernkastel and Gogeta. They are extremely popular in Reflection City.
Rogue City: A city built by Vegetto, herald as a sanctuary by people lost in search of a place to call home.

Allure City: It was referred as a place of beauty, love, evolved friendships, and the sort. If one wants to showcase their significant other how serious their relationship is, they will take them to this city.

Federation City: A city that’s prominent for having tons of “villains”.

Beach City: A relaxing city that hardly have any conflict, since it’s an vacation resort.

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Black Jacket
To explain a few things with this post Shine made. 

Each player will be given a chance to post their nightmares/fears/insecurities to allow character development and/or foreshadowing. All the Breakers are caught in an illusion from Roya's horn, so all the Breakers caught in this illusion will have a moment to shine and showcase some small things about themselves or exploit their fears. 

You control your character and make small callouts to other characters, fears, etc. Take advantage of this situation to give your character some development because, after this, we go on overdrive. I spoke with some of you and I'll let you know when I will be taking charge. For now, I will allow everyone to exploit things from their characters, be it fear, nightmares, or careful foreshadowing. Keep in mind that this is just an illusion but the Breakers don't know it yet so you are free to kinda do a bit of exploration with your characters.