Review Rate The Last Movie You Saw

Saw Bob Marley: One Love. It was quite interesting. Politics and crime plagued the Jamaican islands where he grew up. This is one reason why he decided to write and record music to bring people together in peace and harmony. This one gets a 8.5/10.
Saw Godzilla x Kong. 10/5. This is pure cinema. Ever want to see Kong grabbed a baby kong and then use him like goddamn nun-chucks to whoop other Kong's asses? Want to see Godzilla going "nah, blue ain't enough. Rose it is" and just start wrecking houses by fucking up other Titans like its a Tuesday for him? Literally every time Godzilla was on screen, he ain't fucking around. Only reason Kong got to live because his Queen told him to chill.

The Zero Gravity scene was just peak, man. There's so many amazing things that I cannot name them all. Movie is hype as fuck and I'm all there for as peak cinema.
Saw Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. Good movie indeed. Also loved how they brought back the original Ghostbusters team of Winston, Ray..etc. The combination of them working together with the current Ghostbusters team was a nice flair. 8/10.
Saw Wish. 2/5 (average, not good, not bad, just average). Average film, honestly. Felt more like a Disney Channel movie rather than an theatrical release. Animation is fine and I thought the bad guy become too obsessed with being in control was cool. Thought the ending where the bad guy was clearly in the upper hand was hype. But it just felt... average. Nothing really groundbreaking? Felt like Going Red had a far more challenging aspect film than this. Too many references to previous films, which, again, I understand since its supposed to be celebrating the 100 years of Disney.
Saw Abigail. 2/5. Decent Vampire flick. Saw 🐒 Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. 5/5. The Ape Reboot Franchise continues to rock with stellar films and acting. It's a slow burn at first (which, honestly adds to the build up). When it hits, it freakin' hits. Can't wait for the next entry!
Saw Boy kills World a while back. It was a really great movie. I give this film a 8.5 out of 10.
Nobody. I love this movie. From me it gets a 9.5 out of 10. There's always room for improvement. I'm a huge fan of the action movies and this is my all time favorite.
Saw Imaginary. 2/5. Like the concepts and the idea that whether or not they're still in imaginary land or reality, but it went from Horror to Action real quick in the second half.
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