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Sep 4, 2015
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Post the following before we get started here..

Warframe of choice (Rhino, Loki, Excalibur, Frost, Ember, Volt, Trinity):
Initial Primary Weapon (Braton Mk. 1 (Rifle), Paris Mk. 1 (Bow), Strun Mk. 1 (Shotgun)):
Initial Secondary Weapon (Mk. 1 Lato (pistol), Mk. 1 Kunai (Self-explanatory), Mk 1. Furis (machine pistol)):
Initial Melee Weapon (Mk. 1 Bo (Staff), Skana (Sword):

Warframe of choice (Rhino, Loki, Excalibur, Frost, Ember, Volt, Trinity): Excalibur
Initial Primary Weapon (Braton Mk. 1 (Rifle), Paris Mk. 1 (Bow), Strun Mk. 1 (Shotgun)): Braton Mk. 1
Initial Secondary Weapon (Mk. 1 Lato (pistol), Mk. 1 Kunai (Self-explanatory), Mk 1. Furis (machine pistol)): Mk. 1 Lato
Initial Melee Weapon (Mk. 1 Bo (Staff), Skana (Sword): Skana
Personality: Rather quiet and reserved. Only talks to his fellow allies unless he feels like it is necessary to talk to others.
(Sounds good to me.)

The Rhino and Excalibur on the ground, Vor walks up to them.

"I see the Lotus has tried to wake you. Pity she's too late!" The commander leans down and puts a device on the frames' heels. "You're my prize now, Tenno!" Vor speaks as he turns around, walking away. The Grineer soldiers approach the two, their rifles trained on them.

"No!" Vor turns around, holding his hand up. "We are taking these two with us." With that said, Vor started walking again, the soldiers approaching the frames with caution.

"What has he done to you? I can't lose any more Tenno. I am surging your Warframes' power systems. The voice spoke as the Tenno feel a surge throughout their bodies. They get up, a wave of energy blasting away the Grineer squad surrounding them.

"What the?" Excalibur spoke, rubbing his head as he landed on the ground with the Rhino. He looked in front of himself to see another squad of Grineer approaching.

"Quick. Use your power, defend yourself." the voice told the two. Excalibur seemingly complied, using his Slash Dash to slice two of the five Grineer in half.

(Be aware that right now, you can only use your FIRST ability! Rhino gets a charge attack for his first ability, promptly named "Rhino Charge"!)
(And now for a retcon. Within the first five posts no less. That's a first for me.)

Atlas shrugged, looking at the remaining Grineer and using his Landslide to punch one square in the face, and then he kept punching it without using his abilities.
The Grineer soldier let out a cry as his face was bashed in by Atlas, the other two Grineer shooting at him. However, Excalibur backed him up by Slash Dashing the two, cleaving them clean in half, their upper bodies flying in the air.

"I am the Lotus, your friend and guide. I see that the cryosleep has taken your memories, so for now, we will focus on your survival." Lotus explained to the Tenno, a door opening nearby.

"I assume that means we go.." Excalibur spoke as he walked through the door, finding a table with a Skana and Bo.

"I'll take the sword." Excalibur grabbed the Skana, swinging it around a bit as he waited for Atlas to grab the Bo.
"I would guess so.." Excalibur spoke as he moved up, the Lotus's voice talking to them once again, "Vor has not noticed your escape. Keep moving. You two are nearing your ships."

"Extraction team, report!" Vor's voice could be heard.
"I think we've already had ships in the past." Excalibur spoke as he ran up to another table before a door, a Braton mk 1, Paris mk1 and two lato mk 1s laying on the table. Excalibur grabbed the Braton and a Lato.

"Ah, I see you now, Tenno!" Vor spoke to the two frames. "This ascaris truly works wonders. Soon, you'll be under my control." With that said, another squadron appeared from behind, opening fire on Atlas. Excalibur hopped behind cover and opened fire.
Excalibur's Braton fire hit a Lancer, causing the Grinder soldier to bleed from his heart. On the other hand, a Butcher ran around the gunfight, rushing at Atlas.
(FFS autocorrect correcting Grineer to grinder.)

The Butcher was killed by Atlas's landslide, his dead body being sent flying. The combined gunfire of the two Tenno also finished off the rest of the squadron, allowing the two to move on.

"Hurry, Vor is aware of your escape. You must get to your ships immediately." Lotus warned the Tenno, prompting Excalibur to move forward.
"Oh trust me, I have no intentions of dying right now, either. Not until we get more answers.." Excalibur spoke as the two moved on.

"Oh? It appears I have found you, Tenno." Vor's voice was heard as the Grineer Captain appeared in front of them, holding the same golden object he used to open the portal earlier in front of him. "This time, you won't get away." An alarm sounded as the doors around the group locked, leaving the Tenno locked in with Vor and a small platoon of Grineer soldiers.

"Tenno, Vor has initiated a lockdown of the area. You must find a console and hack it to get by him. You are not ready to face him yet." The Lotus warned Atlas and Excalibur.

"Oh? Do you happen to mean this terminal, Lotus?" Vor aimed the object at a nearby terminal and a blast shot out from it, destroying the terminal. "It looks like your Tenno cannot escape, now! The power of my Janus Key will allow me to eliminate you Tenno scum!" Vor aimed his Janus key at Atlas, a beam attack charging up.

"Use your melee weapon to block his beams. I am sending reinforcements to help you. You cannot die now." Lotus broke comms between the two with that last sentence, leaving them to hold off Vor.
Suddenly, a beam shot out of Vor's Janus Key, the beam headed towards Atlas's position. Excalibur left the beam to Atlas while he ran up, shooting at Vor to distract him. Meanwhile, two ships began to descend from Earth's orbit, heading to the location of Vor and the Tenno.
At the moment Vor's beam hit Atlas' bo, the Tenno twirled the weapon, dispersing the beam. Meanwhile, the two ships from earlier hovered over the group, two Warframes dropping out of the ship. One was an Ash. The other, Valkyr.

"I presume they're our reinforcements." Excalibur spoke as he shot Vor in the chest. His shields went down.
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