OC-MAS 2021

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Sep 3, 2015

OC-MAS returns to 2021! As usual, throughout the month, you are task to draw a different original character every day, whether a sketch or finished piece! Celebrate your characters by drawing every single one, whether they're an original character from your own stories or an original character for your favorite series!

All challenges end on December 31st at 12 AM PDT/ 3 AM EST / 9 AM CET / 3 PM MYT

To enter, please post your finished work in this thread once you complete it. You can use anything in your disposal for this challenge to create your piece. If you're using digital drawing, make sure your work has an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1920x1080, 3840x2160, etc.). If you're using traditional work, you can deviate from the aspect ratio. Please use IMGUR for uploading your artwork.

Happy Holidays!!
Day 1: Najm


Another member from the Queen of Stars Empire has appeared! Meet Najm! She's one of the top elites of the Queen of Stars. She was originally from a Planet, devastated by wars; and it was common for people of the oppressing class to be captured and turned into war machines, stripped of all emotions. Najm, in particular, was extremely efficient of taking out enemies that threatens the governing body of the planet. Good Days Agents tried tirelessly to bring about peace, but due to political corruption, greed and lust for power, it never truly flourished. However, due to the mighty strength of the Queen of Stars, the planet's oppressors' were wiped out. Najm, converted into a Star Girl, easily became a top elite, and in turn, became grateful for the empire. Because for the first time, she had agency, and her emotions returned in full force. It been decades since she felt "alive" and was grateful to the empire to finally feeling herself again.

I managed to get one in this month! YES!

Anywho... This is Jaz Rebbel, daughter of Kire and Evelyn Rebbel. Her story is entirely rebooted from what I had, so she's blank so far until I can finish off Kire's story. She no longer has Red Mist (Pending...) and I am debating if she should have Kire's arm. Not sure where I can go with her, but we got a ton of possibilities.
Day 2: Spina


Spina has entered the fray! Originally started as a Saiyan OC, he has been repurposed for Good Days! Spina is a lonesome warrior who face plenty of battles, a number of them, he lost plenty. However, with each loss, Spina grows in experience, becoming stronger, more skilled and more dangerous. Because of his unsustainable appetite of battle, he gained the reputation as "The Scarred Beast". Eventually, he found employment of doing odd jobs for major players; including stealing entire planets as long the pay is good (and a opportunity o find a worthy opponent as a bonus). Spina comes from a race called "Vengers"; a species that vows friendship deeply. However, in Spina's case, he has no faith nor trust in anyone, due to being betrayed countless times (and often left him in battle alone against a powerful foe, which he doesn't mind) and reject the concept of bonds. A truly lonely warrior hardened by battle!! 

Because of his experience, he has 4 different fighting style and has a secret transformation called "Beast Mode", only when his opponent has proven themselves worthy of challenging him. Mex was the first person he considered as a worthy foe, and eventually come to respect her not just a comrade, not as a friend, but family.
Day 3: Audrey


Mex's older sister! She's incredibly strong, but retired as a fighter ever since her home planet was exploded in her younger days. Now she's making sure her little sister, Mex, become big and strong to take on the world! She shows no concerns of Mex joining Good Days! IN fact, she embraced it, in hopes that she'll let her heart grow and form powerful bonds!! She's very proud of her muscles!!
Day 4: Striker


The self-proclaimed rival of Mex! Striker!! Hail from the Planet Sparks, Striker is considered model of what a Good Day Agent should strive for. Perfection, concise, precision and showcase excellent bravery. Nothing provokes him... except when it comes to Mex, then all bets are off! He'll do anything to defeat Mex in an all out battle!! At first, he despise her, but overtime... he slowly started to respect her. He will not rest until he defeats Mex with his own power! His techniques is called "Thunder Movement", an signature from his race. His arms lights up brilliantly as he released powerful lightning and strike down an enemy!! Despite his cold demeanor, he has a heart of a true hero!!!
Day 5: Candy


Candy is the Captain of the 4-man Squadron; The Breakers. Prior to his ascension to Captain, he was a formidable agent, rose to the rank of White Jacket. Despite his appearance, he's incredibly powerful and sought for throughout the west sector of the cosmos. However, after losing one of his friends and obtained the scar on his head, he wanted to retired from fighting all together. His friend talk him out of it, and instead of retiring, he seeks to nurture and ensure the growth of his squadrons! So they learn to always value teammates over anything and never abandoned them during a mission! He's from Planet Sweets, and he has a particular sweet tooth, if you haven't noticed!
Day 6: Arina


The second in command of the entire empire for the Queen of Stars. She is extremely loyal and vows to uphold the Queen's views across the cosmos, even at the cost of her life. She has her signature sword, said to be crafted by the Queen, hoisted on her left shoulder. She hold it dears to her heart and considers herself as a blade to exact the Queen's justice. She doesn't tolerated failure, and even request to be punished; despite the Queen's protest that she doesn't need any. She has a special transformation; one of the three members of the Queen of Stars Empire capable of doing so.
Day 7: Viegan


The eldest of the Star Plant siblings, Viegan has a pessimistic outlook on life in the cosmos. He considered free will, emotions, and all concepts of what makes a person "alive" as useless obstacles. His goal is to transformed the entire universe into a world of monsters; where all follows their instincts and nothing more; as the true nature of things should be. He expressed his disgust willingly against his younger siblings and considered them as mere vessels for him to obtained his true potential.
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