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Sep 3, 2015
Welcome to the December Art Challenge! As usual, throughout the month, there will be different challenges aim to put your artistic ability to the test. All challenges end on the last day of the month, giving you at least 20+ days to tackle them. Tackling all challenges will net you a couple of awards, including a December Artist Award, the Santa Badge. 

All challenges end on December 31st at 12 AM PDT/ 3 AM EST / 9 AM CET / 3 PM MYT

To enter, please post your finished work in this thread once you complete it. You can use anything in your disposal for this challenge to create your piece. If you're using digital drawing, make sure your work has an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1920x1080, 3840x2160, etc.). If you're using traditional work, you can deviate from the aspect ratio. Please use IMGUR for uploading your artwork!

OC-Mas Challenge

To celebrate the holidays, draw a different original character every day, whether a sketch or finished piece! This include original characters from your favorite series and your original stories!​

Day 1 of OC-Mas 

This is the Good Day version of Spina, removing all the Saiyan elements somewhat (and sticking closer to my style and changing his armor). Just as other characters, they are affectionate parody of the Saiyans. Hired to steal entire planets for clients, Spina never backs down a challenge, even when its more preferable to retreat. When Mex request that he returned all the planets he's currently stealing, he'd obliged, by tossing said planets towards Mex. He's cunning, aggressive and takes everything a bit too literal, but he's also honorable and never attacks the defenseless. He'd eventually becomes part of the main cast, joining Good Days as a way to avoid prison time due to his vast knowledge of the galaxies in their sector.

"I won't die so easily. Come at me."

Day 2 of OC-Mas (using a real-life pose as reference. Legs are killing me :sob:)

Striker, one of the main protagonist of the story, and self-proclaimed rival of Mex. Born on Planet Sparks, Striker was considered to be the ideal solider of the Good Days. Strong, fast and quick-thinking, he'd excel all expectations of both physical and mental attributes. However, when Mex first joined the Good Days Organization, his perfect record was being outshine by the new rookie. From there, Striker suffered heavy losses in friendly sparring with Mex and tarnished his unbeatable record. Despite his aggressive behavior, he does have a sense of justice and seeks to fulfil it no matter what.

"Evil can take over my body and soul, but my heart only beats for justice!"

Day 3 of OCMAS: Queen of the Stars

The Queen of the Stars is one of the major antagonists of Good Days. Destroying planets with a strong grasp of her palms, she intends on expanding her empire in the West Sector of the Universe, forcing young female beings on each planet with promise to be included to her army. She is a force to be reckoned with and has no interest in subjected herself in fights when she is more interested in toppling things politically, such as hiring Planet Stealers, destroy entire economic system and then some. Yet, if she must use force to send a message—it is devastating, and often leaves entire planets as dust. She has one of the rare energy sources: Celestial Power.

“I shall let no organisms stand in the way of my conquest. Either you stand with me and become my pawn, or lay waste in the carnage I walk. Your choice, Good Days.”

Day 4 of OCMAS: Viegan

Viegan, the son of the All-Seeing Star, is a powerful antagonist in Good Days (and for those who are familiar with BoogaVerse, he is final antagonist of the entire roleplay). Blessed with celestial power due to his birth, he scourges the universe to become a star that shines the brightest in the cosmos. However, he realized that his siblings were favored to become the next line of celestial stars, not him due to his chaotic nature. Angered by the bias favoritism, he sought to destroy his siblings: Suyoi, Todasúl and Jinaira and absorbed their power to achieve his dreams.

Day 5 of OCMAS: Monsims

More Good Days content! This OCMAS is really helping me decide these characters and dynamic poses. Its not perfect, but it is a start!

Monsims is a recurring character in the Good Days story. He was part of the elite class, the highest rank aside from Commander and Captain, the Black Jackets. Strong, intelligent and fast, Monsims was destined to become the next captain in Good Days. However, he and his crew were ambushed on a Jungle Planet filled with terrifying beasts. His teammates had abandoned and left him for dead as they escaped with their lives. Fortunately, Monsims encountered a small fairy name Senjep that healed his wounds and together, they escaped the planet. Because of this incident, Monsims, along with Senjep, became a mercenary for hire, and often at odds with Good Days. Throughout his travels, he obtained the ability to create portals that leads to any place in the universe.

Day 6 of OCMAS: Arina

Arina is second in command of the Stars Empire. Taken in as a child when the Star Empire took over her entire planet, she became a fundamental asset to the empire. Because of her ruthless approach of dismantling an entire kingdom to force them under her rule, she is referred as a “Neutron Star”, because everything falls within her orbit as she showcases power when engage in brutality. Empowered by celestial energy, she’s capable of combusting small stars into mere particles.
Late addition to day 6 of OCmas: Demonicus


Demonicus is a very old Dragon Ball Z Oc that I redrew just for this challenge XD
He's a monster that resides in the demon realm and through his massive show of power, he became the new demon king. His goal at one point was to merge the demon realm with the living realm in order to take over and wreak havoc.

Day 7 of OCMAS: Anidri

Aindri is the mother of Suyoi, Todasúl, Viegan and Jinaira. She had grown old and distance from everyone, including her own children. She purposely sent Suyoi away so she can learn to survive in this harsh universe due to the uniqueness of her power. She believes that Good Days would be a good environment for her to control her own power. Nowadays, she constantly reminiscing the fond memories of the All-Seeing Stars and wishes to go back to the good ol days.

"Pass me a drink, will ya?"

Yep, Jaz is back.

Jaz E(velyn) Rebbel is the 'daughter' of Kire Rebbel. He created her using the best technological advancements at the time and applying some science to it. Since he was unable to have children of his own, Kire vowed to have a biological child one way or another. Using technology, science, and the many trials and errors that came with it, Jaz was born out of a sheer miracle. Since Kire used a drop of his blood and the DNA that came from it, Jaz is, technically, his biological child. Though, some bad came from it too. Jaz isn't exactly normal. Her bones are made of metal and she can regenerate when there is water present. Lastly, she has a hidden personality that turns her into a top tier assassin when under extreme stress. To prevent Jaz from losing control, Kire locked that persona deep within Jaz's core. 

Aside from her faults, Jaz is the sweetest and most outgoing girl one could meet. She loves her dad above anyone else. She's incredibly athletic and loves to play around. Don't be fooled tho'. She's pretty smart and can learn very quickly, almost like a computer. Jaz has a talent for bringing out the best in people. Almost like a certain someone brought out the best in Kire.

Day 8 of OCMAS: Xtwi

Xtwi is the Captain that oversee Mex, Suyoi and Artic (and eventually Spina, and Striker when he gets demoted). Positive but firm, he always wishes the best of his crew. Unlike the rest of the Captains, he has a very hands-off approach on dealing with individuals, believing that letting them learn is a viable way to learn things. Don’t let his appearance fool you, he’s incredibly strong!

Day 9 of OCMAS: Roya

Here's Roya! Another prominent character I created for the story of Good Days (and she's currently making her appearance for those in the RP!). She was Spina's former comrade as both of them fell apart due to the latter's unusual habits. Unlike other beings, she does not feed off of nutrition nor water to survive. Instead, she feed off of people's dreams. And the more vivid a person's dream is, the tastier it becomes for her. She has a wide range of abilities, including illusions and a range range of equipment. She has a club that can expand in size and practically unbreakable.  Whenever she's starving, she's unable to perform most of her abilities, and her blue hair is always black. When she's full, it becomes blue--and when she's overloaded on dreams, her hair becomes red.

Day 10 of OCMAS: Cernia

Cernia is one of the main protagonist of Carnage Hero. A Specialist hero, she can performed a wide range of magic, including control of elementals and some spatial techniques. Cernia wanted to join the Hero's party, but ended up missing it. She instead join with Carnage Hero and slay "demons" along the way in hopes of catching up to the Hero and showcase her skills to defeat the 12 lords.

Day 11 of OCMAS: Bond

Bond is one of the Demon Lords from Carnage Hero. Described as "beautiful" by many demons, he sought to canvassed his entire region with nothing but beautiful things. Anything that prove to be the opposite is immediately killed under his vision. His hair actually has a mind of his own, and there are rumors that the hair is the true "Bond", and the body is nothing more than a puppet for it to explicitly communicate with others.

Day 12 of OCMAS: Guardian

Guardian, or otherwise known by her title "Overseer: Guardian", is a mysterious woman that guards a scared tree. She's not much of a fighter compared to the other overseers, but she has powerful in terms of mental games. She actively seeks out those who want the truth and expanded their perspective for everything rather than limited knowledge. She does not appear in Good Days or any of my other stories, instead, she's set to appear in Reality Vortex in the future!

Day 13 of OCMAS: Carnage

Carnage, or otherwise known as "Overseer: Carnage" is a mysterious creature that studies life forms, morality and emotions. Using his powers to deceived those to do certain actions and decisions by feeding them "secrets" about certain aspects of the world. If his information lead to someone to commit unspeakable acts of destruction, it will please him. His appearance represent the chaotic nature of the universe and captures his destructive ways of death that comes from his influence. He appeared in RV roleplay and set to appeared in the short story. So keep an eye out!

Day 14 of OCMAS: Barrier

Barrier, otherwise known as "Overseer: Barrier", is a mysterious creature that guards the barriers between worlds, most notably the moon. Unlike most beings, she can swim around even the most toxic of environment and come out relatively unharmed. She questions the concept of life and constantly want to see someone powerful enough to destroy the barrier to A) release her from her duties and B) meet her own demise. However such possibility is critical impossible. She's the youngest of the Overseers.

Day 15 of OCMAS

Between, otherwise known as "Overseer: Between", when one is erased from existence, before their final moments, they witnessed this strange creature, and its forces them into a eternal battle to determine their fates. Having no words, it is merely a warrior that seeks out challenges. It is the strongest Overseer.
Yayyy my first post is like halfway thru december brUH LOL

I finished this last night but fell asleep soooo it's Day 15 technically. If I get Day 16 done tonight I'll post it too.


I'm starting to think grumpy looking characters with a blue-based color palette is one of my types lul

Ok so she is a very new OC I made one very late night and finished this bust of her. She doesn't actually have a name yet, but as a placeholder name I'm calling her Maria, partially because that one line from a LP of silent hill was playing as I sketched her out ("Maria?" "I'm not your Mary."). Maria also wields a sword (still figuring that out)... late 20s, by day she works a sucky office job while at night she occasionally finds herself having to use her sword against some creatures of the night. All in all, not very friendly-looking... she tries her best though.

Day 16 of OCMAS: Destroyer End

Back to Good Days goodies. Destroyer End is the main antagonist of the entire series, and the strongest of the Destroyers. He wishes for eternal death of all universes, and with his celestial power, he sought to do the deed himself.
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