Magic Ascension - Chapter 001: Suppression


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Olivia cleared her throat. "It should eliminate the chances to a much lower probability than before. As long as she lacks the memories that cause her distress, there should not be an opening for the Queen to exploit. That goes without saying..." she put a hand on her chest after pausing. "My suppression ability is still a failsafe in the event we run into any issues while doing the escort."

"Good. Don't screw it up then." Asuza answered curtly. Turning to hear Nicori speak, she was able to smile and pat him on the head. However, it didn't seem to reach her eyes, as if she were elsewhere.

"It feels like a lot of time passes when I go to bed, but it never feels like enough..." Magiana yawned again. "But I don't feel sore anywhere, so I think it's okay."

"Good. I'm happy to see it went well." Okawa clapped her hands quietly. "Because we're going on an adventure today! We can't let your wakefulness go to waste, so we will be traveling with a nice group of people to help us get there."

Magiana blinked. "An adventure? Like outside? Erm... won't I get in the way?"

"No need to fret, Mr. Aquario and I will be with you the whole time! It's important you come along since we're doing it so we know how to make you get well." With Sayer on her shoulder, Okawa nodded to Aquario. "Right? We shouldn't keep them waiting, and who knows, you might make some friends."


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“I see…” Bob was a bit concern about the ordeal but didn’t pursuit it any further than that. “Well, if that’s the case, then we should be on our way.” 

“Seems so. We just have to speak with Okawa once more though. Considering she’s part of the council, we want to assure that Okawa the safety measures in case things go south and check the status of Magiana one more time. For extra measures, of course.” Ballows stated. “You guys can wait outside now. Okawa, Magiana and Aquario will be joining with you shortly.”

“Agreed. You know your mission. You ought to escort Okawa and Magiana to meet with the researcher who knows a thing or two about Soul-Bonding. Please be cautious  of your surroundings in Magician Square, there are a lot of conmen.” 

“Yeah, yeah. You already told us…” Liza walked out of the room. “As long I don’t have to spend another second here… too many bad vibes.” Without waiting for a response, Liza left the room.

“Oh Liza…” Bob sweated a bit. “Well, should we go, Vox?” Bob followed behind, seeing that he already made preparation thanks to the portal Z created.