Magic Ascension - Chapter 001: Suppression


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Sep 3, 2015
Magic Ascension
Chapter 001: Suppression

Preface: Six months had passed since the White Space Event that led to the entire BoogaVerse to be wipe away from Retcon’s Reboot Spectacle. After Todasúl restored the world, with an ominous warning about future threats, the world begins its process of rebuilding and brings order back into place.

In Paradice, the Brotherhood of Black Magic and Sisterhood of White Magic have taught magic to numerous of humans since the end of the Human v Demon wars. It create powerful and successful mages who joins other organizations or institutions across the world, but it will also create mages tainted with evil and sought to destroy everything in their wake. Negative, the form Shine took when he was corrupted by experimenting, nearly led waste of the entire world with his powerful magic. Feeling responsible, the two schools decided to reunite once more, becoming the Magic Society.

The Magic Society teaches Black Magic and White Magic to all students. After the events of White Space, it had added a new course—Ancient Magic, to study its properties more thoroughly. The objective is to provide instructions, discipline and harness students’ magical skills, turning them into noteworthy mages.  It is managed by the Magic Council: Ballows, Okawa, Tort and the leader, Grand Sorceress Z. They oversee the affairs of Paradice, implement strict regulations of magic and ensure the safety of Paradicans. As consequence, Shine had resigned his title and position, and went on a path of atonement for his actions.

The Magic Society added a new building in the middle of the original Brotherhood and Sisterhood buildings, and served as a connection between the two, expanding to near 11,778 acres across. New additions includes: The World Library; Magic Laboratory; Carole's Magical Garden; Magic Battle Arena; Arcane Apothecary; and finally, the Magic Council Room, the middle building that connects the two buildings.

Under the new system, the Magic Society hopes to maintain its status as the place for all magic and ensure to prevent the surge of evil mages. The future of Paradice is now in the hands of the newly form Magic Society to lead the world of how magic should be used.

Key Rules
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  • You can only play 4 characters per chapter.
  • Your characters cannot be in multiple chapters at the same time.
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Premise: After six months of rebuilding, the Magic Society had finished its construction and now fully operational. The Magic Council received word that a young mage, Magiana, had her soul bonded with a vengeful soul and could break loose at any moment. They task several mages and mercenaries led by Okawa to escort the young mage to various places in Paradice to see if they can calm the spirit down. However, it seems that the Watchers Cult had made their move after months of inactivity.

Focus Areas
  • The Magic Society
  • Magician Square: a shopping and trade center spot that provide various of stuff such as healing items, magical items and the sort. It also has plenty of restaurants, rooms and other things. It is referred as the trading capital of the world.
  • Luxor: a deserted town, and usually evil spirts lurks among there. Recently, there had been activity of an unusual group performing strange magic.
Receiving word that Magiana had a vengeful soul attached to her, the Magic Council had called all the mages to come and gather around to address the issue. All of them are on standby in the waiting room as they are finishing preparing for the meeting in the Magic Council Room.

Bob was the first one to show up. As usual in his plain-looking manner, he took a seat as he noticed that he was the only one here. “Guess the others are still refreshing themselves up.” He took out a pocket watch—the dates, times and the way it works looks very odd. “Its been about 6 months since then. I heard that the Magic Council attempt to cure Magiana’s problem, but I guess if they had to call us in, it seems to be a major issue.” He said to himself.
Vox seemly appears out no ware says "It seems like you want to get back in to the action as well Bob." Vox is eating an apple.
Nicori rose from bed and stretched his arms and legs. He was much taller and looked more like a teenager than the adorable child he was six months ago. His horns were bigger and his teeth a lot sharper. He was able to hone his skill in detecting things around him with his antennae as if it was second nature. He was finally able to 'see' the world around him as if he had eyes. He was still the spunky hyperactive monster the group remembers, he was just much bigger.

"Aw right! Time for a brand new day!" Nicori said in a deeper voice. "I wonder how 'Suza and the others are doing..."

After fixing his hair, curling his hair, and brushing his teeth, Nicori left the room like an eager teenager. He noticed Bob and Vox and waved to them, quickly rushing to their side as he waited for the others. He was taller than them so it would have been odd, especially if they have not seen him for 6 months.

"Hey, guys! Ready for today?"
"Wow, this place looks even fancier than it did before. A lot can really change a building in six months huh..." Olivia made her way up the stairsteps and to the waiting room by herself. Although she didn't know who else would be giving her company, she wasn't going to decline helping out especially after the King of Shina Ania himself asked. Though, even if it weren't for the fact it was tangling him into it, she was going to lend assistance any way she could.

It might mean we'll cross paths with that creepy lady again... She shuddered at the memory of what she saw in the rescue mission.

"Um, hello... is this the correct place?" Olivia greeted the group with a quiet voice, quickly averting her gaze since she wasn't very good at talking to strangers. Especially in a formal-ish setting. There was also the tall creature she hadn't seen before whose stature intimidated her a bit.
In a hallway adjacent to the council's meeting room and away from those in the waiting room, Okawa and Asuza were speaking to each other in private.

"What do you mean I can't see her? It's been six months!" Asuza demanded in a harsh whisper.

"And it's been how many years since she last saw you?" Okawa asked back. "We don't know a lot about how complex this curse is, but it's quite literally bonded to her soul. We've been lucky that she doesn't wake up much, if at all-- the full extent of its effects aren't known yet but now is not a good time to subject her to any stressful events." She spoke with a soft but firm voice, her brows furrowed in concern.


Okawa placed a hand on her shoulder. "I understand this is very difficult for you with all things considered. But please, be patient with us while we work this out and try not to rouse any excitation. Your mother's been trying to come to terms with it as well--"

"That's a surprise," Asuza muttered.

"I'm serious. She's depending on you to keep it together on her behalf since you're the oldest. I don't want to have to bring her any bad news about you too. At least do it for me if nothing else. That means I don't want you quarreling with her either." Okawa pleaded softly before looking at her pocket watch, nudging Asuza out of the hallway. "I have to get back to the meeting room, so just try to relax with your friends."

"Fine..." Asuza wasn't in a very cheery mood to say the least, so she'd at least have to put on a brave face. Entering the waiting room, she cleared her throat. "H-hey, long time no see."
“Ah, Vox my friend! It’s been quite a long time since I seen you!” Bob responded with praise. “You know me, if there’s a chance if I can find a valuable item for the taking, I’ll take it! Whatever information that the Magic Council wants to discuss that they have to call us here, I’m vigorously curious.”

Bob turned his head slightly, seeing the overgrown Nicori towering before Vox and himself. “Whoa! Quite a growth spurt! How did you get so tall is such a short amount of time?” He spotted Asuza and waved at them. “Long time no see! Come and check out this large boy!” Bob didn't noticed the entry of the newcomer to the waiting area.
Vox says "What your mother is feeding you must be working Nicori." Vox waves to Asuza and says "Long time no see."
"This place is definitely the Magic Society! Mom's the head of this thing!" Nicori said to Olivia, smiling and baring his sharp teeth. He quickly turned to see Asuza and rushed to her.

"'Suza! It's been forever!" Nicori hugged Asuza tightly, spinning around with the woman. "I missed you so much! Mom left me on lockdown for the last 6 months, so I haven't been on any adventures lately. But now that you're back, we're gonna go all over the place! Mom's totally going to be happy to see you!"

Nicori continued to smother Asuza as he hugged her, unaware of how tightly he held on to her.
As the reunion between Nicori, Asuza, Bob and Vox was going on, Liza entered the waiting area, tapping Olivia by the shoulders.

“You’re… at the right place.” Liza said. Her voice was noticeably deeper compared to what it was six months ago. Her hair was mess, her clothes changed from bright colors to dark, and had eyebags under her eyes. “…I don’t think I seen you around here before in the ranks. New mage…?”
"Nicori, is that really you?!" Asuza strained to speak from how tightly the monster kid was hugging her. She patted her arms around him to indicate it was a hug and time to put her back down now. "Y-you grew so much in just six months! I can barely breathe..."

Olivia jumped in her spot a bit, turning around to see Liza and the sight of her made her rather nervous. "O-oh hello... no, I'm not really a part of this place... hmm, I don't think? I haven't really thought about joining. Just think of me being a helper for someone else... it's kind of a long story." She laughed nervously, stopping when she realized there wasn't a joke to laugh about. "Erm, my name is Olivia. And you?"
"Oh, sorry 'Suza! I forgot my own strength. Mom said she had an explanation for my growth spurt because I don't get how this happened either." Nicori released Asuza and gently placed her back on the floor, smiling nervously. "Speaking of Mom, I think she's waiting for us to tell us more about that cursed girl. Yeesh, I kinda feel sorry her. I heard that there was a wizard working super hard day and night to help free the girl from her curse."

Nicori scratched his head, pondering about the thought of what type of curse it might be. He knew he was not allowed near the girl according to Z but he never understood why. Olivia's voice caught his attention which made him walk towards her and easily tower next to her. When he smiled, all he showed were rows of razor sharp teeth.

"Hey, you're a new face. You gonna join 'Suza's group or are you here to lift the curse?"
“Huehuehue…” Liza made a creepy smile. “You may call me Liza… nice to meet you, Olivia.” Liza stared at her attire—she definitely is not from Paradice. “A helper huh… I guess we will find out when the Magic Council calls us in.” She looked at the other group, seeing that the others did not change too much, well, aside from Nicori approaching them. She waved towards Vox, who addressed her.

“Hey kid, it’s quite rude to talk to people during a conversation.” Liza said. “Well, I guess you’re not a kid anymore… this is Olivia…” Liza said. “She says she’s a helper.”

“Is this everyone…? Seems kind of small.” Bob rubbed his chin. “Unless they always called an selective group of people?”
Vox says "It may show how sensitive this job is or the job may only need handful of people."
"H-hello," Olivia greeted the rest quietly, sweating slightly at the sight of Nicori's teeth. What kind of creature is he?! She thought nervously. She also was unnerved by Liza's demeanor.

Asuza dusted herself off once she was put back down, noticing Liza and Olivia arrived. She furrowed her brows and frowned a bit when she realized how different Liza looked compared to when they last were all together. Asuza wondered if that was because of what Todasul revealed to them or because of what she might have seen when she was sucked into the Negative Eye. Either way, it was a noticeable change.

"Well, even if you're flying solo, welcome aboard." Asuza said. "I'm Asuza, that's Vox, Bob, and Nicori." She gestured to each person respectively since Liza already introduced herself. "We'd be a little better off with two more people but..."

"Maybe they don't want people too spread out for the job?" Olivia wondered. "If we have to be traveling, it would be best if we weren't split up."

Asuza crossed her arms uncomfortably. "...Yeah," she mumbled staring off into space like she was thinking about something. "It'll all be clear once they let us in..."


Okawa entered the meeting room of where the Magic Council was supposed to convene with the ones waiting on standby. "Alright, now to see if we've got all our eggs in the basket before we kick the plan off."
Two people were fixing up the room of the meeting; a Faun with snow white fur, long horns, and short stubby tail. Lix had a cat-like head, snake-like body, and human-like arms with large claws. He had a collar around his neck with Z's name on it. Faunix and Lix were inside the room where the Magic council is to be held, fixing and preparing some things to make everyone comfortable. Faunix stared at the clock on the wall and whispered to Lix.

"Hey, shouldn't everyone be here by now? I think Nicori slept in again..." 

"Then go wake him up and bring him here. Today is an important meeting discussing the circumstances of the cursed girl." Lix said emotionlessly. "I'll take care of the needs of the Council."

"Right..." Faunix nodded. "Alright, I'll go and get the group."

Nicori seemed to be flexing his muscular arms, trying to see what he can lift with his newfound strength. Before he had time to test it on anything, Faunix appeared before the group, his face in its usual worried manner.

"There you are Nicori! I thought you slept in again." Faunix said as he glanced at the others. "Ah, I remember your faces. Master Z never stopped talking about you guys."

"Yeah, that's because they're awesome, duh." Nicori snickered. "So why did we need to get up so early, Faunix? Didn't Mom want to tell us something?"

"Oh yes! All the Elite mages and wizards have requested the help of the Magical Society. Lady Okawa is already waiting for us so we must hurry along. I assume everyone is here so please follow me."

Faunix was quick on his feet, so he lead the way but occasionally stopped to allow the others to keep up with him. He wondered if Z made it to the meeting yet but knowing how she's always late, he doubted it. He stopped when he reached two large doors and turned back to the group.

"Alright, once you're in there, we have a set of rules!"

"Oh boy, here we go..." Nicori groaned. "He always does this..."

"Rule Number 1! You are to address every mage and wizard by their title! Master Z is the Grand Sorceress so you will remember to call her so! Rule Number 2! No talking back to the higher ups! Rule Number 3! Refrain from questioning unless asked to do so! Rule Number 4---"

"I'm sure 'Suza and the others get it, Faunix... Besides, Mom loves 'em! We're just gonna listen to what the big wizards and mages have to say, not prepare a speech for the King." Nicori giggled. "Just relax Faunix."

"I see your spoiled tendencies have yet to outgrow you. Fine, but please remember that Master Z may be your mother but she still has a title to uphold, you know." Faunix smiled gently towards the group before opening the double doors to the large meeting room. "Please behave yourself, Nicori..."
The Magic Council meeting room was a huge area—appropriate since it holds the strongest mages in Paradice. To accompany Okawa in the room, Ballows and Tort had entered as well. 

Ballows, after her success in holding down the Brotherhood in Shine’s absence, was promoted to take Shine’s place as the overseer of Black Magic, took a seat on the Magic Council Dias. The construction of the Dias has four seats—the largest chair is reserved for the leader. 

Tort came in as well and took his seat. He looked towards Faunix and Lix bringing in the people from the waiting room. “We should begin in a minute. Where is Z? She’d absent.” 

“No idea.” Ballows narrowed her eyes at all the magicians that entered the room. “These are the capable Mages we’ve agreed upon. And that girl…” She stared at Olivia. “We cannot commence the meeting without the Grand Sorceress.”

Bob was in awe at the construction of the building. “Man, they really lively up the place. This room is huge!”

“Fitting for the big wigs, I guess... huehuehuehue…” Liza commented on.
Olivia quickly averted her eyes from Ballows, staring nervously at anywhere else besides her directly. Her face flushed red from anxiety. Please don't stare, please don't stare... she chanted to herself. "W-well it is a pretty big institution... maybe she got lost?"

"She is pretty tiny. Wonder if she got stuck inside an air vent," Asuza took her own seat and simply looked over her black nail polish. "But she's always got that pencil with her, so not even that might be a big deal. What's taking her so long?"

"You shouldn't be cracking jokes about the Grand Sorceress," Okawa gently scolded. "Even if you've come in close contact with her." But it was indeed true, Z wasn't in the room yet. She stippled her fingers as she waited, looking at the individuals before her with curiosity. "Might be a last-minute checkup on the child for all we know."

"Tiny? But that empty chair over there is so large! Surely it's to scale," Olivia said, trying to lighten the mood in the meantime.

"I assure you it's not." Asuza chuckled. "The pencil's length is probably 3 times her height."
Vox thinks "Not my first dance with nobility." 

Vox says to Bob, Liza and Asuza "I must agree with all three you."
"Where's Z, Lix? She was supposed to be here by now!" Faunix whispered to the serpent. "This is one of the first meetings she summoned and she's late to it?!"

"Calm down, if she's not coming out then I'll bring her out myself," Lix whispered back as he gently shoved Faunix out of his way before standing in front of everyone in the room. "Please excuse me while I fetch Master Z. Pardon us for the delay." The cat-serpent bowed his head before slithering towards the door and closing them behind him.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my..!" Faunix sweated. "Whenever it's his way, things tend to break..."

Nicori kicked his feet as he impatiently waited for Lix to come back with Z. It would only be a few minutes before the sound of a low rumble echoed throughout the area. Nicori frowned knowing fully well the type of relationship Lix had with his Mother. The noise grew louder and louder as it got closer to the door until it finally stopped right before entering the room. The two doors shot open as Lix arrived with Z tightly clasped within his over muscular hand, no doubt crushing her tiny body. He showed some obvious hostility towards Z but silently slithered towards the center of the council and held her up so everyone can see her.

"Master Z, you kept the council waiting... again." Lix hissed.

"Yes, yes, I know~ I was on the verge of taking a nice nap too...~"

Lix snarled under his breath and reeled his arm back to throw Z towards the High Chair but the imp was caught by her trusted OmniPencil. The pencil circled around the room before gently rolling Z on to the Main Seat. Z rubbed her eye and glanced towards all who were in the room.

"Ah, welcome everyone, I assume we are all accounted for, yes~?"

"Yes, Master Z! Everyone called has been marked present!" Faunix said.

"Good, now then, shall we begin~?" Z clapped her hands once and her OmniPencil emitted light from the tip to showcase everything the group has discovered over the months. "As we all know, there is a young girl harboring a curse within her body~ I believe Lady Okawa has a better understanding of the situation thanks to her dedication to the girl~ You may take over, Lady Okawa~"
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