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Thanks NERD

Alrighty, since it was Christmas Break, I decided to take the time and redraw some old art pieces and see how much I can improve and have improved on it.

Redraw of Bernkastel vs. Lambdadelta (UMINEKO)


For letting some of the light reflect on them, it stood out more on Bernkastel than Lambdadelta, who already wears such light colors that any more Screened colors to give the glow would have made it straining on the eye.

It gets easier to draw Lambdadelta than it is for Bern, but I ended up making them face each other. The original's glowy effects were from brushes (aside from the cat eyes and crystals), but everything in the redraw does not use pattern-chain brush presets (it's Marker set to Luminosity with different brush texture types). 

The sketching was a harder process than the lining, along with trying to make Lambda's pupils align correctly.

And yes, Bernkstel is purposely portrayed with dead eyes (besides the pupils) and has no reflection shine in comparison to Lambdadelta.
Bumping to stuff more art in this thread! Which I completed today + some silly stream doodles (between friends since join.me's free stream only lets like 9 other people watch)


believe it or not, she actually has never had a visual appearance for 3 years until this month.


now for doodles from the stream


Z's character Ryder. control ur hegehoge of a son

He's not edgy enuf

Alright, I finished this piece, but made two versions. 


In the name of Mars, she will punish you!

Not quite a rhyme like "moon" but she isn't from the moon lmao
Thank you all for the lovely comments! :heart:

Here to most more things! Plus a new character.

Mioi in a 1950s Poodle Skirt
I had to use a filter to bring out the colors.


This is Mioi's "cousin", Aulilo (pronounced Aw-leelo). Nicknames for her could be Auli/Auly or Lilo. She's a cousin by the fact she is a branching species from Mioi's race. Her species has a mouth with lips unlike Mioi's, but their telepathy is restricted to fellow Marclops. In turn though, they probably have a different ability.
These hang out above the surface and can tolerate it, but in turn they're covered with silvery freckles as an effect. Auly likes dolling herself up, do sometimes she draws on her freckles to look like constellations. That is also a false eyelash. Auly's species also have warm/light hair colors like yellow or peach in comparison to Mioi's blues and purples
Here Aulilo is!
Took a break from digital art because I can't keep straining my eyes lol
Loving those Cyclops species :goood: Azumi is pretty darn cute with all those colors around her xD
ShineCero said:
Loving those Cyclops species :goood: Azumi is pretty darn cute with all those colors around her xD
I'm in love with Cyclops now B| XD

I went for a 90s pastel look there. The stickers were by impulse. I have many stickers. B|
Panich said:
Loopy your art is so cute!! My favorite is Mioi and her friends and Mioi in he sailor Mioi!!

Thank you so much! 

Mioi is my top character right now since I can just put whatever clothes I want on her! I plan to draw her room soon once I have time (and don't have school impending /sob)

I put this picture in my new Template for Megumi but here it is for those who haven't seen it.
For comparison...

I still can't believe 2011 was 5 years ago ._.

I haven't done traditional coloring with black in so long, I got white spots no matter how sure I was that I did fill it all in. OTL
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