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Sep 3, 2015
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CURRENT ARC: Jailbreak​

A Promised Land called Deadman's Grotto has been the center of interest for Pirates around the globe. It has been fabled to be in the center of the Caribbean Sea where mermaids swim and mythical sea serpents reside among caves crammed with gems. A cave nestles the motherload of gold and riches any materialistic pirate would kill to possess. Hundreds of pirate ships have set sail only to return with starved men and consumed supplies or return mysteriously unmanned & adrift. Worst case scenario, they appear in the form of Ghost ship sightings.
Crime amongst civilians and rogue pirates have gone on the rise. As a result, the Dragon Eye Guild was founded to keep the seas and shores safe by arresting pirates maddened by greed.

To begin this adventure, a man named Roger gathered a group of those willing to set for riches or adventure  (he didn't really care for the matter so long as he got some people to go with him) by leading them to him in the secret areas of town underground. The Underground is where many pirates gathered during the day to avoid Dragon's Eye's prying subordinates. Jolly old Roger's plan was to obtain one of the ships on the dock. While it was a crazy idea in itself, how else would they get their hands on a vessel that could carry them out so far into the Caribbean?​

This is where the story of the Bloody Mermaid begins.​

Roger approached the docks and hid behind a large crate. With him were those who showed up to his trail of crumbs. "See that fine vessel over there?" He pointed to one of the larger scale ships. "We need something like that to weather the storms. But the regulars of the docks are keeping an eye on them all, so I'll need a few volunteers to provide a good distraction." Roger said. ​

"I can help with that old sailor by that big ship." Zora offered. She was much too short to try and access the ship and help them onto it.​

"Open up one of the cells. We've got a new one." Announced a guard at the town's jail. ​

"The Lady ordered this one to be jailed rather than culled." Said a short magician, a symbol on her robe indicating she belonged to Dragon's Eye. "Not sure why given this little brat took two of our men down with the rest of her family." The mage had a sphere of energy around a young girl, floating in midair; this girl however was a mermaid. Her legs covered in scales gave it away.​

"Quite a shame too. Those pretty scales of hers fetch a high price." The magician released the sphere and the mermaid girl fell to the floor, a quiet yelp from her, but not much else. She was wheezing heavily.​

"Maybe the higher ups are thinking of using her for luring in the Rogues? Pirates aren't very picky about their riches these days." An accompanying swordsman remarked, locking the cell and handing the key back over. "Should we put her in a tub or something?"​

"What for, Wallace? She clearly has legs. If they got those, then she doesn't need em." The woman turned on her heel and began heading back out. "We ought to report back to The Lady and resume patrol."​
Zytaveon roamed the nearby area where Roger and Zora were. He didn't seem to pay much attention. His motive was to try and nab some loot if they had any. He slowly and casually made his way up to Zora, trying to play some moves on her.

"Well, what have we here?" His voice was smooth. "A beautiful lady, I see."


John entered the prison area as soon as the others were leaving. He thought it was another pirate they caught and wanted to see the face of the person, possibly scold them. He made sure to check up on the other prisoners before he finally made his way to the newest one. He was shocked to see a woman since they barely got those in jail anyways. He noticed the scales on the woman's legs and figured she was a mermaid.

"A Mermaid?" He whispered to himself. Her wheezing made him a little uneasy. "They didn't give you any water, Madam?" He finally spoke to the mermaid. He looked concerned for her health.

He looked behind him and to all four corners to see if he saw any other of the Dragon Eye members. He knew he shouldn't be helping out the prisoners but he had a small soft spot for mermaids. He took out a small flash of fresh water and slipped it through the bars, standing in front of the mermaid to hide his action.

"Please, drink it. It's fresh water." He whispered. "It may not be a lot, but it should at least last you a while, Madam."
Zora stood with a blank expression before pinching the dude's nose. 

"Roger, we got spotted." She said casually. "So I'll use him to help me." 

"I suppose so. He's seen too much now." Roger joked. "I'll leave it to you then to distract the sailors."

"I ain't charmed by simple words, but if you help me out here, I don't mind sparing you a passing glance." Zora smirked mischeviously. "Today isn't your lucky day. You're gonna help me snag a ship for us. Or else I suppose we tie you to the mast of the ship."

Marina had curled up in a ball, but seeing John offer her water, something she hadn't had since she was dragged out to land for more than enough time to need water again, she had no strength to say anything. Her mouth felt dryer than cotton. Shakily taking the glass, she immediately took several sips before using the rest of the glass to spill on her torn up dress. 

To anyone else, it'd seem like just an accident from her being so weak,  but it was an easier way for her to moisten her gills that were around her ribcage on top of alrrady drinking some of the water. 

Marina's breathing was less ragged and wheezy, so she thanked John. Although her voice seemed barely above an audible whisper. She didn't expect someone belonging to the Guild that captured her to express any sympathy for her. 

She pressed her soaked dress close to her skin so her gills would moisturize again. A bit of color returned to her face. "Th-thank you..."
Salty tom was stuck in his cell as well, with his towel wrapped around his neck... "Bleh, I hate it in here."
Bleck walked up to Zora, Roger, and Zytaveon.

"Stealing a ship eh?" He whispered, "Mind if I tag along?"


Blackford walked into the prison, looking towards John and the mermaid.

"Is that one of those creatures? Perhaps I can finally get a good look at a live one." He mused, walking towards the cell.
"If you help me get in there while those two serve as distraction." Roger said to Bleck. "The more the merrier for us. To find those riches out there, we need help out here."


Immediately, Marina backed away on her feet, her arms curled up to her chest in fear. She wasn't accustomed to being addressed in such a way, nor was she used to having mostly humans surrounding her.

Wallace and the mage were on the phone reporting to the leader of the Guild on the island.

"Alright, we'll leave her here for now until you get the work sorted, Milady." The Magician said before hanging up the phone and sighing.

"Where do we patrol now, Leigh?" Wallace asked.

"She said we ought to just patrol the docks on the island for a bit. I heard there's some kind of underground place for those Pirates to be hustling and bustling about. Don't know the extent to how true that is. It's not like those caves have people in them." She said as they both left the prison and left the guarding to the other Guild members.
"E-Eh.. sure, I'll help you, pretty lady." His composure returned to flirtatious. "Only if you give lil' Zyon a kiss on the cheek~" He made kissing noises but offered to help either way. He gave Zora a thumbs up. "Wha'cha plannin' t' do anyways? How ya' gonna distract hundreds of people from stealin' a ship?"


"Yes, she's a mermaid but I doubt she really hurt anyone..." John scratched his chin, eyeing the Mermaid. "She looks to be uneasy around humans. Maybe we should give her a bit of room?"

John seemed a bit uneasy with the other roaming around. He didn't want anything bad to happen to the mermaid but there wasn't really anything he could do without breaking the rules he's accustomed to. He wanted to set her free but the least he can do for now is keep her hydrated.

"We should try to at least keep a fresh supply of water in her cell." He then glanced to Blackford, his tone a bit serious. "You aren't gonna hurt this Mermaid, are you?"
Salty Tom was just waiting for a breakout... he played his accordion to pass the time. He didn't have his weapons on him (That's jail for ya), just his accordion and his singing voice... and the towel I guess.
"Name's Bleck, and I'm willing to assist any in the pursuit of treasure. So long as I get my fair cut." Bleck replied.


Blackford scratched his chin.

"I'm not sure why you would think me of considering harming this creature. I am a public servant, and I suppose I'll give the prisoner some room." He said before walking away.
"Fair enough. Those two will be providing the diversion it seems. Up to us to get ourselves into the ship and move it off to a different spot." Roger said.

"I don't give kisses." Zora pursed her lips in thought. "Hmm... it's not like sharks aren't common. We could probably scare a fair number away if we cry Shark." She said.

Marina curled up in the corner. The dark rings around her eyes showed how tired she was.
"Sharks?" Zyon purred. "Well, that can work out a good scare into some people. I can cause a scene for you but you gotta act quick, alright? I'll catch up with you later." Zyon winked to Zora before bracing himself to start a scene. He had to act as if he was returning from the docks with a panicked look on his face. He looked as if he was going to enjoy this a little too much.


John turned back to the mermaid and looked around her cell. He felt bad for her and thought that giving her at least a pillow and some water might make her rest easy. He left the area only to return a couple minutes later with a blanket, a couple bottles of water, and the food for the other prisoners. It was his turn to give them food anyways. He walked by the cells, giving the prisoners a small plate of food, a piece of bread and some potato soup. He made sure to slip the tray between a small opening on the ground. He gave no conversation to the prisoners.

He finally returned to the mermaid and placed a blanket through the bars as well as a bottle of water to keep her hydrated for a while. He also placed the tray of food in her cell, in case she wanted to eat. He grabbed a stool and sat down in front of the Mermaid's cell, trying to keep her company.

"I hope you can make that water last, madam." He spoke softly. "I'm afraid I can't give you any more due to the rules I must follow. It would be a shame to see such a beautiful mermaid wither away. Your scales are beautiful...--- Oh! How rude of me. I'm John, John Barkly. What may I address you, madam?"
(I think I may have missed a memo at some point...)

Salty tom was still playing his accordion... "Hey John, can I get some water, too?"
(No worries, Al! I actually think the way everyone is placed right now worked out better than my original plan. So keep ol Salty Tom comfy. He'll be broken out as well. I just gotta make the arrest happen for these guys. XDD)

"Look alive, boys, we'll be hookin' this lady out for sea." Zora ran towards the beach below the level of the dock, wading through the water. Once the coast would be clear, she'd climb up onto the ship and help the others onto it for maneuvering out of the port.


Marina looked at the floor meekly. "M-Marina..." once she heard Tom speak, she pointed towards him. "Wa...ter..." her voice was still hoarse sounding from the combination of distress and the dehydration she had endured for several days.
Jericho Calmly walked down the docks, adjusting his Noble-mans glasses at every guard he could see.
Bleck looked at Zyon go down the dock before turning to Roger.

"As much as I am motivated by greed, I still know how to follow commands. On, your, word."


Blackford watched John and Marina, his face in amazement.

"Why pay so much attention to an obvious criminal? Yet if she was so bad, then why would he latte took to her?" The old man mused.
Zyon, always having plans of his own, didn't seem to want to wait for any signal and start the plan anyways. He liked the chaos from the looks of it. He readied himself near the dock and ran into the opening, screaming like a madman.

"Shark! There's a shark! A group of 'em!" Zyon said, running into the crowd, shaking some people to stir them up. "They are everywhere! Sharks! Run! Everyone in the docks, get away from the waters!"


John took heed of Salty Tom's plead and gave him a bottle of water. He tried to avoid eye contact.

"I'm afraid that is your last bottle of water for today, Pirate." He returned to Marina, giving her a cold bottle of water. He overheard Blackford and frowned a little. He did have a point. He knew nothing about Marina. He sighed softly before staring at Marina's scales, he had to be honest with Blackford.

"I guess I take a liking to mermaids because of how beautiful their scales are. I usually like how they shine and how vibrant the colors are. I don't think it's right for a mermaid to suffer from dehydration, I can just imagine how much torture that must be. I may not like pirates or any wrongdoers... but torture doesn't prove any justice either." He seemed a little stressed about how this mermaid is in jail.

"But do you honestly think she did something wrong? She practically looked almost dead when they threw her in here." He scratched his chin.
"Greed is what tends to drive us pirates." Roger agreed.

Once she heard Zyon divert attention away from them, Zora took out her knife and stuck it into the side of the ship. It took her a few minutes to try and climb onto the ship, but she made it aboard.

"Alright, I'm on!" Zora whispered to herself in victory. Peeking her head over the side, she looked down at Roger and the one with him. 

"Whaddo I do now?"

"Find some rope and throw it on the other side. We can't lower the bridge, your distractionwon't hide that." Roger said. 

"Got it!" Zora scurried back and forth on the deck before finding a pile of rope. She tied it off to a pole and threw it over onto the side she entered in. "Run to the other side!"

"You heard the lady." Roger said to Bleck.

Marina kept quiet and simply looked down at the floor with a guilty look on her face. 

"I didn't mean to do it..." she mumbled aloud, mostly intended for her own reassurance. "I g-got scared..."

She shakily broke the bread into parts and dipped it into the soup, unsure if she should eat it that way. "Your lot took my family away." Her statement was ambiguous, but as she didn't know who exactly the Guild was, she considered them to be simply humans like the sailors that netted her mother. 

"But Nahla's gone too now..."
Bleck nodded to Roger, running to the other side of the ship and grabbing the rope.

"Ask him if I get on or help him get on now."


The fact "True, true." Blackford replied to John. "Torture solves nothing, inmates should be treated with stand able living conditions but nothing pleasurable." He then walked over to Marina's cell.

"And it does sound like she has done something, though provoked. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, I know this first hand."
Jericho, watching as the commotion on the dock began to calm, summoned a half realistic sharklike apparation to jump out of the water adding to the 'excitement'... He then smirked.
Salty Tom drank some of the water and used the rest to dampen his towel... "Ahh, much better!"
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