Hope City

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"You jerk! You leave Papa alone! You're nothing but a pathetic coward who uses fear to get his greedy ways. Hmph, I am not scared of little boys like you." Evelyn turned her head away from Citrus-Man.

"M-My Lady, please..." Gerome quivered in fear. "Don't antagonize him. He lifted an entire building into the air with just a snap of his fingers..."

"I'm not scared!" Evelyn huffed. "I bet that old loser geezer from Los Demonois is more intimidating than him. He was a mega mob leader! I've never seen this hobo before."

"Evelyn, darling..." Mr. Nicestone eyed Citrus-Man with a death glare. "That 'old geezer' is this very man. He is the boss of LEMONS, and leader of Los Demonois... Citrus-Man."

"Wait, you mean that... this bum is the world known criminal, Citrus-Man?" Evelyn stared at Citrus-Man. "But how did he get so young? I thought he was nothing but skin and bones!"

"I thought so too... Apparently, the battle reported in Los Demonois changed him somehow. I don't know what he did to regain his youth, but he is even more powerful than the rumors made him out to be."


"Darling, I know you don't like it, trust me, I don't either, but if I don't comply with him, we won't be the only ones who die today..." Mr. Nicestone turned to the papers before him and crumpled the one he previously wrote on. He wrote on a new application, shaking slightly as he did so. Once he was finished writing, he nodded to Gerome who rushed by his side and took the agreement Mr. Nicestone wrote.

"The following will be given to Mr. Citrus-Man for his city development and city enhancements," Gerome's voice trembled slightly as he read Citrus-Man the agreement. "99% of Californite, 99% of resources, 99% of trades, 99% of financial requests, and 100% alliance. Under oath of Hope City's Mayor, Sir Gerome Basaltar, I hereby grant Mr. Citrus-Man unlimited use of Hope City's workers." Gerome frowned upon saying those words before turning to Mr. Nicestone, who appeared just as humiliated. The butler handed the agreement back to Mr. Nicestone.

"I need at least 1% to keep my city alive and support your demands..." Mr. Nicestone said. "You got what you wanted, now release my daughter."

Mr. Nicestone turned the paper to face Citrus-Man, giving him a chance to read everything through at his leisure, slowly placing the pen next to the paper for him to sign. He was nervous, primarily about Evelyn.
Cirtus-Man checked the documents; reading each line to ensure it authenticity. "See? All you had to do was accept my proposal and things would not had escalated the way it did."

He stood up and, with a flick of his fingers, placed Evelyn on her feet without much of an issue. "I'm not an unreasonable man. I will add protection to Hope City to unwanted company." He looked at the window, seeing the floating building, gently placing it back on the ground. He signed his name on the paper to make it official. "You see, child, the world is a cruel one and constantly changing, but one thing that hasn't change is that powers is usually the answer for most solution." He turns to Evelyn. "And physical power is the most useful trait to expand an empire. Perhaps you will take this as an lesson from your father, when you become the heir of the company."

Citrus-Man turned his attention back to Nicestone and raised his hand for a shake. "Pleasure to make a beautiful partnership, Nicestone."
Mr. Nicestone said nothing as he hesitantly shook Citrus-Man's hand before moving over to Evelyn, stepping between her and Citrus-Man. Evelyn eyed Citrus-Man with rage and turned her head away from him, not even giving him the honor of her time. The Californite guards quickly took hold of Evelyn and Mr. Nicestone, moving them away from Citrus-Man while holding their guns in place. Even the guards seemed unsure about how effective their guns will be against Citrus-Man. Gerome sweated slightly as he stood by the elevator doors, waiting for the doors to open. Once they did, he bowed his head nervous to Citrus-Man.

"W-Well, I am glad we all came to a conclusion." Gerome was seen trembling. "Allow me to assist you to the main entrance, Citrus-Man."
Citrus-Man nodded. “First order of business. Transfer about 2 million tons of Californite to my city right this instance. Rebuilding process needs to start right away. Oh and…” He lifted his fingers, taking away all the Guards’ guns, tearing it apart in the air. “Unless you want to value your lives.” Citrus-Man’s face was close to one the armored guards. “Don’t ever point your gun at me. If you’re going to shoot, you better make it count.” He walked past them.

“Gerome, you’re coming with me.” Citrus-Man causally said as he headed towards the elevator.
"Two million tons?" Mr. Nicestone sweated. "V-Very well... It will arrive as soon as possible."

The Californite Guards turned pale when Citrus-Man took their guns. They kept their spots in keeping themselves between Mr. Nicestone and his daughter from Citrus-Man. Regardless of how scared they were, they appeared devoted to protecting their leaders. Evelyn rolled her eyes when Citrus-Man said his first demand but immediately turned her head when he heard that he was going to take Gerome.

"P-Pardon me..?" Gerome said, looking at Citrus-Man. "I-I'm afraid I cannot leave city unattended, C-Citrus-Man."

"No way! You can't take Gerome!" Evelyn said while moving past the guards. "He's part of the family! Go look for another worker!"
“According to the document, it says that all workers will now offer me services at my leisure.” Citrus-Man eyed Evelyn. “Is Gerome not a worker to this city? He was elected by the people, to fulfill his duties to them. By that, he now works under me. Now, let’s go. Time is wasting and I have things to do.”
Evelyn, Gerome, and Mr. Nicestone stared at each other in confusion. Mr. Nicestone didn't think Citrus-Man would read past the lines as he did, but he gritted his teeth at the knowledge of leaving Gerome in his hands. Evelyn and Mr. Nicestone stared the same angry face. 

"Papa, you have to do something! He can't just take Gerome, can he?!" Evelyn growled. 

"I... I'm afraid he found a loophole. Or rather, he took 'Workers of Hope City' quite literally." Mr. Nicestone frowned. "I... I'm sorry Gerome."

Gerome stared at Citrus-Man then to his Master and Evelyn. He offered a small smile to the Nicestones before walking up to his Lord and bowing his head respectfully.

"It is quite alright, my Lord. I will make sure no harm befalls Hope City. If I can keep everything stable in Los Demonois, then I believe we are safe from Citrus-Man's wrath. I will do this for you, my Lord." He turned to Evelyn and took a hold of her hand, gently kissing it before bowing his head in a similar manner. "Please do not worry about me, My Lady, I believe even Citrus-Man will not allow anyone to hurt me should he wish to keep things running smoothly in his city. My only wish is that you prosper, my Lady."

Gerome took a step back from the two, giving them a final bow before stepping next to Citrus-Man, the nervousness returning to his face.

"I will work for you as long as you keep your promise to my Master and the City."

I just hope the people of Los Demonios don't remember me... After all, I did send many of our more troubled citizens there for their misbehavior...
“As long you do a good job, these two are safe. Just know that the moment you screw up.” Citrus-Man narrowed his eyes. “They’re dead. Let that sink into your moral compass.” He snaps his finger. “Now that we got that established, let’s be on our way. We have lots of work to do.”

Citrus-Man and Gerome had left Hope City to Los Demonios.
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