Hope City

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Hope City

Hope City, a relatively new area located near the southern-most coast of Empire State, was founded by a woman known as Evelyn Nicestone. It is a city that is very open and accepting of all who wish to live in it and begin a new life within its walls. This is one of the few cities in Empire State that allows and protects refugees from other areas in Booga. Because of this acceptance, the city is full of many different cultures and views as well as creatures and monsters. Being a new city, it is already flourishing with prosperity and livelihood as well as being one of the fastest economic growths in all of Empire State. Hope City is also the home of the infamous Nicestone Co., the leading company who sells and distributes the valuable material known as Californite throughout the biggest cities known in Booga and world leaders.  

Compared to the other cities in Empire State, Hope City is advanced with its technology (But nothing like Futuropolis). Many trains cross and stop by Hope City, allowing people to take photos of the massive and elegant skyscrapers. As stated before, the city lies near a coast and runs mostly on solar, hydro, and wind energy, making it a very eco-friendly city. The air is always crisp and the water very clean. The people of Hope City tend to keep their city very clean for the tourists that decide to visit. 

Hope City is also known as one of the most romantic places to visit with your significant other. Famous spots such as Lunar Beach, Firefly Hill, and Flower Trail Forest. Each of these spots is considered to be one of the best places to take your lover. Relax on the soft sands of Lunar Beach, watch the sunset on Firefly Hill, or take a romantic walk through Flower Trail Forest. 

Everyone in the city is known to be a bit naive and tend not to realize they've been tricks until it is too late. Some might say that the city is too forgiving, but it might be because it is still struggling to see to everyone's needs appropriately. Luckily, the mayor of the town, Sir Gerome Basaltar is as hard as stone and knows how to place his foot down on dire circumstances. He is often looked at as the most organized and hardest working person in all of Hope City. Gerome also takes care of most paperwork involving trades of Californite as well as arrange appointments for Mr. Nicestone.

Areas of Interest


The Nicestone Company distributed Californite across the world, with an exception of Desolate Lands and majority of Shina Ania (Coast of Cleo accepts Californite). It is located right in the center of Hope City and very hard to miss. Stay on Blue Belle District, and you will reach it in no time. Inside it, you will always find Mr. Nicestone at the very top, usually talking with other world leaders. It is here where they build much of the city's technology as well as ship highly advanced materials or raw Californite to other countries. You can upgrade almost anything in here with Californite.

  • Blue Belle District: This is the one place you would want to go to if you need to satisfy your shopping needs. You can find anything from food, clothes, and souvenirs by taking a stroll around the path that encircles the Nicestone Co. Blue Belle District is very popular for its ice cream, specifically the new flavor they made called Cherry Rebbel. 

Flower Trail Forest is a great spot to take a hike or a romantic walk with someone special, just a few miles north of Hope City. The flowers are always in bloom, and the colors are changing every day. This forest has many fruit trees, all of which are safe to eat. The name came from the many colorful flowers surrounding a dirt path that lead people through certain parts of the forest and ends at a shrine dedicated to the legend of the forest. It is very easy to get lost in the woods because of how big it is; this is why the citizens are grateful to have the flowers guide them back home. There are very strict laws prohibiting people from harming the forest and its natural beauty. Anyone who hurts the forest in any way will be fined 1,000,000 coins and forced to do community service. Depending on the severity of the crime, jail time might be considered.

  • The Legend of Flower Trail Forest: There is a legend that talks about a Pixie-like creature that lived in the forest for thousands of years, protecting it from anyone who wants to harm it. The natives of the area say the creature is responsible for making the forest beautiful and lively, so they dedicated a shrine to thank the creature for the forest blessings. According to the natives, the creature can control plants of any kind as well as create new ones and control their growth; however, not all the powers of the creature are known. There is no proof that it exists but there are reports of people hearing 'child-like laughter' in the forest as well as 'someone watching them'. Those who venture daily into the forest report that weak plants mysterious are brought back to life overnight without any cause. Whether the rumors are true or not, there is no doubting something is roaming in the forest.

Lunar Beach is the southern-most point of Hope City and a quick train ride away. The beach is best known for romantic getaways, fantastic weather, and the best view of the moon. The waters are some of the clearest in all Hope City, making it thrive with marine life. Many of the 5-Star restaurants are located here with fresh seafood served daily, the best one is called: The Crab Shack. While most people tend to travel to Lunar Beach for an excellent time to relax, it is also known for an odd cycle it has with the moon. When the tide is low, the waves disappear to show a hidden grotto rumored to have treasures from ancient times. No one knows who put the loot there, but it is believed that whoever can find the treasure will be the richest person on the planet.

  • The Grotto:The Grotto is an area located at the end of the sandy shorelines of Lunar Beach, far from the popular hotspots and tourist spots. It is a mysterious area that only appears when the tide is low. Inside is an underwater cave with many dead ends and strong currents. There is a rumor of amazing treasures that whoever finds it will become the richest person in the world. No one knows what the treasure is and those who go looking for it end up washing on shore with no memory of what happened. Many believe the treasure is actually a curse and not worth finding. 

Firefly Hill is a special spot that couples can enjoy their time together. It has the best view of the city and the stars. Very rarely, and only at night, fireflies will come out by the thousands, lighting up the entire hilltop. It is believed that couples who happen to be at the hill during this extremely rare event are destined to be with each other. Mr. Nicestone's daughter can be seen visiting Firefly Hill often.
Citrus-Man arrived in Hope City, shortly after the devastating destruction of Los Demonios. “Hope City, the home of the Californite, a delighted city for the masses.” He mumbled to himself when he arrived by a limousine—a vehicle that somehow survived the battle between Citrus-Man and Z.

Without wasting time, he ordered his driver to head towards the Nicestone Company headquarters. Citrus-Man is aiming to rebuild his city from the ground up and once again, reclaim as a fierce force as they once were in the golden age.

Upon arrival, Citrus-Man observed the outlook of the building. It was huge, grand and beautiful. The texture, the construction and the way it is presented makes it a worthy sight for any tourist. Unfortunately, Citrus-Man has more things in mind than simple looking around.

He entered the building of the Nicestone Company and approached the receptionist desk. He didn’t talk, ask or alert the clerk for anything. Instead, he was looking at fliers, pamphlets and catalogs about this company. After reviewing the information for a while, he placed them back to where they belong, except for one, and headed towards the elevator, with the intention of going up to Nicestone.
"Hey, hey, excuse me..!" The receptionist spoke as she approached Citrus Man. She placed a hand on his shoulder gently, assuming he was lost or confused. "I'm sorry, but you cannot use this elevator unless you have an appointment."

The clerk smiled.

"I'm afraid Mr. Nicestone is very busy, he just got done talking to someone and he's currently on his lunch break with Mayor Basaltar. I can arrange an appointment for you if you wish but he currently does not take any walk-ins. My sincerest apologies."
Citrus-Man turned around and face the young woman that stop him from entering the elevator. “Is that so? I’m sure that once he sees me, he’ll fit me into his schedule. It won’t be long.” He gently grabbed her hand off of his shoulder.

He pressed the button that will send him all the way to the top. “I’ll be going now, and please, be a doll and don’t let others interference with our meeting.” His voice was rough, rash and dark. “It’s very important that Nicestone has full attention of my offerings.” He smiled as the elevator closed and took him all the way to the top.
At the top was an older man, around his early 50s talking to a younger man in his 30s. The older man had a trimmed grey beard and looked very intimidating at first glance. His assistant and Mayor of Hope City was dark skinned and had his black hair nearly in a ponytail. The older man laughed and talked with his friend, eating a large sandwich with chips and a pint of the city famous ice cream. His assistant drank tea with his pasta lunch.

"Ohoho~! Gerome, you certainly have outdone yourself!" The older man spoke out. "This sandwich is amazing! I cannot believe you manage to run a city and still have time to find fresh ingredients for today's lunch!"

"I will happily serve your lunch with only the best quality ingredients, Mr. Nicestone." Gerome smiled. "It takes no time off my schedule, the city has been rather calm as of late."

"Indeed, this is great news as it allows tourists to venture our beautiful city. Speaking of beautiful, where has Evelyn been lately?"

"Her usual spot of Firefly Hill. She appears adamant on finding her husband."

"It appears so..." Mr. Nicestone sighed. "I hope he comes back..."

Once the elevator reached the top, Mr. Nicestone and Gerome stopped talking upon hearing the 'ding' of the elevator. They both stared at each other and waited for the doors to open. When the doors finally opened, Mr. Nicestone was cleaning his mouth with a napkin as Gerome stood in front of the door, blocking Citrus Man from entering the room any further.

"Pardon me, sir, you are not allowed inside without an appointment."
Citrus-Man observed the tall, dark-skinned man. “Based on your attire, it seems that you’re the mayor of the city. I read about you a little bit on the pamphlet. Though, it seems that you’re nothing more than a lackey to the actual powerful figure in this city.” He eyed Mr. Nicestone before turning his sight back to Gerome. “I have business with him, so please step aside, for your sake.”
The man lifted his arm and pressed his wrist close to his mouth, whispering two simple words.

"Code Grey."

Suddenly, from the walls, floors, and ceiling came out guards covered in Californite armor and holding Californite weapons. They surrounded Mr. Nicestone and pulled Gerome to safety. It was obvious that the safety of Mr. Nicestone was taken very seriously. None of the guards made a move except for the leader of the group. He approached Citrus Man.

"You have violated conduct order 43, section A. You have no permission to enter Mr. Nicestone's office without an appointment. All attempts to enter the office without permission are considered acts of violence towards our leader. By the power given to me by Hope City, I am forced to take you into custody. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you..."

Gerome sighed, standing by Mr. Nicestone's side, watching the older man eat his sandwich.

"That's the third time this month..."

"I guess I am quite popular."
Citrus-Man’s eyes shifted to all the armored men that surrounded him. “Well,” he chuckled. “I would have preferred to not spill any blood here, but I supposed this is the fastest way.” His pink aura glowed around him in a quick burst as he raised his fingers in front of the leader, snapping them in the process.

In an instant, all the armored men levitated from the ground and quickly smashed onto the walls to the side and up on the ceiling, getting stuck in the process. However, no death occurred, he made sure of that.

Citrus-Man eyed at Mr. Nicestone and Gerome, lifting a nearby chair next to him for him to sit down. As he took a seat and crossed his legs, he spoke once again. “Now, I’m here for a request.”
Mr. Nicestone dropped his sandwich and stood up, fear apparent on his face for the first time. Gerome stood before his Lord to keep himself between Citrus Man and Mr. Nicestone. Gerome was shaking at how easily he dispatched the armored men and made them look like toys in the process. Mr. Nicestone eyed Citrus Man before placing a hand on Gerome's shoulder, assuring him that everything will be okay if they comply with his demands. Gerome stepped to the side as Mr. Nicestone pulled up his chair and sat across from Citrus Man, being calm and posh as he usually is.

"Release my men and state your demands. I do not want a single soul hurt within this room." Mr. Nicestone said with a voice that even shook Gerome. Despite the situation, he was still intimidating in his way of speaking. "I will consider your requests if they are within my limitations."
Citrus-Man smiled. “Glad you have some sense to avoid escalating things further and talk like adults.” He swirled his fingers and released the men embedded through the walls. “Well, let’s u exchange names. My name is Citrus-Man, leader of the organization called LEMONs, and I’m sure to request a large quantities of Californites, enough to rebuild an entire city.”
The soldiers in Californite armor groaned in pain as they dropped to the floor. They rose to their feet and took a few steps back, keeping their guns aimed at Citrus-Man in case he made any move towards Mr. Nicestone or Gerome. They did not make another move, sweating at Citrus-Man's powers and how calmly he spoke to Mr. Nicestone. The room was tense. Mr. Nicestone listened to Citrus-Man and his association with the criminal organization LEMONS as well as his demands.

"I suppose I do, however, what makes you think I'll foolishly hand it over to the leader of the highly dangerous organization, LEMONS?" Mr. Nicestone interlocked his fingers, eyeing Citrus-Man boldly. "I have other clients that need my product as well. I cannot pick favorites, Mr. Citrus-Man."
Citrus-Man crossed his legs and placed a hand on his cheek. He was aware of the men surrounding him but pay no special attention to them—his primary focus is Mr. Nicestone. “I heavily encourage you to rethink that position of yours in regards of honoring my request. I’m not simply asking; I’m telling you what I want for my little project.” He narrowed his eyes. “You would be foolish, if you reject my demands, especially given the situation that just occurred earlier.”
"I understand my predicament, Citrus-Man, however, as I said earlier, I cannot pick favorites." Mr. Nicestone narrowed his eyes. "I can make you an offer of about... 10%? I'll even be generous and ship you 5% every two weeks, adding to your 10% each month."

"I highly recommend this offer, Mr. Citrus-Man," Gerome added in. "Mr. Nicestone's Californite is shipped in vast portions across the world, you are getting quite a deal."

"If you use the Californite wisely, you will rebuild your city in just a few years." Mr. Nicestone leaned back on his chair slightly. "Gerome, fetch me the papers."

"Certainly, my Lord."

Gerome was careful not to go near Citrus-Man and headed to a cabinet located across the main desk in the room. He took out a few papers and returned to Mr. Nicestone's side, giving him a pen followed by the papers. Mr. Nicestone pulled out a small pair of reading glasses from inside his suit and scanned the paper silently before writing out a few things and sliding the paper to Citrus-Man. Near the bottom was a line that required his signature.

"I simply need your signature on the bottom, Mr. Citrus-Man." Mr. Nicestone said, still nervous. "I'm sure this offer will give you all you need for your city."
Citrus-Man chuckled. “It seems that you do not understand the severity of your situation. I’m not asking of your percentage nor following on your standard.” His eyes glowed, forcing Gerome to be send flying to one of the armor guards. He stood up and walked towards Mr. Nicestone, forcing him to stand with his psychic powers. “I’m asking for all of them, at any time at my leisure. You will be under my control as I see fit—you will be considered a valuable asset to my organization.”
"Gerome! Why you..!" Mr. Nicestone gritted his teeth in anger before realizing he had no control of his body. Citrus-Man fully controlled his movements, forcing him to walk closer to the psychic man. "M-My body! I can't move it! Release me!"

Gerome crashed on to the guards and was quickly taken to safety behind four massive guards. The Californite Guards lifted their weapons to point directly towards Citrus-Man, yelling to the intruder holding Mr. Nicestone against his will. Gerome gasped before pushing through some of the guards and holding their weapons down, fearing Citrus-Man would redirect the bullets back at them with his powers or hurt Mr. Nicestone. He looked on in fear.

"Mr. Citrus-Man, let's be reasonable here!" Gerome pleaded. "What about all the other countries that need Mr. Nicestone's Californite? If all the supply is redirected to only you, everyone will surely riot! You are setting up a catastrophic series of events! Los Demonois will surely be the target of many countries! This could erupt into war!"

"You will be leading this city into a pointless battle!" Mr. Nicestone struggled slightly. "I will not allow you to control my precious city if you foolishly endanger all the innocent lives on her soil!"
Citrus-Man titled his head slightly to the right, looking at the windows to see the entirely of Hope City. “Let’s take a walk, Mr. Nicestone.”

He walked towards the window, bringing Nicestone with him using psychic powers. “Your passion to protect the city should not be underestimated.” He twirls his fingers. “I’ll give you a piece of advice—life is often short. You live. You make something worth in your life. You died. That is a cycle.” He turns to Nicestone. “But the critical part is making something worthwhile in your lifetime… that is part that people struggle with, more often due to not being able to accomplish it.” Suddenly, a building from afar suddenly levitate from the ground and flung high in the sky.

“Are you willingly going to let these people, those innocent lives, let their life cut short without making something worthwhile?” He smile. “Those countries will obviously get their Californite, but they will face new taxes and penalties under my measures, which you will enforce.” He turns back to the building. “If not, then…” He just about to move his fingers to shake the building. “Hope City will become a song where thousands screams, and blood will spill in your hands. I wonder how the Prime Minster of Empire State will feel when you let that happened?”
Mr. Nicestone stared at the shaking building, and even from where he stood, he could faintly hear the screams of the horrified people inside. Gerome was about to rush Citrus-Man but stopped in place when he saw the building in the air, his jaw dropping in horror. He took a step back, fearing Citrus-Man would kill Mr. Nicestone if he took one more step towards them. 

"Please, Mr. Citrus-Man, leave the innocents out of this!" Gerome begged. "They have done nothing wrong!"

"Don't hurt anyone, Citrus-Man!" Mr. Nicestone said. "Leave them alone!"

Mr. Nicestone struggled against Citrus-Man's psychic powers before the Californite guards yelled out towards Citrus-Man, fear was heard slightly in their voice.

"Release Mr. Nicestone or face a wall of rapid fire! You have 10 seconds to comply!!!" The head guard shouted. "Let Mr. Nicestone go, now!!!"

Mr. Nicestone watched helplessly as Citrus-Man threatened his people and everyone Hope City associated themselves with. The seconds passed by like hours with the room extremely quiet with the distant screams of terror from the building held in the air. Suddenly, the door to the room opened to show a young woman with a face full of worry. She had long black hair, a beautiful face, and large brown eyes. She was dressed in very expensive clothing and appeared to look somewhat similar in features to Mr. Nicestone. Gerome turned to the woman and his eyes widen in sheer horror.

"My Lady!" 

Mr. Nicestone struggled to turn to the newcomer but the sound of her voice made him realize who this woman was.

"Papa! There's a tower in the air and--" The woman paused for a second before eyeing the Californite Guards with their guns pointed at Citrus-Man and her father. "What is going on in here?!"

"Evelyn, leave! This man is extremely dangerous!" Mr. Nicestone yelled. "Please! Go!"
Citrus-Man eyed the young woman that came in and interrupted everyone in the room. He had initially intended to rip the armor out of everyone, but this unexpected guest changes everything. “Papa… this is your daughter. She looks precious.” He commented on him. Upon further looking, he felt that the name was strangely familiar; perhaps one of his citizens of Los Demonios was involved with her in some way?

Citrus-Man’s eyes glowed pink and suddenly, the armored guards were sent flying towards the window, but they were steadily in the air stationary. For Evelyn, he used his powers to force her to come to him. “Don’t mind them, we’re just having a conversation; your father is just about to grant me my wishes, because if he don’t…” He lifted his hand and pressed on her cheeks. “I supposed a bloodline will end here.”
"You leave her out of this, Citrus-Man!" Mr. Nicestone yelled. "This is between you and me!"

"Hey! What do you think you're doing to Papa and Gerome?!" Evelyn said, despite the fact that she was held by Citrus-Man's power. "And get your slimy hands off of me!" Evelyn tried to bite Citrus-Man.

The Californite Guards wiggled in the air outside of the Nicestone Tower, fearing that Citrus-Man will drop them. Gerome glared at Citrus-Man as he kept Evelyn and Mr. Nicestone in his grasp. He dug into his hand into his suit and pulled out a special looking device, similar to that of a taser. He aimed his device at Citrus-Man and it began to glow a bright blue color, almost as if preparing to fire a massive attack. 

"Gerome, stop!!!" Mr. Nicestone yelled. 

Gerome gasped and was forced to fire the attack towards the sky, just barely missing the guards dangling in midair. The ball of energy flew into the sky where it disappeared behind the clouds before creating a loud explosion that lit up the sky. The people of Hope City stared into the sky and covered their eyes before running for cover, assuming it was an attack of some sort. Had the ball of energy hit Citrus-Man, it could have concentrated all that energy solely on his body. Gerome stared at Mr. Nicestone who looked defeated.

"Please Citrus-Man, leave my precious daughter out of this. She has nothing to do with anything!"

"Papa, don't give in to this man's demands! He's just going to use you! Don't worry about me!"

"No Evelyn! Your life is not worth sacrificing for something very simple!" Mr. Nicestone turned to Citrus-Man, his expression both angry and nervous. "Please, let go of my guards and my daughter and I will give you what you need..."
“You’re finally using your brain…” Citrus-Man turned to Gerome, gave him an enthusiastic smile. “You and I both know that wasn’t going to do anything but let to bloodshed.” He turns back to Mr. Nicestone and gave him a firm stare. “You’re quite a difficult one, but once the life of this precious one is threatened, you buckle down.” He tilted his head, which brought the armored guards back to the building, dropping them on the floor. He let Mr. Nicestone down, but he still has Evelyn in his psychic bind and the building still floating in the air.

“Just so you don’t try anything idiotic like a secret gun or some sort, let’s assure that this deal is permanent.” He pulled Evelyn closer. “Don’t want you backing out at the last second.” He walked to the chair again and sat down with the girl near him. “Now, let’s discuss business, shall we?”
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