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Happy Birthday Vegetto!

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~ Z ~

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Source: http://songohanart.deviantart.com/art/Vegetto-455850243[/SIZE][/CENTER]

Let's all give Vegetto the happiest of birthdays! Please enjoy your special day, a day that was truly a great moment for many people. Even a fusion needs a day off for his birthday to stuff his face with cake. Besides, after he's done eating cake, he can just train all those carbs away! Regardless of how you spend your day, Vegetto, just have a ton of fun and make a wish because you still got a long road ahead of you! Here's our thread dedicated just for you~!

- Love, the Boogaloo Crew!


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Happy birthday, duude


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Happy birthday Vegetto, We hope you enjoy it!


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Haha, thanks everyone! It was a pretty fun day, had a lot of laughs and certainly enjoyed coming here to see that amazing artwork! :D

Where did you find such a masterpiece?!

Anyway, I really appreciate the love and support from you guys! Thanks again! :)


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Happy Birthday. ^_^
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