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Happy Birthday Alzoru!

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~ Z ~

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Today let's all gather around our wonderful Coral Lindworm and celebrate the best birthday he will ever remember! Alzoru is one of our nicest members and he loves to show us his wonderful dragon powers! Even in his homeland, the critters praise the special day of his birth and seem to make special celebrations to honor him! Planet Nafine, a distant planet from Boogaloo, always makes sure to give Alzoru a special time on his birthday! In all seriousness, we hope that you truly enjoy your special day with your friends and family, Al'! Make sure to eat lots of cake but always save one slice for Boogaloo! Tell us all about it but always remember to have fun on your very special day! We hope that you enjoy your birthday!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~! 


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I... I'm speechless. I'm blushing right now. I... you guys actually bothered to learn stuff about my world and... thanks everyone. I've always wondered if you guys really appreciated me, and I guess now i know. You guys do care ;~;

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Ah how could we not like ya Al?

Give me a hug you lovable reptile!
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