Halloween Special - Big Boo's Haunt!

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Sep 3, 2015
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((Good day, one and all! For today is All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween! To celebrate the spooky, I decided to host a thread allowing you to explore Boo's Mansion!))
If you ended up here, then today simply is not your lucky day! Big Boo inhabits this mansion, and dictates whether you leave or not, and he wants to play a game. In order to leave, one must defeat him and his Boo minions once they encounter him. That will not be an easy feat. To prevent escape, the mansion itself is surrounded in a cage like covering. Of course, you wouldn't know how you got here in the first place. 

Areas of interest:
-the shack: leads to Big Boo's basement merry go round
-the haunted foyer with seemingly no stairs
-the piano rooms
-the library

Big Boo's eerie giggle can be heard throughout the air outside. In peripheral vision, many Boos scatter about and dissappear as quickly as they're seen.
There was a man, laying on a floor, tossing and turning, then woke up when he heard the sounds from afar. "Ah.." Rubbing his head. "Man.. where.. where am I?" He looked around, seeing that he's stuck in a mansion. "How the heck did I get in here?"
"Where am I?.... my head..." A horned girl with orchid skin and dark purple hair stood from her position on the floor, beginning to float a bit. "What is this place? It isn't Tartaros." She caught the glance of a nearby Boo, which covered its face shyly. "Is that supposed to be an apparition?"

"What kind of place is this?" She floated off in search of any other life in the courtyard, unaware of the Boo turning back to following behind her with a mischevious grin.
The man stood up and looked around. "Man, I don't see Angel or Black anywhere..?" He thought. "I'll just have a look around to see if there's anyone here.. but for some reason.. I feel an uncomfortable presence.." He began walking down the hall.
Around the man (Shine's character), there was a small giggle, barely audible above human perception.
"Hmm... this looks like a residence, but whom would have these ridiculous looking creatures for minions?" The demon asked herself, rubbing her chin with only one hand.
The man jumped up a bit when he heard a strange noise. "W-whoa.." He turns back and forth. "Thought I heard something.. a giggle..? Come on, Red. Just focus on finding a way out.. or at least.. someone." Red seems to be shaking quite a bit as he continued to walk. He paced himself a bit faster because of that.
In the hall, many paintings depicting ghostlike creatures seemed to line the walls. Some were covering their faces, others weren't. In the distance, it sounded like someone was playing a cheery ragtime tune on a piano.
LoopyPanda said:
In the hall, many paintings depicting ghostlike creatures seemed to line the walls. Some were covering their faces, others weren't. In the distance, it sounded like someone was playing a cheery ragtime tune on a piano.

"W-what?" Red rubbed his eyes. "Okay, I've bumped my head and now I'm seeing things." Red said, over hearing a piano. "Ah, a person!" Red ran down the hall. "Finally someone I can talk to."
The demon turned her head, stopping in her floating. "Hm? I have no dominion like this. I haven't a clue how I ended up here myself." She answered. The Boo behind her stopped, having the Knight's glance in its direction. 

"I have no familiars like these either."

The door leading to the Piano room was open a slight crack, the music echoing through the walls of the mansion.
Red raised a brow. He stood there for the moment, thought about what he was going to do. "Well, perhaps I should think logically about this. Mindlessly just going to random ro-" Red overhears a ghostly whisper. "Yeah.. I'll go .." Red slowly opens the door. "I-is anyone there?"
She deliberated for a moment before nodding her head. "Fine. It isn't like I can just kill my way out of here."

There were a few more notes being played before the piano stopped altogether. It became silent to where the last notes simply echoed within the piano.
Meanwhile, in an (in)famous room of Big Boo's Haunt, a Piano had came to life and started thrashing about with sharp teeth... only for Dragora to just grab hold of the thing with his jaws and tossed it into a wall, roaring at the piano as he moved to go about thrashing at it with his claws. His jaws, meanwhile, were sparking with electricity as were his front claws, back, and tail.

"Whoa, there! Easy Dragora, we don't wanna completely wreck the place just yet!" Chronicler told Dragora, trying not to panic here. The last thing he wanted was to be in a haunted house like this... while in the vicinity of a medium-large Dragon whose easily provoked by ghosts or paranormal activity.

'Not my fault this house is creeping me out!' Dragora growled towards Chronicler, which sounded more like a loud, thunderous roar. Chronicler, noticing this, ducked out of the way at Dragora blasted a stream of electrical currents from his mouth towards a Boo that was sneaking up on Chronicler, completely shocking the Boo by surprise as it had attempted to turn intangible, before immediately spinning around with a whining-like cry, and disappearing into smoke. As a result, the seemingly haunted piano stopped thrashing about from where it was stuck in the wall.

"Alright, it's gone, can we move on now and find some others?" Chronicler asked Dragora, as Dragora snorted a bit before moving to leave the room and head into the main room of the house, as Chronicler quickly followed. As Chronicler did, he quickly glanced around by projecting a mana crystal in his hands, covered by heavily armored, yet also very lightly built gauntlets.
"Then clearly you've never seen an actual Dragon." Chronicler mocked as he walked into the same room as them with Dragora walking directly behind, just barely squeezing through the doors of the house as he did.

"So who might you two be?" Chronicler asked them both, as his claymore began to shine in an unusual fashion, which Dragora quickly began to take notice of, but did not immediately warn Chronicler of just yet.
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