Guess the anime from the picture!

Animation and art style looks familiar. Was it done by Kyoto Animation?
Bruh I SWEAR I've seen this anime before on my tumblr feed way long ago, but I have no clue what its name even is ;;
I only know like 3 or 4 KyoAni titles lol

I'll take an awful guess and ask if it's Tamago Market... it's probably wrong but I prefer process of elimination at least :lmao:
Hahah nope its not Tamako Market  ;3
Its the same dude I made a signature of a long time ago  :teehee:
Ooh close but thats not the title, they are part of a literature club if I remember correctly!
Guess  I'll consider it the right answer hehe. The novels were originally called that, but the animes name is Hyouka!
Anyways your turn:D
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