Garden Town and The Field of Bloody Flowers

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Sep 3, 2015

Garden Town

Garden Town is a poor, rural area with no reliable source of food, water or utilities to function. As with any town in Desolate Lands, after the Dalv Tribe seize control of nearly all the food and water in the continent, the common folk of Garden Town sought for survival to reach the next day.

Thousands of years ago, Garden Town was a beautiful town, with a friendly community, sustainable amount of resources and, their greatest treasure, the Field of Rainbow Flowers. According to legends, the field of flowers was everlasting—none of the flowers ever withered away. If one, who has a negative heart, visits the field, it would calm their soul and erase any doubt.

However, the Great Wars began and devastated the beautiful town. Homes burnt to the ground; people killed left and right; animals and resources taken from soldiers, scavengers and raiders alike, completely dismantled the way of life of Garden Town. The only thing the town had that survive was the field of Rainbow Flowers, but due to the constant Great Wars and the inability to calm their lust of conquest, it lost its colors. In reflection of the bloodbath across Desolate Lands, all the flowers turned bloody red to serve as an reminder of the wars.

Afterwards, despite the town being rebuild from the ground up, due to the lack of resources, survivors hardly can live in peace. In addition, there was a sudden influx of monsters started attacking the town. One after another, monsters killed or men, women or children or take them as prisoners; grabbed any form of foods they had and most importantly, seek the most precious prize, the red flowers on the outskirts of the town. As to this day, no one knows where the monsters are coming from, but it is speculation that there is a nest somewhere in the town, but cannot pinpoint it's exact location.

The Red Flowers is an attractive sights for the monsters—if one consumes the Red Flowers, it would fuel their strength massively, their magical strengths in unimaginable levels. No matter how many times the flowers were picked, it would always regrow within a couple of days. Due to the nature, the once, beautiful garden became nothing more than a fuel tank for the blood lusted monsters, earning the name: The Field of Bloody Flowers.

Notable Areas of Interest

The Field of Bloody Flowers, originally a rainbow-like garden that can bring happiness, is a haven for monsters to increased their physical and magical strength massively for a limited time. Despite being constantly picked, it will always regrow in a matter of days.
Monster Hunter and Bronson arrived at the outskirts of Garden Town and the Field of Bloody Flowers

Upon Monster Hunter and Bronson’s arrival, they were on the outskirts of Garden Town. From the distance, there were black smokes emitting from several houses to bring in warmth as the fall seasons had started to come. There were some activity from the population; some were doing their daily trades, children playing around in certain spots. On the other side, despite being far away, one can see the field of red flowing as the winds chimes in.

Monster Hunter squatted to touch the ground, feeling the texture of the dirt they are walking on. “The monsters hadn’t attacked yet. Therefore, we are good of them not attacking early than usual.” He turns to Bronson. “We rarely get newcomers into this town, so they might have different reaction upon seeing you.”
"Well, 's long as I'm with ye, they've nothin' to be afraid of." Bronson said as he took in the sights. "At least, I hope I don't look scarier than the monsters out here," he joked halfheartedly. "If they haven't come out yet, then we could probably head straight for the fields and start looking for their hidey holes?"
Monster Hunter nodded. "Agreed. It's past the Garden Town..." 

Monster Hunter escorted Bronson to the town, which many people greeted him by waving, though the become anxious of Bronson, mainly because it been years since they seen any traveler coming in there town. Naturally, they kept their distance.

"There," Monster Hunter pointed forward to where the field of bloody red flowers can be seen, despite being in the town. "I suggest to be on your guard."
"...Aye," Bronson said hesitantly, grabbing hold of his crossbow for a quick draw in case they would get jumped. "Say, what kinda monsters do you find 'round here anyway?..."
“There are several species of monsters, seemingly working together…” Monster Hunter said. “It looks like they formed an alliance… a rare sighting you seen in monster community. One species in particular is on a short side. Small, but quite nimble, and comes in huge numbers. I believe the term for them is Goblins. They reek of foul smell due to partaking in their own excrement as they celebrate their days devouring the flowers. The next one, once the Goblins finished their meals, is huge… a monstrous beast with a head of a tiger, body of a horse and arms of that of a human. I’m sure that he is neither a monster nor a demon, but a mutant that are popping up lately.”

Monster Hunter and Bronson continue to walk towards the field. It was on a cold day, with the winds being more fierce than usual. “The last one… I cannot describe it… but I know these monsters are rather intelligent. They used magic as a defensive measures rather than offensive… and hide in rather strange places… Its like a snake but has the wrath of a dragon.”
"I see... good thing I came along with you then, mate." Bronson said. "The newest members of the guild probably aren't equipped to deal with things old hunters can. Wretched things they are. But I didn't expect to encounter a mutated life form anytime soon... That means there must be a toxic area close to the town. Well, I s'pose we ought to lure out the goblins in smaller groups and kill them out of earshot from the rest?"
"That's a reasonable approach to address the problem." Monster Hunter nodded at Bronson's suggestion. "We just ought to make sure not to dropped our guards. The Goblins made lack the intellect by themselves, but in groups, they're rather fearsome to deal with." 

As they approached the Field of Flowers, the red flowers upon closer inspection are rather beautiful. They sway their movements based on the wind direction, and the scent, despite their appearances, has a clam demeanor. Monster Hunter picked one of the flowers. "Although they tend to fall for the obvious baits... it's hard to find the exact location of where they are hoarding. Maybe with the two of us, it's easier to hunt them down, since they tend to scatter around and use everything to derail their tracks." He turns to Bronson. 

"You said something about a toxic place... Mutants usually are formed from those things right?"
"I think so... once on my way back from a job, I found a pond just full of glowing green water... with some scattered junk floating in it. But when I stepped close, I saw a horde of frogs jumping about... almost completely see-through. You could see their skeleton and organs... a bit horrifying when you realize there must be something feeding on those to survive, that might be more of a monstrosity." Bronson shuddered at the memory. "I swore I saw some kind of beast watching me from afar when I went there... never attempted to go near that spot ever again. Not alone anyway..."
“Hmm, then, we should look for a toxic pond somewhere around here. I haven’t venture that far off from the town, since beyond the fields is nothing but vast land.” Monster Hunter picked more flowers. “Goblins definitely need something to feed on aside from these flowers, since it doesn’t give them enough substances to become full. If we find the pond, we might at least, see a couple of those bastards lying about.”
"Alright..." Bronson scratched the back of his heard uncertainly. "We could set some traps to catch anything that runs through the field while we're away. A few big pebbles thrown their way could help us lure them out a few small numbers at a time and take them out safely."
Monster Hunter nodded. “Agreed; I have some supplies in my bag…”  He opened his bag and took out several bear-traps. “Its old fashion, but it gets the job done. The Goblins easily fall for something like this, mistaking it as a type of food. It’s like I said, they’re incredibly dumb, despite being dangerous pest.” Monster places several of them across the field near the town. “I placed about 5 of them, since that’s all I can carry on me.”

The man turns to Bronson. “Shouldn’t we wear something on our faces? If the pond is indeed toxic, it might put us at risk, no?”
"Probably... I ain't an expert on it, but I s'pose we'd need at least a mask of some type to cover our noses and mouths." Bronson replied. "Have your people got any leftover leather and cloth we could use to make them?"
Monster Hunter nodded. "Yes. There's a person that runs a clothing store that gets random items that get drifted in our town sometimes. I'm sure he might have some leather stuff and cloth. Let's see if he has them." Monster Hunter, after placing few traps around the garden, headed back to the town.
Bronson followed Monster Hunter from behind, keeping an eye out around the field for any suspicious movement. The field was relatively absent of noise aside from the shifting of the grasses and flowers. In any other place, he would have found it pleasant, but for some reason he just felt unnerved by it. "Right..."
Monster Hunter continued as he sees the town from afar, but stopped in reaction to the loud, faint cry from the distant. Afterwards, the ground shook, causing them to lose their balance for a moment.

Prior to the cry, the garden was in utter silence. If Monster Hunter is correct about their activities, there should be loads of them, but there were none. Yet, the loud noises, which distract Monster Hunter, provided an opportunity to strike.

A Goblin leaped out of the tall grass, pulled its right arm back with a rigid Hatchet in his hand. Trail of salvia raining down from his tongue to the air, Monster Hunter tried to readied himself defensively, but the shockwave causes his guard to be wide opened for an attack.
"There you are, ya bastard!" Bronson, despite having lost his balance, knelt on one knee. He immediately took his loaded crossbow off his back and quickly aimed down the sights at the goblin. He squeezed the trigger and fired, aiming directly at the Goblin's head right between the eyes.

The Goblin’s head whipped backwards, causing his body to flip backward a few times before dropping on the floor, lifeless. Blood spills slowly out arrow embedded in its forehead.

Monster Hunter got up from the floor, brushing off the specks of dirt off its armor. “Thanks, I’m normally don’t get ambush like this; a shameless display.” He went over the body, ripping the arrow of its forehead. “If they’re this close… then there ought to be more around here.”
"Whatever noise that was might've scared them out of their hole by now." Bronson reloaded his crossbow, gingerly looking around for any sign of moving grasses or any suspicious noises. "Ain't no way they didn't hear that..."
Two more Goblins popped their heads out of the grass, with their weapons readied. One of them makes a gesture, a signal, to attack the man with the crossbow, the other nodding in agreement. 

“Whatever that noise was, it did us a favor.” Monster Hunter took out his broad sword. 

A third Goblin revealed itself, but did not have any weapons on it; instead, it had a pencil and paper, noting something down on it before escaping. The two Goblins rushes at Bronson and Monster Hunter; one of them carries an dagger, coated with poison, spit out a small ball of acid towards Bronson's eyes, in attempt to weakened his vision as it launched itself in the air, with intent to stabbed him on the shoulder.

The other Goblin had a whip in its hand; drooling on the side of his mouth, he pulled his arm back to give more power when he launches it, with an intent to snap the blade off his hands. 

Monster Hunter remained steady, waiting for the right moment and dodged at the last second. When the whip slammed onto the ground, it kicks the dirt upwards, leaving a crater behind. Monster Hunter took the chance to drive the blade, in the moment of the Goblin preparing for another attack, into its stomach, slashing off its side. Its organ spills out to the ground.
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