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Sep 3, 2015
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Welcome to the character thread! I don't recall if I mentioned this previously, but the way the registration will work might be a different system mechanic than you're used to seeing from me. Don't let this freak you out-- I'm new to it myself, but I'm confident it won't be too hard to manage. The closest comparison I can make is that it should be no different than filling out a form for a character after picking a Dungeons and Dragons class. Don't let the "stats" thing scare you either-- we will NOT be using numbers or anything like that during battles. Just do what you usually do; the "stat" description just serves as an immediate way to know the immediate pros/cons of the role. That being said, if you have questions or are unsure of something, please let me know so I can help you out!

Character Registration Rules
  • No characters under the age of 19 earth years (realism’s sake).
  • Magic as a power is banned. This is a universe where magic doesn't exist.
  • Characters registered are only members of the Orion Squad. Villains cannot be registered (some may be available to play in the near future).
  • You can register a human, an alien, or a cyborg. Aliens can be whatever species you make up (home planets must be from the Solar System). I say cyborg rather than android/robot because from a logical standpoint, machines are a liability to the Union. Genma has forcibly recruited a good portion of his army using several different exploits (this story point will be covered more in-depth during the game). Cyborgs are less of a liability and they aren't as concerned with loss because their cybernetic body parts can be easily replaced.
  • The max character limit is 2. You can choose to make a new one if one dies (you can choose when/if they die). Newly registered characters can’t be used until I give the go-ahead-- I will PM you. You should PM me in advance if a character is going to die so I can plan it with you accordingly.
  • There is no limit on items/weapons, but be realistic about how much your character could carry without hindrance.
Regarding Class and Special Abilities:
  • You will select 1 role from the list below for the character. Use the "abilities" part to describe their role more specifically.
  • Powers (optional) and regular abilities are not the same. General abilities should be described relative to the role/equipment you gave your character or their physiology; Special Moves are abilities/attacks granted from a ‘super’ power of sorts (think Ultimates from Overwatch, for example). Try not to end up with too many of one class.
  • Your character can possess a Power/Special Ability; I recommend choosing one that would be beneficial for the role you want to play. You can currently have up to 2 Special Moves/Abilities. If you don't want any, just put N/A! These must also have a matching weakness/flaw.
  • If you choose to give them Special Abilities, Powers that are banned include, but aren’t limited to: Magic/Magic Energy, Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, High-Level Space/Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, “Future Sight”, Time Travel & Manipulation.
Use Background to list their home planet or any info you want other players to know about, doesn't have to be super long. Just make sure it fits the lore. (Background is optional, but not required)


A role under the class you choose has a certain “stat” balance. The descriptors for these classes serve only to give you a general idea of what kind of character fits the role-- be creative!​

Stats: Speed, Defense, Attack, Health
Legend: (+)=Boosted, (-)=Lowered

Frontline: Possess weaponry that can deal out plenty of damage at the ready, making them the ones to be able to carry the group’s mission. Suited to flank or harass the opponent. Don’t need to rely heavily on support since attack is their highest stat, but they do have a lower health pool. Mostly close ranged attackers. [+Attack, -Health]

Secondary: Faster than the Frontline attacker, but lacks the durability to be on the front lines of battle. Fits for speedy melee, ranged attackers, sniper, or skirmishers. [+Speed, -Health] but stats naturally vary a bit depending on the type of secondary.
  • [size=small][size=small][size=small][size=small][size=small]Example= Sniper: A type of Secondary fighter suited to long range combat. They have deadly aim, but they are as fragile as frontline attackers, so they must be conscious of their surroundings. [/size]High Power[/size] Special Moves for this role are banned. [/size][+Attack, -Defense][/size][/size]
: Secure weak points or areas that teammates can’t defend quickly. These types can set up barriers & force fields, or even lay explosives and traps with the aid of a Technician. Some Defenders can be capable of boosting stats. [+Defense, -Attack]

Tankers: Not light footed, but have the largest health pool. They can assist Offensive and Neutral classes alike by helping draw fire towards them and dealing out just as much damage. Many tend to be slower than their more nimble counterparts. They tend to draw more fire towards them, so they should keep close to offense allies. Technology usage is common for this role. [+Health, -Speed]
This class is less rigid in what classifies as a tank than the others, so feel free to get creative with this one. If you can justify what makes them a tanker, then I will approve it.

All stats are neutral by default for these roles. I also encourage you to be creative if you choose a neutral class, as it opens more flexibility in your character’s abilities.

Technician: Able to construct plenty of devices or weapons with enough time and material. Requires a high level of innovative thinking and is especially handy for situations needing efficient solutions. Due to the infinite possible weapons and constructs they can make, all their stats are neutral.
  • [size=small]Hackers are a subset of this class: they possess information that is otherwise difficult to obtain, and keeping these people close allows the TU to monitor their activity at a safe distance on top of using their ability to secure scarce information from the enemy as an advantage.[/size]
Medic: Supports the team with advanced healing technology and the ability to raise force fields. Unable to deal out or take heavy hits. They work to sustain the team’s health either through advanced technology or abilities that correlate directly with fast healing.

Standard: Balanced type that can attack or defend, or even provide forms of support, such as carrying health kits. Attacks are mid to long-range.


Earth Age:
General Abilities:
Special Moves/Abilities, Weaknesses:

My characters:

Name: Mioi
Earth Age: 41
Appearance: Coming Soon
Species: Alien
Class: Secondary Attacker (Sniper)
General Abilities: Her large eye has given her superior visual acuity compared to a normal person with binocular vision (although she lacks depth perception in comparison). Her species of cyclops can fire laserlike energy blasts from their eye, but this is only used in close-quarters combat. Mioi is able to hold her own in one-on-one melee, but not for long. Much of her training as a sniper is focused around stealth and maneuverability. She also has a pretty nasty bite, which one wouldn't know she even has until the skin of her face retracts to reveal rows of sharp teeth. Because her ‘mouth’ is hidden, Mioi instead communicates with her peers using telepathy over actually speaking.
Special Moves/Abilities, Weaknesses: N/A
Items/Weapons: Sniper rifle equipped with infrared sights: capable of close range rapid-fire with a large spread, but is not nearly as lethal. Also uses a grappling hook for mobility.
Background: Mioi is 22 Martian years old, which equates to about 41 Earth years. The Martian Cyclops is one of the common species found living in the Underground. Mioi has volunteered her service to the Martian representative of the TU by joining the Orion Squad, previously serving as part of the ground patrol force to apprehend any troublemakers that roam the underground societies of Mars. After Genma’s uprising, she was promoted to sniper training.
Personality: Has a strong sense of justice when she feels others have wronged her, but most of the time she unintentionally comes off aloof or dismissive in social settings. Has a tendency of using monotone sass as a form of insubordination. She is actually a bit of a nerd and obsesses over humans a little too much.

Name: Azumi 
Earth Age: 20
Appearance: Coming Soon
Species: Human
Class: Frontline Flanker
General Abilities: Azumi is fairly lightfooted, so she is quick on her feet and is prepared to harass the enemy and help divert fire away from her teammates with relative safety.
Special Moves/Abilities, Weaknesses:
  • Mimicry: Able to either camouflage herself and become temporarily invisible, or mimic the appearance of an opponent for a short amount of time. (Weakness: Does not copy abilities since she isn't a cyborg/android with the proper circuitry for that, and taking too much damage destroys the temporary illusion.)
  • Detonation: As a last-resort type of technique, Azumi can use the plasma in her pistols as an explosive by allowing its entropy to accumulate in dangerous amounts, resulting in an AoE explosion. (Weakness: This results in complete destruction of her pistols beyond repair, so this is when she's completely out of options. This attack can also hurt allies if they are in range.)
  1. Two pistols that fire off plasma bullets at a high rate of fire.
  2. helmet she wears when using her hoverbike that allows her to adjust to a planet’s environment if it's not adequately suitable for humans.
  3. A strange item called a “Flux Engine” that grants her the Mimicry ability.
Background: Her planet of origin is listed to be from Venus. As an orphaned child, Azumi worked for a scrap dealer on Venus before earning enough credits to live on her own. She grew up a mercenary, taking jobs that suited her abilities and often involved transportation or retrieval of what could be considered “illegal” items, or at least, unauthorized transportation of valuables. She would sell leftovers from her missions as well. This never had any consequences, and her activity was padded with different jobs assigned by clients between Mercury and Mars, to keep these particular illegal activities from forming a pattern. Being her own boss, she was essentially a neutral party. Once, she had stolen an item called a Flux Engine that was intended for use by a cyborg, but she managed to get it to work without changing her own body too much.

It led to her current predicament, however, when she was caught transporting multiple artifacts that were considered stolen from the archives of the Earth Federation. But Azumi was far outside of their jurisdiction, so it was the job of the TU to arrest her and recover the items on Venusian jurisdiction (even though she didn't know they were stolen, there was little she could do to clear her name considering she was still charged for possessing and willfully engaging in illegal smuggles). The charges were enough to put her in several decades of prison, with quite a high price to bail her out. Interestingly, Empress Mystia was impressed by a bounty hunter knowing so much, so she proposed to allow Azumi to join the cause under approval of the Martian Chair. Azumi’s choice was to rot in jail, or become an agent for the Terranovan combat sector-- she accepted being given a second chance and has been working the same missions with Mioi for a month.
Personality: Mioi considers Azumi a cynical loud-mouthed idiot whose only concern is money. But what makes her valuable is being observant and efficient within her line of work, although she's kind of a slacker outside of work. She's approachable at the very least, but it's hard to predict how she'd respond to you.
Name: Mex
Earth Age: 38 (20 in Martian Years)
Appearance: Mex stands at 5'9 tall and weighs about 150 lbs., with a muscular build. She has medium-short medium black hair and dark brown eyes. Mex bears multiple scars across her upper torso, along with light brown skin.
Species: Alien (Ningen)
Class: Frontline
Special Moves:
  • Burst Cannon: A powerful, concentrated ball of energy in a single point unleashed from the palm of Mex’s hands.  
  • Sky Dragon Overdrive: A series of chain attacks that ends with sending an opponent flying towards the sky.
  • Overdrive: In a heat of a battle, Mex's body allows using the fullest extent of her strength to overcome her opponent; the more she takes damage, the higher damage output she deals. In exchange, her health decreased dramatically, making her susceptible to knockouts. In this state, she releases tons of smokes around here, indicating “the heat of the battle” moment.
Background: Ningens are a notorious species in the underground districts, famous for their competitive nature and their lust for battles.  They often appeared in illegal fights in order to satisfy their thrill of battle; they are experts in hand-to-hand combat and have an overall natural ability to control their energies (they believed the energy is “Chi”). 

Due to the competitive nature and their lust for battles, they have a biological factor that limits their capabilities of using their fullest of strength (to avoid killing each other in friendly bouts). Pushing a Ningen to their limit, when against a worthy foe, allows them to use all of its strength, known as Overdrive, to overcome their opponents; in exchange, their health decreased dramatically and prone for easier knockouts.

Ningens are often looked down upon due to refusing to accept any favors aside from battling, making their species hard to get along well since they always aiming for a good battle. Once they recognized someone stronger than them, they will follow them to the ends of the end to display their deep loyalty (and one day defeats them in battle to test their might). They refuses to follow anyone that falls into the path of evil.
Mex was an exceptional member of her group, notably her appearing to think rationality outside of constant battling (although she still has the same lust for a good fight). Upon hearing the Orion Squad and the Genma situation, she wastes no time and attempted to join the Squadron to get a few fists in on the chaotic being.
Name: Erik Leber

Earth Age: 47

Appearance: [Will provide drawing soon...but I suck at drawing robots] Erik has red spiky hair and green eyes. Roughly 90% of his body has been covered/replaced by these cybernetic parts and that is also including his organs. The only parts that do not have machinery are his face, upper chest, and privates. He has a glowing trail of lights that run down his spine and indicates his energy. He also has smaller lights on his shoulders and arms that are just there to indicate his mood. The parts that are not covered with metal have burn wounds over them.

Species: Cyborg

Class: Technician [Specifically a Hacker] 

General Abilities: He is able to hack into any piece of machinery, primarily computers. He can also fix and recover information from older pieces of technology. He is also handy with tools which makes him useful in fixing things. His entire body is full of tricks, but most are either used to aid him in hacking or escaping. His fingertips are able to produce holograms of the things he has stored in his brain as well as hack machinery from a very short distance for a limited amount of time. (Think of Sombra from Overwatch when she blackmailed the Russian leader chick and her hacking ability.)

Special Moves/Abilities, Weaknesses:

Spinal Download - He is able to connect himself directly to a computer/piece of technology using a special cord attached to his spinal cord and connected to his body. He can download any important files from the computer directly to his brain as memory. (Weakness: He is completely vulnerable when connected to the computer in this state. He is barely aware of the things around him due to the rush of information he is getting and is not able to move far. This also takes a lot of energy for him to do.)

Cerebral Hack - He connects a cord from the back of his neck directly to a computer and 'goes inside' the computer. It is his most powerful form of hacking, able to almost completely bypass all security measures at the cost of his literal mind/conscious going inside the computer. He is able to override almost any computer and take full control over it and it's functions. (Weakness: His body is unconscious and completely vulnerable to the open. If his cord is ever disconnected/broken, he will return to his body having no memory of any knowledge he gathered. Once he returns to his body, he will be completely drained and unable to move. He uses his move very rarely because there is a small risk he might not return to his body should anyone unplug him.)

Items/Weapons: His entire body is full of crafty things he uses to get the upper hand in battle, but he generally uses most of it to escape or keep a distance. He mostly uses an assault rifle as his main weapon.  

Background: He was born and raised on Mars, hailing from human parents. He studied everything he could about computers and technology to hopefully make a career out of it but decided to do his own thing and carve his own path. He eventually had a daughter (Who I might make later, depending on how things go) that he cherished above all else. One day when he was visiting Earth with Jalyn (His daughter), he was attacked and left for dead by some thugs who took his daughter away. He suffered massive burns and completely replaced his entire body with his robotic parts. Since that day, he's been using his capabilities to upgrade his body and find information about his daughter. Last he heard of her was that she was on a ship that was heading to Mercury just before Genma's attack. 

Personality: He's very stubborn, snarky, and thinks highly of himself and his abilities. He can be a complete jerk at times and does not trust anyone. He isn't all bad and his heart is definitely in the right place. Once he is familiar with the people he is working with, he will quickly show a change in attitude and begin to support them in any way he can.
Name: Jack
Earth Age: 20
Appearance: that he looks like a good looking human but with green hair and serpent like eyes eyes
Spices: Alien (Gorm)
Class: Biotech (I don't think his abilities fit the medic)
General Abilities: He can play the medic and he help improve his team mates. He is quite skilled in anything connected to Biology to the point were he made life forms to help him with his needs. He can be useful for other non-combat skills but no were as good as any thing connected to Biology.
Various Quick spacers: these can spice the DNA of most any thing quickly to the person granting them trait of other life forms. (Natural armor/improved mobility)
Living Doctor's Kit: It is a self replenishing combat medic kit.(It is a living thing)
"mosquitos": They are identical to the mosquitos but they inject compounds in to people. Controlled by a biological hive mind controlled by Jack. Live in the L.D.K .
"Worms": They may look like the worms form earth but they have the ability to mind control others. Linked to the biological hive mind like the "Mosquitos". (Can be used for interrogations)(He can make it hard or easy to remove these) Lives in the L.D.K .

Background: Gorms are well know for being smart but a bit amoral. They tend to work for who ever is willing to pay them and let them loot what they want with in reason.

Jack was raised in a domed city with a large Gorm population on Earth 1 (Earth's Moon). Right out school Jack was recited by UT because of project in school interested them. Mostly because it was as good a place as any and as long he able to improve like most Gorm he did not care who he worked for. He worked as a doctor/medic for two years till getting his orders above expectations (Even the morally dubious ones given). 

Personality: He tends to be polite and professional. He may be amoral but he is a nice.
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