Future Harmony: Apocalypse

Celestia chuckled to herself, twirling a lock of her hair with intrigue-- she seemed to find Kyoko very interesting. "I'm all for it-- it's no different than playing a game of poker, right? We just have to play our cards right. I would rather do that than try to sully my hands with blood."

"..." Sakura crossed her arms with a scowl. "Committing murder is foul and only those without honor would stoop that low. But I cannot think of any alternative that would give us any better odds. And being able to win requires that we learn to trust each other."

"That's right. We have to be willing to trust each other without fear of a murderer in our midst..." Kiyotaka said. "As a prefect, I solemnly swear to ensure the safety of all who will roam the halls of this institution! Count me in as well!" He announced, clenching his fist in determination. It was a display that made Hagakure sweat a bit.

"You guys are totally nuts! But if there ain't any other choice, guess I'm in it with ya for the long run. W-whaddoya say to that, Paddington?" He taunted Monokuma nervously.

The bear smushed his paws together, mulling it over.

"Upupu... upupupu! Okay, we've got a deal kiddies! Let's see how long you all can go without resorting to a life of mutual killing in despair!" Taking out a teaching baton, he hoisted it in the air while imitating the school bell that would normally ring for dismissal. "Ding-dong dead-dong~! Rise, and bow! Classes are dismissed for today. Enjoy the truce while it lasts..." He snickered deviously before sitting on the teacher's podium, still and unmoving as it slowly descended into the floor, down what looked like some kind of elevator chute that only a toy of his size could fit into, before a false flooring tile slowly moved to cover it.

"H-he's gone..." Kiyotaka said.

"Well, that went over better than expected," Kyoko crossed her arms with a smile. She seemed satisfied in her small victory against the creepy bear. "But before we can start investigating, I think it will be best if we head down to the mess hall and start exploring the academy halls from the inside out. Nobody will be able to think on empty stomachs."

"And figure out where we're gonna sleep! I think I saw a dormitory hall on my way here." Hagakure said.
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