Future Harmony: Apocalypse

"Tough crowd," Monokuma said. "But yes, I'm sure it's uncanny and unheard of. It'll do. But welcome to your new living quarters! Try not to tamper with the measures we've taken to ensure none of the nasties from the outside world harm a hair on your pretty little heads." 

"So that's what the barricades were for," Kyouko muttered under her breath. She kept a small scowl on her face as the strange bear rattled on.

"Now, I'm sure you're wondering how long you will live on the premises... these are permanent living quarters! But not to worry, we have an astronomical budget that will fulfill all your needs!" Monokuma casually announced.

"Permanent!? You mean we ain't gettin out of here!?" Hagakure cried out in panic. 

"Yep! Yer spendin' the rest of yer lives in here, but it's not so bad, I proooomise!" Monobear tilted his head and sat on the podium. "Nobody will hear ya."
"P-Permanent?!" Makoto exclaimed. 

"That's insane! You just can't keep us in here like prisoners!" Hina yelled. 

"W-What do we do if w-we want to leave?" Chihiro asked
The room was full of concerned chatter before Monokuma held up his arms.

"Now, now, no need to get so riled up! There is one way you can leave, if you really want to..."

"And that is...?" Celestia prompted.

Monokuma leaned forward over the podium as he chuckled darkly. "You'll have to kill a classmate and get away with it." Then he gave a carefree shrug as his tone returned to its eerie, playful demeanor. "Stab, bludgeon, maim, burn, strangle, waterboard, you name it! No holds barred bloodshed! If ya manage to fool your other classmates into accusing someone besides yourself, you as the culprit get to walk outta here scot free! In exchange, everyone else will be executed. But!... if you kill someone and get caught red-handed... it's curtains for you." He made a slicing motion along his neck with his paw.

"Wh-what!? You must be joking! I would never do something so cold-blooded as to take someone's life just to leave..." Ishimaru sweated profusely.

"This is completely preposterous." Celestia crossed her arms and scowled. "You can't expect us to recreate Lord of the Flies for your sick sense of entertainment. I refuse."

"As do I," Kyoko said. She maintained her glare pointedly at Monokuma.
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"K-Kill a classmate?!" Makoto exclaimed. 

"I-I would never...!" Hina yelled in protest. Chihiro had gone silent and pale, and was looking away from the podium
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"Then, I s'pose you kiddies would rather spend the rest of your lives here? I don't have any issue with that." Monokuma asked.

"Wh-why do you insist on making us stay here so badly?" Ishimaru inquired.

"... Do you really want to know?" The bear tilted his head in curiosity. "I mean, I was plannin' to show you anyway, but..."
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"What were you going to show us?" Makoto asked, staring directly at Monokuma. 

"Y-Yeah. What did you want to show us?" Sayaka agreed.
(Lord, it sounds like hell)

"Go on," Kyoko added. The students stared at Monokuma expectantly with confusion and concern on their faces. 

He sighed before turning on his heel and hopping off the podium, staring up at the teenagers. "Follow me then. A gym is hardly the place to discuss it. Plus, I think it would be to your benefit to know it directly affects you all in some way." He headed for the entrance of the gymnasium towards the hallway. "The media room is probably the best place to do this..."
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"Do we have to follow him?" Sayaka said, mostly to herself. 

"Well, I mean, if it's provide an explanation," Hina mumbled. 

"I guess we have no choice," Makoto sighed. He, Sayaka, Hina, Leon, and Chihiro all started to slowly follow Monokuma.
"There is no inherent danger in doing so, but still stay on your guard just in case." Kyoko advised as the group walked behind Monokuma.

"What makes you say that?" Yasuhiro wondered.

"Take a look around..." Celes pointed at something lined up along the ends of the wall, hanging down from the ceiling. It was a gatling gun with a belt of bullets already inserted.

"W-what the hell!? Why is something like that inside a school!?" He shouted before the goth girl shushed him for his outburst.

"Same reason the windows are all bolted shut," Sakura said. She kept her voice low so Monokuma wouldn't overhear them. "He- they- whoever is running this school... do not want us leaving at all."

"Just what's going on here?..." Ishimaru had his mouth partially covered by his hand to deafen how far his voice would be carried.

Monokuma led them all to a different hallway in front of a room that was supposedly used to house multiple desktop computers. It apparently was intended for students that were either skilled in computer science or simply in need of digital software beyond simple use of the internet.

"Pick a seat, any seat! Don't worry about anyone looking at your monitors, they're separated for maximum privacy..." Monokuma trailed off with an off-putting giggle.
Makoto, Sayaka, Chihiro, Leon and Hina sat at different monitors, all in a row. All were silent, and either looking a Monokuma for a moment, before looking away, or looking at each other. 

"M-Makoto, I...I'm scared," Sayaka whimpered softly. 

"I-It...It'll be alright, Sayaka. I'm sure he won't show us anything too bad, like an adult movie or something," Makoto said, trying to reassure her. 

(Makoto, you are helping the situation here. And I almost typed Hajime instead of Makoto, because I'm writing a DRP2 fic, and Hajime is fresh in my mind xD)
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