Fun Fact About Yourself

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Black Jacket
Sep 3, 2015
The Cosmos~!
Tell us a little fact about yourself! It can be some weird thing you do or something you did in the past. It can be anything, really! Please make sure it's something you're comfortable sharing, no need to share any kinky stuff you do. Here's something from me!

I am terribly afraid of dogs, specifically big dogs.
I really messed up my knees when I was young. I have a constant pain if I am on my feet/walking/running too long.
instead of getting dreams where i fell off a cliff, my falling dreams would start out at a circus where everything was dark except a spot light on me and i climbed up the ladder to the tightrope very slowly then when i started walking on it, i would get half way and fall over and just kept falling :c
I am very creeped out by centipedes. They make my blood cold.

They are literally so damn disgusting.
I like to binge-consume any media that immediately catches my interest. I could finish off a series in a few days give or take. Although this is a rare thing that happens --- because it's actually hard for me to get really interested in a series even though everyone else gets hyped over it.
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