Fragmented Memories

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Sep 3, 2015
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Fragmented Memories: O͏̥̮̟̜͕̥u̟̝͍t̰͇̤̣̗̀c̝̹̹̬̯͡ą̠st̖s̱̺̭̪͈ ͕̳̱̘̤̙o̬̘͎͙͖̬̪͟f̭̮̝ ̞̖̳̙̭̙T͇̫i͏̬͔m̳̝̠̣̤͟e̠̤̯̗̗̦̭


Unbeknownst to you, you have woken up to your home city in ruin, devoid of human life. To you, the day before felt completely normal, spending your day as usual. At least, what you can recall.

The coastal city you live in appears to be abandoned, surrounded by a thick and ominous fog. The buildings and malls appear worn and damaged; windows are broken, the ceilings and walls show damage as well. It rains on and off, but you will find that you often hear sounds and see what is not there; such as the sound of dripping water inside a dry, if not damaged, building, flashes of windows shattering or cars sinking in muddy water in the street that only has a few puddles.

Alone with only each other as company, you are doomed to remain stuck in this isolated nexus if you all do not uncover the truth behind the city's 'sudden' ruin. Each of you roam the city, and slowly discover the truth and reason for existing in this soulless part of the world. Pieces you find eventually come together to repair the fragmented memory of your life before you awoke.

You awaken in your room where you had laid down and slept like any other night. However, you wake up to a now decrepit and dust covered room, with water stains on the ceiling and walls. You remain unchanged, as if the world went on and you had been frozen in time.

As you sit up from your slumber, you feel a panicked urge to investigate your home and feel a sense of dread simply being there. Your first thought is to head outside and look around town to understand why everything except the clothes on your back suddenly look aged by time and left behind.

Şọ̧̼̰͉͇͎̹ ̥̫̫̲̳͡ṛ͕e͏͔̥͖͕̱͚̺a̡̤͙̼w͈̥͢a͔̣̣̤̩̬̬͞k̹̤̞̯̪én͍͓̱͉̕s̥̤ ͙̗͓̀y̵o͍̖̺u̙̥͠r͚͎͍ͅ ͕͍̜͕͈͓̖p̣̬͙̭a͡i͎͇͕͔̬͎n͓̪͚̣̺͞ͅ.̰̟͖͍̗̰̭
Mex woke up, realizing that he was on the floor rather than the comfort of his bed. Confused, he struggled to stand on his own two feet and look around. "Damn.. what the hell happen? I don't remember.. having a party.." Mex said. He investigated his home a bit further, but nowhere he went, everything had age as if time went forward but he stood still in time and space.

"What the hell.." Mex said. "I.. I need a cigarette. I probably got robbed or something." Mex said, heading outside to his favorite department store.
Stella awoke from her sleep and was disturbed to see how her room looked decrepit, with things covered in dust or had water stains. Several corners of her room were covered in cobwebs. She hurried out of her room and searched throughout her house, finding none of her family. Stella tried using her phone, but found it was no more than a brick. 

Hoping to find someone outside, she ran out the house onto the street.
As Heather kept walking she saw Stella and stopped moving.

"There's someone... But I don't know them... Uh..." She kept moving her head towards and away, body acting like a deer caught in headlights.
Mex headed to the department store. The first thing he noticed is how incredibly dense the fog was. It gave him chills down his spine -- not out of fear, but out of how odd this was. Similar to what he saw in his home, everything was worn out, as if an major event occurred. Yet, he recall no memories of anything last night. What happen in a singe night that even he couldn't remember? 

Mex continued to the department and sure enough, it was the same as the other buildings and, the other thing he noticed, not a single soul in sight. A ghost town to the truest sense of the word. He went inside and seen all the items were placed all over the floor. 

"Guess I won't be getting my smokes.." Mex said, scratching his head.
As Heather tried moving away she tripped and yelled before falling onto the cement. She pushed herself back up trying to rub off the grime and rock on her face.

"Ow... Ew ow... Oh come on!"
Stella had stared into the fog that settled between the trees of the street and hourses around her. The air felt wet and stuck to her skin. It unsettled her. 

Her trance was broken once she heard Heather fall, turning around to see her.

"Another person?..." Stella asked aloud, stepping towards Heather with caution and hesitance.
Mex walked out of the store, with few items in his hands. "Don't think they won't be missing this.." Mex opened up a bag of chips. However, dust started flying out towards his face. "Jesus, it smells like it haven't been touch in decades.." Coughing out loud.
Stella felt a pang of relief; she wasn't alone. 

"Do... you know where everybody went?" She didn't understand how there weren't even moving cars on the street they stood in. Some looked rusted or had their paint eaten away.
Mex walked down the street. The chips didn't seem edible, so he didn't bother eating them and toss them to the ground. He look at all corners from each side, but nothing. Not a single soul. He figured he gave a shout to see if there's anything in the area. Even just the sound of a cat meowing, would give him the satisfaction that some form of life was around. "HEY!" He shouted.
"Hmm, I heard voices.." Mex said. He shouted once more, to see if there's anyone truly there. "Hey! I'm out here! Can you here me!?"
"Another person. Maybe they know what happened to this place?" Stella inquires, picking up her pace and shouting back after cupping her hands around her mouth. "Heeey!" It was somewhat of a relief to know they weren't alone, and she hoped it was a benevolent person.
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