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Feel Trip


Green Jacket
Any good anime/manga for a feel trip beside the Clannad and Angel Beats? 



Black Jacket
Gangsta (bruh this made me cry so much) violence + feels
Tokyo Ghoul because everyone is always dyin
I heard Madoka Magika makes people feel the bad feel


Green Jacket
Let's not forget AnoHana and Grave of the Fireflies which make you feel like you've been hit by the feels bus.


Green Jacket
I already watch Madoka and AnoHana. I feel like killing Kyubey when watching Madoka.


Blue Jacket
I also suggest Haibane renmei as well as Kinos journey as well as Voices of a Distant Star which is also known as Hoshi no koe

The Place Promised in Our Early Days as well as 5 Centimeters Per Second and all the .hack anime series also qualify too as well as barefoot gen all of them are great for this category of anime and/or manga:)