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Sep 3, 2015
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Premise: Hundreds of Millions of people have become 'mindlessly aggressive' ever since the chemical attacks on every major US city. Countless people have been seen attacking civilians and they have only gotten stronger over the years. Over 15 years have passed since that event and now the nation is nearly engulfed by the zombie-like actions of 'The Blind Ones'. The only safe place on the nation is near Portland, Oregon; however, the entire city has been barricaded. Outside the city, safe spots are the tops of buildings and apartment. Many try to reach Portland but almost all die trying to get there. Will you be one of the lucky few to arrive in the city or become one with the Blind Ones?

General Idea: It's a basic apocalyptic zombie scenario but with a twist. I'm mixing ideas of many games and books I've read. There will be Special Zombies (Blind Ones, w/e you wanna call them) and this will be a more 'evolutionary' type of zombie apocalypse. Remember, over 15 years have past and many of the Blind Ones evolved to better suit and hunt in their environment. Cities will be engulfed by plants and people that didn't get infected will have also adapted to their environment. We'll get to that point soon.

General rules (Might change if people are interested)
  • You can submit a Special Infected but you must first run it by me. I must approve it as well. (There are currently 4 I have planned out)
  • Your character can die/wish to die (Just let me know ahead of time and I'll work something out with you.)
  • Infected will be mostly be your typical zombie but some will be slightly better adapted to the environment. (Ex: Swamp area = Zombies that can move faster in swamps than on land)
  • If you are bitten you will change into a zombie within 2 days. 
We'll try to go through all the types of climate diversities to have more fun with our zombies friends. Feel free to add some stuff of your own or PM me about it. Ask questions and see what you think about this idea. It's a pretty fresh idea so I'm excited to see what you guys might add. If you have a better name for the infected, please submit it. Hope you enjoy it!

Registration Thread HERE.
Sounds really interesting! I'll definitely voice my interest of joining. Plus, this is your first time hosting your own RPG, right?
Ok I have like 1 question for the registration (didn't want to clutter the thread in there though)

What's the difference between Craftsman class and Weapons Expert class?
Craftsman knows how to build the weapon and the Weapon Expert knows all about said weapon. However, I was actually thinking about having them be the same thing. I'm not sure. I kinda think they might be the same thing...
Um. not to be a nag. But I'm really having problems with the 15 year gap between outbreak and now. 

At 15 years in: 

~ all man made, or packaged foods (sans for freeze dried stuff that has a shelf life of 25 years, and honey which kept in air tight jars, in dark places can keep indefinitely.) would have expired, and gone by. 

~ All meds would be expired. 

~ No meds= No birth control. Humans still have sex, so there would be children. I doubt anyones gonna abstain for 15 whole years. So we're looking at potential baby booms. and with the increased need for safe places for babies to be born, more and more people would have joined up over the years and people would be building fort like communities and starting to rebuild their lives. They wouldn't be wandering around scavenging as there would be nothing to really scavenge.

So at this point: Most surviving humans would be in community groups or gangs, behind fortified walls either made or stolen. There would be babies and Kids being born, and a return to hunting and farming. 

There would be very few surviving solo more than like they'd just be traveling from community to community. 

Also. 15 years later everyone would have already made it to portland if they were going to. I mean literally it takes 7 months in wagon trains going 12 miles a day or such to reach the Pacific coast. If they were going they'd have gone. 

Personally 15 MONTHS after the outbreak seems more feasible to me. That way there would still be some unease about the whole thing, but most would have gotten some survival skills in.  
Also food and meds and what not would still be accessible.  
People would still be heading for Portland. 

IDK It just seems like 15 years is TOO LONG 

Virus's can mutate with in hours. Fifteen years of exposure to the elements and a lack of prey would kill off most of the blind as they actually need food to survive? 
Seriously are they alive or Undead? I'm not clear on that. If undead than that opens the can of worms on ROT factors. and they'd basically runn themselves out within three years at the most. (MatPat explains it best

Anywho thoughts?
I also think it's quite long. If you want a longer time for the blinders to adapt, perhaps 5 years is good too.
The reason I picked 15 years is not just for human development but the development of the Blinders/Zombies (Either is correct). Most Zombie apocalypse RPs/stories are pretty standard in the basics and mine is no different. Stay away from zombies and don't get bitten/eaten. 

I stated that the water and wildlife was not affected by the chemical, meaning that they are able to be consumed without any side effects. Catching the animals however, is something you must do. As for canned foods and whatnot, you can eat at your own risk. Either starve or eat some moldy food.

Meds are expired but I don't think anyone is using them. People can use herbs or any special home-made ointments, etc that can be made using very primitive means (Fire/water/crushed/grounded/etc) So medical assistance isn't impossible. However, even the expired meds can be used to enhanced others. We are living in a world where anything goes and no laws exist. Remember that.

I have to disagree with you about any sort of baby boom. Children in this sort of apocalypse would only be a burden. I stated that the Blinders can hear and smell very well despite not being able to see. A crying baby would give away the location of a hidden mother/family/group, making them a huge target for Blinders. Pregnant women are also a burden to others as well as themselves in this situation. This is not a RP where people will come together, hold hands, hug and kiss, and then everything will turn out okay. In a survival apocalypse, the worst of everyone is brought out, no matter how cute or tame you are. You'll see that pretty soon in the RP. In reality, people wouldn't care how nice you are, if you have something they need, they will kill you so they can further survive in the apocalypse. 

I picked 15 years because that should be more than enough time for people to hone their skills on how to survive in this apocalypse but the number of Blinders still grows because people keep falling victim to them regardless. Mistakes and accidents happen and no one is perfect; people still die and get infected. The few who are still alive only fend for themselves. Those in a group must work together to survive and feed extra mouths. In a group, however, if one person fails, the entire group can die. 

As for distance and stuff, it took people 7 years because there were open roads and no zombies trying to kill them. They people are traveling by foot (if they're lucky to find any sort of transportation) while having crazy people running loose and zombies going after them.

They don't rot, they just have a chemical in their body that seem to drive them mad and have zombie-like rage/tendencies. I just call them Blinders/zombies for an easier understanding. 

The Blinders/zombies adapted to their environment in the course of 15 years and that's me being generous. Originally I was going to put 50+ years but I realized that it would make no sense.
I think by baby boom I think she meant in the bigger shelters where people built colonies together with fences/walls and stuff (which makes it safe to have children). I agree that people can become mean and violent, but not all of them right? It's not like everyone are assholes. And in such situations people wiould start gathering together (good or bad) because it increases their chance of survival. And are you forgetting there are army men and policemen among the survivors? If they aren't dead they can help keep the safe place secure with their knowledge in the field.

With human knowledge and technology I think it's not hard to have more than one man-made safe place. If you are not going for 15 months, How about 5-10 years? I think zombies are capable of adapting after just 5, even if just one or two. I think the zombies in Left 4 Dead took only weeks to adapt so why can't these blinders? xD Since you are the GM, how adaptive these viruses are free for your imagination so it's not necessary to take that long for them to start learning to swim or climb trees.

I agree with the distant part tho. Traveling on foot takes longer time when there are zombies all around.

Though if you still insist on 15 years it's still fine by me. I have the characters ages planned out already. It's just a bit long is all.
I know that there are army men and police in the mix of survivors but keep in mind, not all will be friendly. This is a time where the true 'face' of humans are shown. I don't really believe in that whole 'people band together to make colonies' because it seems like a typical 'convenient for plot' situation. I approach things on a more down to earth view. While I can see the whole colony thing playing out in real life in some places (Trust me when I say Miami and Jacksonville isn't one of them), this will most likely not be a viable thing in large cities where there are hundreds of infected and psychos running around.

A great example of what I'm trying to explain is shown in the game "The Last of Us" It's very similar to the ideas I have in mind. In that game, almost everyone is a straight up ass and only because they want to survive since no one else will help them. (I recommend it, it's a great game) They are making a sequel where I think 15-20 years have passed and nothing has changed. The disease still roams as heavily as it did before.

In my RP, it's a dog-eat dog-world and there are no real 'friends'. You can tell how tense the characters are after 15 years and it gives them room to grow and mold into a completely different person. 

My OC, Ezra for example, wasn't this cold and serious guy. He was a loving father and husband who worked in fixing and arranging things in the storage warehouse. His life was boring and plain until the chemical attacks hit. Now, after 15 years of nearly being killed due to Blinders, humans, starvation, and nature itself, he trusts no one but himself and his skills because it's the only thing keeping him alive. He's friend with Boris because Boris can defend himself without Ezra's help. All that stuff isn't going to make anyone 'friendly and compassionate'.

Most would care less about you and the few who do care are often the ones who get killed for carelessness and foolishness in situations like this.

It's a harsh world RP. No friendship and love here. Sorry. ^_^;
And as for the year, but that won't change either. ^^;
Well, we're still hoping to have one colony in Georgia for some of our characters if that's ok. It can be the only one in the whole state if you don't want too many of those.

About the no love/friendship thing. Sounds just like ya lost all fate in humanity just because of the Last of Us though xDD . I think, by your description, that game is just showing one aspect of life. They show the bad side but that doesn't mean the good side don't exist. It's not entirely true that people won't develop any feelings for one another if they are together for a while. I agree that there are people who will become selfish and evil but you can't just say there won't be any friendship or love at all. We are still humans after all and saying that is like humans have no feelings anymore.

Oh but since there are other players aside from us, maybe we should wait for the other's opinions?
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