Dumbest shit you heard all day?

It hadn't been 24 hours yet and white supremacists and loons are going full force saying dumb shit:

"The fact that Chauvin was found guilty of this but OJ Simpson was found not guilty of deliberately murdering two people is just absolutely insane. The literal definition of systemic racism. Chauvin never would have even been charged if he was black."

When people say Dr. Gero killing someone by squeezing their neck like a balloon is not "evil enough" because, and I quote, "they're not enough because they're not evil. What humans call "evil", a robot might call "efficient". And on top of being a robot, he's also a martial artist. He has a warrior mentality, and some warriors are more brutal than others. We need to see them torturing the character for them to be evil".

Holy shit, some people are fucking weird, man.
"Journey to the West was inspired by Dragon Ball Z!"
"Goku was the original Sun Wukong!"
"Books are going out of style."
"Journey to the West is all about Sun Wukong, no one cares about, Tripitaka, Zhu Bajie, or Sha Wujing!"

Anti-vaxxers storming a building from the BBC to protest against their beliefs that the BBC promotes vaccinations...

... not knowing the BBC had relocated from that building to a different site EIGHT YEARS AGO!

It just proves to me that anti-vaxxers can't be bothered doing proper research and asking people like scientists and other people with degrees in that field whom have knowledge and experience in the subject at hand and instead prefer to do their own 'research' by simply looking for those bits of information that fits with their points/stances, and by spreading this around they are guilty of spreading misinformation.
The level of confidence, if not exhaustedly naïve at best or dumb at worst, by appealing to Eiichiro Oda in order to get your videos restored, and foolishly have the arrogance to called for a boycott over Toei Animation products lol. So many people either have the lack of knowledge nor insight of what actually fair use and copyright, that its a shame lol.

Don't use copyrighted materials in your works. Unfortunately, that's reality until (UNLIKELY) laws regarding it will change.
"Is there food?"

It's as if I'm having kids that never grow up.

6/11/2022 update: Calling someone a "Marites" like a toddler. It's like saying "Cootie head!" and running in order to avoid getting their asses kicked by the person who is right.
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