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Sep 4, 2015
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The Background:
Something was making the very fabric of reality unstable and weakening. The Kais warned the Z-Fighters of this, but not even the remodeled Shenron or Puranga could undo whatever damage was being done to the Universe. In time forms that cause massive energy radiation would cause planetary destruction due to the weakening universe. Rifts spawning items and people seemingly as altered versions of themselves sprung up at random intervals, but were at their strongest when the sun touched the horizon for wherever.

A planet was constructed within Earth's Solar System, orbiting around the sun in the meteor belt. The Kais nor a set of dragon balls were responsible for the creation of this planet. Upon investigation the Z-Fighters found an independent organization was already operating on the planet, building defenses seemingly intended for a being like a Dread Saiyan. A rift opened on the world, but nothing came out of it. It was unstable at first, but the organization revealed it was not a mere tear of reality, it was being constructed from whatever was responsible for the damage being done to the universe. Within the tear, multiple powerful ki sources were felt, but within a week it was reduced to one stronger then a Dread Saiyan. And this being was coming through the rift, given enough time.

The Now:
10 minutes left until this mysterious new opponent arrives, a collection of Z-Fighters, this mysterious organization, and independents await this opponent.

1. No God mod, one shot's are rare and only capable of being used by the Solar Saiyan against weak characters (a cockroach will not survive planetary destruction.)
2. Follow regular forum rules, no sex in RP, no excessive cursing, etc.
3. Don't make the plot too convenient.


The planet's surface was barren and dusty, the atmosphere thick, preventing light and radiation coming in from full force. The location the being was coming in from was a sort of sink hole, surrounded by four dark towers that radated dark energies. Shadow was on a lawn chair watching the sink hole.

"Any minute now, that son of a monster will be coming here." He muttered.
"So you're just going to lay there and do nothing? At least, that's what it seems like you're doing to me." Oriko was already in his draconic form, a flaming light bow ready.

"Now's not the time to argue..." Oralie muttered out as she prepared a bottle of Fallen Angel tears.
((Let me know if you're waiting for my post. I'm gonna have my characters jump in during the story for this one!!))
(I've updated Shadow's personality and items, along with Solaris' personality so the two won't be as boring as you would've thought from the character sheets. Up to you if you want to look though.)

Shadow pulled out a dice and threw it on the ground, bouncing a few times until landing on a one.

"I suppose I might as well get ready." He said nonchalantly. He got up and kicked the lawn chair away, pulling out his sin sword before walking over and collecting the dice on the ground.

"Anyone want to pick a card before Solaris gets here? It'll be a funny story if you died testing your luck while the fate of the universe hangs in the balance." He said jokingly. It was then the powerful ki source came through the wormhole, it collapsing right after he exited.

"I smell darkness. And it's more then just Shadow over there." The powerful being, revealed to be Solaris said. He was flying just above the crater, surrounded by a Super Saiyan's aura. His power seemed severely decreased then from earlier.
"So we're supposed to fight you? It seems all too easy. Though I know from my time in this universe that not everything is what it looks like.. Whatever! First move goes to --" He flew at Solaris, kicking him smack in the face. "ME!"

"Whoever that is senses my Demonic energy somehow... I should keep my Fallen Angel form a secret until later.." Oralie thought as she ran around Solaris, shooting multiple demonic arrows at him.
Solaris was knocked back from the kick and yelled in pain from the arrows.

"Now, I'm fighting seriously." He said as his armor turned blue-white and his power increased to Dread Saiyan. He prepared what seemed to be a ki blast of some unknown energy, trailing in on Oriko at a fast speed.
"What the..?" Oriko tried to dodge Solaris' attack, but was hit at the last second, causing him to go flying back.

"Oriko!!" Oralie cried out. "You bastard...!" She pulled out her bottle of fallen angel tears and immediately took a sip, the demon/fallen angel hybrid glowing as she transformed into her full power fallen angel state. "You'll pay for that!" she shot more arrows, which were incredibly stronger than before her transformation.
Solaris fired several more ki-like balls of the energy at the arrows, attempting to deflect them but missed some as they hit him and his armor.

"Or-i-ko? Is that you? ORIKO!" Solaris replied.
Oriko gritted his teeth as he got up, cracking his neck as he walked forward.

"I don't particularly remember who you are, but it sounds like you hate me." Rubble fell from the remains of a structure Oriko collided with as he talked. "As such, it gives me incentive to stop you!" When the last bit of rubble hit the ground, he suddenly burst into insane speeds as he delivered a swift punch to Solaris' face followed with a close-range light blast into his stomach. Oralie also shot some light blasts at Solaris.
Solaris coughed up a bit of blood from the punch but created some sort of barrier to prevent the light shots.

"You, you are one of those my masters warned me to eliminate... Please, hear me out..." Solaris said pathetically.
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