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Yes, we had discussed that this rp will have Mystic saiyan as the max (which would include legendary mystic if im correct)


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That's what I'm concerned about too. Just want to make sure the level of power here is recognized.


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Yes, i wanna be sure we get everything squared away before we start the rp.
I was hoping to start up sometime on Friday, for a heads up.


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Oriko's Timeline ----
Name: Oriko Hikamura

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Angel (or to be specific, a reincarnated angel/god)

Appearance: Wears jeans and a black polo with plain white tennis shoes when not in battle. Wears white angelic battle armor lined with gold when in a confrontation. He has blue eyes. When utilizing his power, a blue flame streaks out of his left eye and a halo appears over his head. The God Fragment in his chest also glows. He one angel wing and one demon wing for flight.

Personality: A funny guy, Oriko likes to keep things lighthearted. Although, when things get serious, he'll drop the act and get ready to fight. He will also do reckless things when those he cares about are in danger.

Abilities/Weapons: Oriko can utilize various weapons using the light and demonic energy available to him. He primarily utilizes a demonic spear and sword as well as a light bow and shield. He also has the ability to open a portal to heaven, though that only works within his home universe. He also has access to a draconic form, though for the purposes of this RP (with the power limit being Mystic Saiyan), he won't have access to it.  

Description about their life and where they come from: Oriko hails from a universe separate to that of the Z-Fighters. His life started as that of a normal human being. One day, however, that all changed when he was suddenly impaled in the chest by a spear made of... Light?! When Oriko woke up, he found out that he was one of possibly a few humans that could utilize the power of the "Christian God", who had mysteriously died several hundred years ago. As the new leader of the angels, he fights the demonic forces led by Lucifer with his partner and "Guardian Angel", Maki Tamazaki.

Name: Maki Tamazaki

Age: Looks 17

Gender: Female

Species: Angel/Fallen Angel

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, fairly built, wears angel armor that is white lined with gold. When in her fallen angel state, her hair turns grey, eyes turn red and her armor inverses the color palette. She has one pair of angel wings which look like white, feathery wings, and one pair of Fallen Angel wings which look like crow wings.

Personality: She is polite, coming to trust most people she meets as long as they don't emit demonic or dark energy (a small exception in the form of her daughter, Oralie Vincent). Like every other angel, however, she has a failsafe built into her naturally that causes her to think irrationally when their leader, God (or Oriko, in this case), is in trouble or nearing death. Said failsafe has resulted in her "falling" from grace, turning her into a Fallen Angel.

Various light based attacks -- Maki, like most other angels, has control over light energy. Her skill with his energy is rivaled (in Heaven) by none, not even Oriko. It deals a great amount of damage to demons and can revert Fallen Angels to their former self.

The Floodgates of Heaven -- Maki will summon a giant gate behind her, the gate opening to release a flood of light energy. This is very taxing on Maki, and she rarely uses it.

Various darkness based attacks -- Unlike other Angels, Maki, due to her status as part-Fallen Angel, has access to the powers of darkness. Her mastery with this energy is not as high as her mastery over light, but she is still a dangerous opponent with it. These attacks will slowly increase her chances of turning into a Fallen Angel. Deals extra damage to Angels and other beings based off the Angel Archetype.

Hell's Calling -- Maki will force open a hole in space-time that will suck opponents in. However, this requires a GREAT amount of energy, and can even suck her in. Thus, she only uses it as a Fallen Angel (where she doesn't have rational thinking).
(Like Oriko's Draconic state, for the purposes of this RP, this ability/weapon won't be used due to the Mystic Saiyan power limit)
Fallen Angel State -- If Maki utilizes the power of darkness and demonic energy for too long, she will fall from Grace and turn into a Fallen Angel. In this state, she gains a MASSIVE amount of power but sacrifices her sanity in the process, causing her to attack anyone that's not a Fallen Angel or Demon. Multiple hits from a light-based weapon or attack will bring her out of this state. (Like Oriko's Draconic state, for the purposes of this RP, this ability/weapon won't be used due to the Mystic Saiyan power limit)

Portal to Heaven: Maki can open a portal to Heaven.

Portal to Hell: Utilizing her Demonic Energy, Maki can open a portal to Hell.

Angelbane -- The ultimate form of Light's Bane, it temporarily turns the Light's Bane from a longsword (or shortsword in her Angel state) into a bulky greatsword. A great amount of demonic energy flows out of the sword. If Maki is still in her Angel state, using this sword will GREATLY increase her chances of turning into a Fallen Angel. It also gets rid of her ability to dual wield and weighs her down heavily.  (Like Oriko's Draconic state, for the purposes of this RP, this ability/weapon won't be used due to the Mystic Saiyan power limit)

Flight -- Maki can utilize her wings -- one pair of Angel wings and one pair of Fallen Angel wings -- to fly.

Light-based healing -- Heals non-demons, hurts demons. This ability can also be used to bring a Fallen Angel back to the light and revert to an Angel.

Shadow Hands -- Maki can summon darkness-based hands to hold down an opponent. It will deal damage if the enemy is an Angel or is based off the Angel Archetype.

Moonlit Guardian: Maki's longsword (shortsword as a Fallen Angel) representing light. This sword is her primary weapon as an Angel and her secondary weapon as a Fallen Angel.

Light's Bane, Tribute of Dismay -- Maki's shortsword (longsword as a Fallen Angel) representing Darkness. This sword has an alternate greatsword mode named Angelbane. This is her primary weapon as a Fallen Angel and her secondary weapon as an Angel.

Description about their life and where they come from:
Maki was the scientist that led the Resurrection G effort, a project to ascend a human being to godhood using the very essence of the late Christian God. The one person they have found to be compatible was Oriko Hikamura. When they brought him up to Heaven, she was the one to insert the essence in his body (which replaced his heart) and explain to him what happened. She now goes with him to fight demons and is in love with him. During one of the demon hunting sessions, Oriko's nemesis, Lucifer, killed him by sucking in the God Essence into his sword, the Kamikira. A desperate Maki brought him to Heaven where she inserted another fragment of the essence into his body. The gambit worked, but at the cost of Maki falling from grace.

After Maki turned into a Fallen Angel, she was cast off to Hell where she had a child with Lucifer, who was named Oralie Vincent to protect her from their enemies. Oriko later fought his way through Hell and confronted Lucifer and Maki. Lucifer, seeing no need for Maki, let her fight Oriko, thinking that she couldn't be brought back. However, Oriko discovered that hitting her with a light-based attack started to bring her back, so he continuously barraged her with light-based attacks, eventually bringing her back to her senses. It was during this bit that she obtained the Light's Bane and her ability to access darkness-based attacks and demonic energy.

Cell timeline --

Name: Hariku Falcon

Age: ??? (billions of years old for OOC purposes)

Gender: Male

Species: ??? (Ragnarokian for OOC purposes)

Appearance: Mushroom-shaped black hair, blue eyes, 5'9" and 206 lb. 6'3" and 243 lb. in his first form, 6'8" and 300 lb. in his second form and 7'4" and 356 lb. in his third form. He wears a blue gi with bandage wrappings around his hands.

Personality: Hariku tends to try to not nose his way into some situations, though he does keep watch. 

Abilities/Weapons: Hariku has three forms, all of which give him more and more bulk and height. In his base form, Hariku isn't much unlike an average human being, a very fragile person with next to no strength. In his first form, he has power comparable to that of Goku in the Saiyan Saga. His second form has him being comparable to an SSJ2. His seldom-used third form gives him the strength of an SSJ4, nearing that of an SSJ5. However, Hariku rarely uses his third form, as it causes him to slowly lose his sanity. He also carries a briefcase with him that contains most objects known in the universe.

He can also utilize ki energy, his main attacks being the Big Bang Attack and Kamehameha. While it seems like his forms are a result of ki energy, they aren't... (Again, for OOC purposes, it's Ragnarokian energy). Hariku can also fly.

Description about their life and where they come from: Haribu doesn't know much about his past. All he knows is that he was created by the Christian God and raised like his son. In his early years, he lived with humanity, conducting experiments while fending off a few threats to villages. His first test, however, came with the appearance of an entity named Janblew, whom he struggled to fend off. However, an amulet given to him by his deceased wife allowed him to tap into a power source he never knew he had, allowing him to access his first form. With this power, he was able to kill Janblew and save humanity with the help of the Z-Fighters, who had ended up in his time.

Mystic Saiyan Timeline --

Name: Haribu

Age: ??? (oldest fusee is billions of years old for OOC purpose, fusion age is 15.)

Gender: Male 

Species: Saiyan/??? (Saiyan/Ragnarokian for OOC purposes)

Appearance: Wears a black coat with jeans and white sneakers as well as a few sets of potara earrings. Has black hair and blue eyes. 

Personality: Haribu helps others out when he can, trying to use his power in a way other than fighting at times. However, when the time comes, he does aid the Z-Fighters in their struggle to keep the universe peaceful. 

Haribu, just like his fusees, utilizes ki energy (and Ragnarokian energy to a severely limited extent. That is, limited to the point of where he doesn't notice, as do the people around him). His main attacks are the same as Hariku's, but instead of Hariku's forms, Haribu utilizes the Super Saiyan forms that the now-unknown Saiyan fusee had utilized, SSJ 1-5. Haribu can also fly and has knowledge in martial arts.

Description about their life and where they come from: Haribu is a fusion of fusions, a result of an experiment from Hariku where many clones of him and a Saiyan escaped, forcing him to fuse with them (as he refused to kill them). The result was Haribu, who ended up being not too much more powerful than the first set of fusions. With access to the Super Saiyan Forms, Haribu now has a way to channel the energy of Hariku without going crazy. He has engaged in many fights with the Z-Fighters against threats to the universe over the years.


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Hariku and Haribu are accepted!
I would just like to point out, Oriko and Maki will be considered time travelers and i would like to know what timeline they will be traveling to out of the four. And I noticed this little word error isn the first post just now where i meant to put "bring them in as time travelers AND tell me what timeline they're from"
I apologize for the confusion :sweats:

So if you could tell me what timelines out of the four Oriko and Maki will travel to, then i will gladly accept them!


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They will both be traveling to the Mystic Saiyan Timeline.
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