DBZ: Anomalous Past for the Future

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Universe 912, more commonly known as Brachi's universe, contains some of the most diverse planets in the southernmost part of the North Quadrant. These range from a planet which is so geologically unstable that rocks literally RIP themselves from the surface, a nearby moon whose landmasses LITERALLY float in the air, to a planet which can be considered a vegetarian's delight or worst nightmare, a planet which specializes in various kinds of robotic lifeforms and much, much more... but there was one planet which could in a way be the ideal setting for a horror story...

This planet, known as Gyges, is the home to the largest mass of organic creatures ever seen, with a population of slimy creatures and containing vessels and battleships based on organic parts, in particular the mouth and ears, but primarily the eyes... one of the main battleships is a giant eye-shaped sphere which shoots bolts of deadly lightning towards its intended target. For the rest, Gyges boasts some rather wonderfully seedy nightclubs and is only rivaled in despair and general piracy to Torm, with a special creature within the planet making quite the lucrative deals to those he trusts, although he often violates the intergalactic law with his enterprises, but so far none of the police have been able to arrest the entire planet.

The planet itself also appeared to bear the sight of a vicious battle going on, as wreckages of various battleships are lying across the dark surface, or have otherwise fallen into the dark pits. Suddenly, there was a titanic explosion as what appeared to be a massive ship was obliterated close to the planet's surface. But the explosions didn't stop there... the destruction of the ship caused a massive power surge to build up within the planet, which was seen in an ongoing chain-reaction of explosions which rapidly spread all across the planet, causing chaos and destruction everywhere as more and more of the planet became affected. The sudden turmoil caused any resident space fleets nearby to break formation and escape the ongoing chaos as more and more explosions erupt all across the planet, destroying buildings and anything around it, until the planet itself was unable to handle the ongoing violence...

With a titanic explosion, the planet Gyges was completely obliterated as the planet's core was eventually breached by the ongoing chain reaction of explosions. The fragments of the planets spread out into open space, with the smaller fragments burning into nothingness, while the larger chunks of the planets were cooling off and converting into useless rocks... 

Among the now floating rocks of what was formerly the planet Gyges, there was something else floating among them... it was a warship based of Martian origin. Despite looking mostly intact when it comes to weapon systems, the ship itself was very badly damaged and barely functional, running only on low impulse speed... but it didn't have much crew on it as of now... most of them were out cold, while those who were conscious tried their best to keep the ship together and repairing what could be fixed on the internal systems to prevent a potential warp core breach. But the vast majority of the crew were Martian... and only two of the crew were humanoid...

The last thing that the ship was able to broadcast before its communications systems were taken off in favor of life support was an emergency call to any nearby allied warship of any sort, informing them about the disaster which occured on Gyges...
"Miss Maki, we've intercepted a distress call from a Martian Ship in Universe ZF2." An angel reported to the Angel/Fallen Angel hybrid in the Throne of Heaven.

"The home of some of the Z-Fighters? What's going on there?" Maki questioned the angel.

"Well, we can't fully determine what happened, but we believe that a planet called 'Gyges' has detonated, and earlier reports suggest that the Z-Fighters were on said planet when it detonated. We don't know how bad the damage is or if there are other ships in the area, but we advise.."

"Going out there and checking it out. Oriko is busy in ZF1, so I'll have to check it out myself. I get it. Is there anything else?" Maki interrupted and questioned the angel.

"Well, there's a visitor here.." The angel spoke.

"And? What about this visitor? We get plenty of them everyday." Maki spoke as the angel replied.

"She's a demon -- and she's claiming to be your daughter." The angel shivered slightly as Maki walked by.

"Inform Michael that I'm leaving and that he's in charge for now. I have a few things to deal with before I depart for ZF2." She walked over to the lift and selected the ground floor, where the portals were.


Oralie held her hands up as a horde of guards surrounded her, pointing spears and swords at her.

"You're lucky there was someone here to deliver the message, otherwise we would have stuck a blade through your stomach already, demon scum." One of the guards spat next to her foot, showing his distaste for her kind.

"Mister, please.. I mean no harm... I just want to see my mother...." Oralie spoke softly.

"There's no way that Miss Maki would give birth to a freak like you!" Another guard snapped back.
The resident Martians whom were conscious have dragged their unconscious comrades, including their two humanoid allies, to the Sickbay for immediate medical treatment, of which the male let out a groan, indicating that he was close to regaining consciousness.

The Martian helm in the meantime moved the ship in a position where it was partially hidden by, yet out of collission danger from the debris of what was once the organic planet known as Gyges. While the ship's most vital systems, such as life support, medical and the engines were still functional or being repaired, its Cloaking Device was fried, the Weapons were off-line and the shield was barely holding together as it is. The Martian opted to use as little power as possible, using the engines to at least keep the ship stable and not become adrift like the planet's debris and whatever else remained of any other vessels which were around at the time, some debris of those vessels indicated that those belonged to the infamous Planet Trade Organization.

As much as said Organization laid in shambles, there were still members around whom tried to reorganize and resupervise its entire structure and regroup to take back what was rightfully theirs, fighting off rebels and groups whom had either split off or defected altogether in the process. Then again, with the organization as a whole spanning across hundreds of planets, it was only logical that there was still a decent contingent of soldiers around whom were still fiercely loyal to their deceased Arcrosian leaders and continued down the path which their leaders took, doing what they believed to be their duty as ordered by them without a second thought.
When Maki arrived at the ground floor, she noticed the mob surrounding Oralie. She quickly rushed over to the group and yelled out.

"What are you doing?!"

"But, my Lady! This person is a--"

"A guest! Use common sense! Would a hostile demon EVER be insane enough to come here?" Her hair flickered a bit between blonde and grey, a mixture of angelic and demonic energy flowing out of her. The guards backed away.

"M--my apologies... We'll be g-getting back to our posts, now.." The guards scattered away quickly as they returned to their designated positions, and Maki sighed as she took a few breaths in and out to calm herself down.

"Thank you... Mother..." Oralie bowed to show respect, but Maki just stood there, confused.

"Now wait, I know you're using that facade to get here, but don't worry, you aren't going to get minced by the guards. Now tell me, why are you here?" Maki held out her hand as she smiled.

"Because I'm looking for you, Mother." Oralie held Maki's hand, and she felt it. The moment she gave birth, saw her grew up quickly.. When she was a Fallen Angel.

"B-but if I'm your mother, then who's your..." She shivered a little bit at the thought, but covered her mouth when Oralie whispered into her ear.

"My father... Is the Prince of Hell." She spoke. Right then, she was dragged by Maki over to her ship, where she would warp to ZF2.

"W-what are you doing?" Oralie asked Maki.

"I'm taking you with me." Maki replied.
Future Xenest groaned as he woke up, several of his old scars having opened back up and bleeding, although it wasn't as bad as during the climatic battles against the Evil Vegetto Jr.

"I see you have awakened." A Martian said, having remained in the medical facility.

Future Xenest looked at the Martian. The Martians were huge, rounded bulks, larger than a bear, glistening like wet leather. Its lipless mouth quivered and slavered and snake-like tentacles writhed as the body heaved and pulsated. Despite such a primitive, octopus-like appearance, the Martians were highly intelligent and possessed technology far more advanced then Earth's in comparison.

"What's happened? And what's the status?" Future Xenest asked.

"The Planet Gyges has been destroyed because of the massive power surge. Our ship is still holding together, but is very badly damaged. We cannot use its weapons, its cloaking device or its warp engines. We only have limited shields and impulse engines functioning and have taken other systems off-line to conserve power for life support and other systems that require immediate power. We are doing our best to repair the damage done to the ship, even if it is to temporarily reroute the power conduits to have the ship's basic defenses back online if we are to limp back towards Lunei. We have sent out an emergency broadcast before we had to shut down our communications, but we received a telepathic message from one of the Strike Fleet commanders whom remained in orbit of Savara. They have sent a Heavy Battle Cruiser with its escorts to come and tow us back home." The Martian replied.

"What about the others?" Future Xenest asked.

"We managed to bail you and your wife out in time, but lost contact with our other allies as the power surge commenced. We're using whatever power we can distribute to the Sensors to scan the area for any lifesigns, but it is very likely that they all have perished, either during the chain-reaction of explosions or when the planet itself was destroyed." The Martian said.

Future Xenest gritted his teeth as bitter tears ran down his eyes. He couldn't blame the Martians for the monotonous delivery of the message, but it was all too clear nonetheless. Getting a hold of himself, Future Xenest took a deep breath.

"Do what you must to repair the most vital systems of the ship so we can at least move properly as well as bringing its basic systems back online. Our survival is paramount right now and we cannot afford anymore hostile attacks." Future Xenest said.

"Message understood. The Heavy Battle Cruiser and its escorts should arrive within the next half hour, they have crews ready to aid in repairs and treating the wounded. Communications should be back up fairly shortly once the rerouting of the basic power plant is successful. I cannot make any promises on the shields, but perhaps we can at least bring one or two Heat-Ray Generators back online in case of an emergency." The Martian replied.

"Very well. Whoever designed this vessel was very wise to install such back-up generators." Future Xenest said.

"Indeed. We'll see to it that this vessel, once arrived at Lunei, will be refitted with additional back-up generators in case such a disaster occurs again." The Martian replied.

"Right. Now, I must ask you to go to your post and continue your duties; I'd like to be alone with my wife." Future Xenest said.

"Complying." The Martian said as it turned to leave, leaving Future Xenest alone with his wife as the automated machinery of the medical wing continued to treat his wounds, leaving Future Xenest to contemplate what has happened.
Maki's ship warped in the space of the former Gyges, her scanners looking for any signs of the ship that sent the distress signal.

"So you don't.. hate me?" Oralie asked her mother. "Even though I'm the daughter of--" She bent her head down and sighed. However, her head was patted by Maki, who smiled.

"It doesn't matter who your father is. As long as you're here, then I'm willing to accept you, since you did obviously run away." This caused Oralie to smile in return as she embraced her mother.
Future Xenest moved to his wife, who laid still unconscious on the medical bed, being treated by the automated machinery which stopped the bleeding, desinfecting and stitching the worst injuries and ensuring that scars would not remain. Future Xenest stroked his wife's cheek sadly, wondering what their counterparts back in their time would say when they'd hear about this.

"Xenest, are you available?" A Martian then asked through the communicator.

"What is it?" Future Xenest asked.

"Our scanners, as weak as they are at the time, have detected a vessel of unknown origin having appeared in orbit of the remains of the planet Gyges. We are not sure whether they are also responding to our distress call or whether they are passing by to investigate the planet's remains." The Martian said.

"Right. What's the status on the communications systems?" Xenest asked.

"We can divert a bit of power from the engines to bring them online; it should be able to function stable enough to send out messages clearly." The Martian said.

"Good. Hail the vessel and see what their intentions are. We cannot afford any conflicts at this time, so we have to be sure what they're after and what they can offer in case they want to assist us, that is if they do have responded to our distress signal." Future Xenest said.

"Message understood." The Martian replied.

The Martian then turned to its comrade, who then responded by bringing down what appeared to be a device modeled after headphones, apparently a design needed for Martians to communicate with their comrades, allies and other beings off-planet...

"The communications channel is open." A third Martian said, having opened communications with Maki's ship.

"This is the Acting Captain of the starship Tenochi-01, state your name and purpose for being here." The Martian Captain said.
"This is Maki Tamazaki. I am here responding to a distress call and also checking to see if the Z-Fighters are ok. If you have any of them on the ship, I'm Oriko Hikamura's personal assistant. They should know him from the fight with the demon named Ruthas." Maki responded from her own communicator. Unlike the Martians' device, which used a headset of sorts, everything was built into her control panel, which allowed for easy access.
"We currently have only two of them on board of this vessel; all of the others are either missing or killed during the chain-reaction of explosions caused by the massive power surge which detonated this planet. We're trying to run investigations, but we cannot make any progress as most of our systems are badly damaged or in repairs. We're already expecting a strike group of allied ships to aid with the repairs, but if you can be of any assistance, it is more than welcome. Our transporters are off-line however, so you would need to use either a shuttlecraft or a teleportation device of your own to beam yourself onboard our vessel. That way you will also be able to assess the damage. Most of us, including our two allies, are in need of medical assistance." The Martian replied.
A large thunk could be heard on the top of the Martain Warship. A voice came into the mind of a Martian.

This is Atama, an emmisary of the Meeting of the Dark. I request entrance into your ship in order to learn what I can about this planet's destruction. I am an ally of the ally of the Z-Fighters.
Atama slipped into the shuttlebay. He was a ten foot tall man, heavily muscular, with pale skin. Black and grey wings were on his back, of an impressive wing span of twelve foot. His clothing was a black coat, pants, and silver boots. A katana was in a sheath, of similair propotions.
Maki guided her ship next to the Tenochi-01, "anchoring" to it to keep her ship in place.

"Come on. Let's go meet these people." Maki held out her hand, which Oralie grabbed. The two then teleported into the ship.
A Martian arrived to greet them within the shuttlebay.

"Welcome to the Tenochi-01, flagship of the Earthling-Martian Alliance. Follow me to the Medical Facility where you'll meet the remaining Z-Fighters, who will inform you of the situation." It said as the Martian then moved to the Sickbay.

As the Martian guided the small group towards the Sickbay Area, the guests would notice that the Martian crew whom were capable of working at the time were using their minds to work, using telepathic and telekinetic commands to control their systems to reconstruct and repair others, running tests with backup generators to ensure the most vital systems are working properly in order to ensure the ship would be capable of maintaining life-support, movement, some form of defense and being able to send out and receive messages in accordance to the necessity. Multiple Martians were working to repair the primary engines, an advanced type of Cyclic Depletion Generators which relied on a type of mineral-type crystal known as Dilithium instead of the older version which relied on Heavy Elements.

Although the Heavy Elements Engines were giving the Martians enough power to distribute to their machines efficiently, these engines were also very volatile and were placed in indestructible casings, which remained intact even after a Martian Machine was destroyed; if the casing was breached in a way, it would release a deadly radiation which rendered an area inhabitable for a undefined period of time and killing whatever was living in that area. The change to use Dilithium Crystals instead of the Heavy Elements proved to be very efficient; not only was it more environmental friendly, it also allowed more power to be distributed to the systems overall, due to the Crystals being safe regulators of matter-antimatter reactions.

Maki, Oralie and Atama would see the Martians replacing the drained Dilithium Crystals with fresh ones they held in stock as back-ups, while the engines themselves were still being repaired. The Impulse Engines were at least stable enough to be used, the Warp Engines still required some repairs, which the Martians were working on with the best of their capabilities, using either their telepathic or telekinetic prowess or being aided by automated machinery which they commonly used to complete specific tasks for them. Everything looked quite foreign technology-wise as the Martian continued to lead them to the Sickbay.
"What? Do you have a problem with it? You know, any other angel would have tried to strike you down for that." Maki responded to Atama. "I'm not complaining about you 'reeking' of darkness now, am I?"

Oralie simply kept to herself. She disliked arguments.

(Note that in her Demon (normal) form, she does NOT have access to light energy. She has yet to even access her Fallen Angel form.)
The Martian led them into the sickbay, where Future Xenest was standing next to Future Brachi, who still laid motionless on her bed, but from careful observing as well as watching the monitors, they would see that her functions were stabilizing and that Future Brachi was still unconscious.

"I officially welcome you on board of this warship. I apologize for the state the ship is in at the moment, but we've had a catastrophe which has fargoing consequences. If you have composed yourself, I will continue." Future Xenest said.

Future Xenest himself looked perfectly like the Xenest of the very timeline Atama, Maki and Oralie are in, but the striking difference was that Future Xenest walked around barechested and has scars spread all over his body from past battles, each of them carrying a story of horrors untold.
Future Xenest nodded, before looking at Maki and Oralie, wanting to hear their input as well, being serious.

"Good, as this crisis has gone out of hand. I will explain everything in a moment." He said to Atama.
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