Coast of Cleo

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Sep 3, 2015

The Coast of Cleo is an rest area for tourists and warriors who are visiting Shina Ania. They have a wide range of goodies, foods and luxury items for traveler to take home. There are plenty of guards that warn of being weary of self-care, to avoid infection of the disease. They warn people from staying away from the Forest of Memphis. There had been plenty of reports of "missing women" in Forest of Memphis.

There are several stores that provided weapons and armors to warriors. All weaponry are craft in pure gold and fine jewelry, so they are often sought for.

They also have rest areas such as Motels and diners. It recommended to take advantage of these places before traveling, as Shina Ania is huge. You can also request transportation, using the Pegasus System. This allows travelers to ride in specialized carriage, powered by Pegasuses. 

It said that the name of the Coast, was after the 7th King of Shina, Cleo, the first female ruler of Shina Ania. Although her lifetime was shorten due to the outbreak of the disease, the coast continues to honor her grace.
(Mecha Samurai, Blazrin and Eleanor arrived in Coast of Cleo)

"Alright, this is your stop." The Captain said as the ferry arrived on the port. There were plenty of different people gathering around. Even monsters can be seen interacting with the town-folk. "Now, get that prison filth off of Candice. She doesn't need stains on her, considering she got a paint job." 

"Thank you for taking us to this place, captain. We should send the payments to your account at the end of this mission." Mecha Samurai said after he gotten off the ferry. "The mission is located at the Forest of Memphis. It's not far from here if we paced ourselves."
Eleanor stood up from her seat while gripping her head. She glared at the Captain and promptly made a rude gesture with her free hand as she stepped off. "Can it, old man! Be grateful I didn't give the whole deck a fresh coat of barf!"

"Do we have to get on that exact ferry again on the way back? If I have to be seasick again, I would rather it be on a boat where the Captain isn't a grumpy old geezer like that! I'd rather we not sail at all..."
"Ah, don't worry so much about it, Elilinor." Blazrin chuckled. "Maybe you'll sleep through the next ride like a baby or toss chunks across the ocean! However, I don't think it would be wise to dirty the waters here in Shina Ania..." 

Blazrin looked back at the ocean and leaned in to whisper to Eleanor and Mecha. He pointed warily to the ocean.

"I heard a ton of rumors talkin' about a beautiful mermaid who drowns anyone that dirty the waters of Shina Ania." Blazrin shivered slightly. "Rumor has it that she owns a huge sea monster and feeds him all of her victims or anyone foolish enough to hunt for her. The people of Shina Ania both fear and appreciate her. We should be careful around these waters... Y-You know! Just in case!"
"What you say!?" The captain said. "Damn prison brat..." As he turned around and proceed to leave the area.

"Hmm, I heard the rumors about a mysterious mermaid. Whether it's true, shouldn't be our main concern. Let's continue to push forward and complete this mission. Before anything, there's a shop ahead where the one who requested to do this mission will be present. It should take about 10 minutes. In the mean time, take this to catch some fresh air and stock up some supplies." Mecha Samurai gave each of them plenty of coins. "This should be enough, yes?" Mecha Samurai went towards the Accessory Shop and walked inside.
"The ocean's full of fish piss anyway. The seagulls probably wouldn't complain about the extra food in the water." Eleanor rolled her eyes dismissively. "I could care less about some frilly fish lady though. Wonder what I could get in the shops around here... definitely not food for now... no harm in finding out, I s'pose."
"We ain't doing no girly shoppin' Elilinor! We're here for some crazy mission." Blazrin pointed a large axe in a random direction. He then turned to Mecha Samurai with an unsure face. "Errr... where do we go now Mecha? This place is huge and I wanna get started already!"

He watched as Mecha gave him coins and walk off. He frowned slightly and decided to stick with Eleanor until Mecha got back. He placed the coins in his pocket and chuckled.

"I can't wait to get into a real fight! Maybe if I show you my awesome moves you'll give me a sweet kiss, huh?" Blazrin pointed at his cheek and leaned to Eleanor.
Mecha Samurai entered the shop. It was filled with weapons. Most of the them are coated in pure gold or fancy minerals. Yet, despite the high class material, they were offered at a steady price. Some were practically free.

"Ah! You must be from the Clan of Swords, right?" One of the man waved to signal Mecha Samurai.

"Yes. I'm from the Clan of Swords. We're here to tackle this mission of yours. A problem with the mysterious kidnappings of women, right?" Mecha Samurai asked.

"Yes... there seems to be plenty of disappearance of women. One of them happen to be my little girl. The King tried to do the task himself, but all of us rejected such ideas. Even monsters protest that the King should remained for his own safety. However, no matter who we sent, none of them came back..." The man turned to the machine. "Please, I will pay you with everything I have. Save my daughter!"

Mecha Samurai stared at the man. The man's face was drown out by sorrow. "Well, this should be a reason mission. I can ensure the safety of your daughter and other women, will be returned by the end of this day. Any leads?"

"The Forest of the Memphis... there's a cult." The man said. "They're called the Watchers, the stain of our society. They worship some god and reject the King's authority. Be careful, the Watchers contained some very powerful magic..." 

"Noted." Mecha Samurai said.
"The only kiss you're getting is from the tip of my blades, buddy." Eleanor retorted. "Besides, you aren't my type. You can't just go around asking for kisses from the ladies either!"

Without waiting for a reply, she took a look at what was available. "Hm, I don't know if I'd need any more weapons..."
"Hmph... what you need is a better attitude. " Blazrin pouted like a little child. "But I guess a bit of shopping won't hurt, right?"

Blazrin looked around the shops to see if he liked something. Nothing really got his attention until he saw a wand. He frowned slightly and only thought of his older brother. He sighed and rubbed the back of his head, thinking back at his childhood. He counted the gold that Mecha gave him and noticed that he had just enough to buy it.

"Maybe big bro would like it..." He said to himself. "I should buy this in case I ever see him..."

Blazrin quickly snuck away from Eleanor and looked at the beautiful wand fit for a powerful mage or wizard. He looked at the store owner and tried to bargain with him.

"S'cuse me, how much for the nice wand?"
"A wand? Doesn't seem to be a good fit for you sir..." The store clerk said. He bashing off of Blazrin's appearance. A wand? It's like having a elf carrying a buster sword. In his mind, it just does not looked right. "How about these golden sword for your pleasure? Maybe an diamond axe?"
"Listen buddy, it's not for me, it's for my brother." He said annoyed. Blazrin looked around and tried to lower his voice a bit. "Listen, how about we make a deal? See that pretty lady?" He pointed at Eleanor. "If you give me this wand for free I'll convince her to give you a little kiss."

Blazrin nudged the man.

"She's a spicy one but I'm sure a man like you will win her charm! Wha'daya say buddy?"
The store clerk rubbed his chin. "A kiss huh?" He turned to Eleanor. "I don't know. How about you actually get her to kiss me, then I'll give you the wand. Otherwise, how would I know you won't just run off after giving you the wand?" Store clerk smirked.
You little shit! I have to think my way out of this and quick...Eleanor thought to herself with a visible scowl on her face.

"Sure, I'll give you a kiss. But you have to close your eyes." She said with a smirk.
"You heard the lady!" Blazrin sweated. "Close them peepers and you'll be seeing stars from the lips of a beautiful angel!"

Blazrin backed away from Eleanor and the man. 

Elilinor is gonna kill me... Gotta run as soon as I get that wand. Blazrin thought to himself.
"Oh. I didn't think you were actually serious about that." The store clerk said. "But I have to turned down your offer. I'm not into chicks." He began chuckling. "So, that'll be 100 G please." He gave out a smug smirk.
"Is that so? Good to know I don't have to waste perfectly good fish on those crusty lips of yours then," Eleanor said with a smirk jerking her chin over to a nearby fisherman's stand. "Now..." Immediately, she reached into her bag and pulled out one of her kukri knives, turning to aim it towards Blazrin.

" him up so we can ditch this popsicle stand, ya bastard!" She threatened with a menacing sneer. "Otherwise, you're gonna regret the ride back!"
"B-But I don't have enough money..!" Blazrin sweated. "I didn't want to ask you so I thought maybe I can bribe the guy..?"

Blazrin offered a very nervous smile and tried to explain the best he could to Eleanor.

"But hey! I said you're a pretty lady! Beautiful even! Surely you can leave me off the hook just this once right? Elilinor, I need to borrow some of your gold please! I need to get this wand for my big bro!" Blazrin tried to think of something to convince Eleanor to help him. "Ehh... if you help me out I'll...errmm... I'll buy you dinner!"
"Well, how about you give me a kiss, then maybe, I might reconsider, big boy?" Store Clerk blew an air kiss to Blazrin. "Otherwise, get out of this store. You're holding up the line."
"Buy me two dinners, and you won't have to humiliate yourself in front of me," Eleanor said to Blazrin. She struck a hard bargain. "Actually, I want three. Otherwise, pucker up."
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