Cindy of Symphony

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Sep 3, 2015
[align=center]Cindy of Symphony

Cindy of Symphony is the music capital of the world, attracting famous musicians across the globe—allowing them to make live performances to an enormous audience. The construction of Cindy of Symphony began in response of music becoming a cultural phenomenon, the Deimos intended the city as proof that they are a progressive species and different from their Demon counterparts. 

Live performances in the Cindy Opera House are a regular thing in the city, with plentiful of Deimos judges, who had thousands of years of experiences, examine musicians, regardless of their background, to see if their music is worthy enough to receive the honorary music award and a career. If a musician receives approval, their approval would be vital to any guild members, because not only they can make wonderful music, but also they can use their music in ways that can aid in battle or healing. Cindy of Symphony does not offer courses of Anti-Magic, but instead, reviewing if their Anti-Magic is up to standard. 


Cindy of Symphony, located on the north side of Deimos Valley, is a beautiful city with a lot of stunning architecture by artists and engineers from Empire States and Shina Ania. Certain buildings have tree growing within it, which bare fruits known as Deimos Fruit, which contain elements that can use to restore magic stamina. The residents allowed foreigners and tourists to take the fruits as souvenirs since, no matter how times someone picked them off the trees; they will just regrow within a few days.

Notable Areas of Interests

Cindy Suite is a housing establishment for travelers and musicians for resting when they venture out the city. There are several Cindy Suites in the city and carries plentiful entertainment establishment that meets the need for individuals.

The Music Room is for Musicians to practice honing their skills and provide small-scale entertainment to their friends or tourists before practicing in Cindy Opera Dynasty. There is a Music Room on each floor in all Cindy Suites.

The Jazz Diner provides a delicious meals and goodies that will satisfy your appetite before the big performance. They also provide alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, but they do advise you to be careful and drink responsibility. There is a once-of-the-lifetime dish called “The Beethoven Symphony”, which is a combination of both sweet but spicy, with dirty rice and homegrown vegetables.

Under Supervision by Director Mozart, an famous Deimos who shook the musical world, the Cindy Opera Dynasty is the center of the city, and targets Musicians to show off their might and skills to see if they are worthy of going further in their musical career. Every week, there are live performances in which judges determined if the music fits the mold of the ever-changing environment of songs. It is heavily guarded and protecting musicians from danger is the highest priority.

Underneath the Opera Dynasty, a room contains the Golden Violin and other great items, which is the most valuable treasure in Cindy of Symphony. If one were to take the item, they would be bless with a profound ability to shut down any form of magic within seconds. Furthermore, they can hold at a hefty price, easily getting over 100,000,000 seckles.
A group of four men in nice suits were walking through the innards of the opera house while a show was occurring. They were heading to the security room of the Opera House, or at least, what would be one. They had fake IDs that looked perfectly legitatmente, and security written on the back of their suits. The only problem is that they were all humans.
Two Deimos guards patrolling the area, heading to the same direction, spotted the group of men. Flashing their lights at them, one of them spoke out in a stern, rough tone.

“Hey! Do not take another step and identity yourselves!” The Blue Guard demanded.

“Who are you and what are you doing back here? This is a restricted area for musicians and entertainers only.” The Red Guard added on. “If you’re fans of a certain singer or so, you will have to wait until the end of the concert for that.” 

The Deimos guard were twins; both of them were exceptional large, but had a humanoid appearances. Both of them had wild, frizzy hair, two large front teeth and pointy ears as their built is similar to that of a bodybuilder.
"New shift, we're checking in the security room to replace the current guys." Columbus, the leader of the four, stated with confidence.

"Come on guys, the pizza we ordered there is probably gone by now." Said another member.
Both of the guards looked at each other in confusion; one of them even laughed of such a silly statement.

“If that was the case, we would’ve been notified; especially if humans are taking on important security positions.” The Red Guard said.

“Exactly; what dope hired a bunch of humans here?” The Blue Guard continued Red Guard’s point. “Bring out your worker IDs so we can validate your prosperous claims.” His tone shifted to a serious one.
Columbus rolled his eyes and brought out four legit IDs, matched to the faces of the four. Fake names of course, but Columbus hoped that these particular guards being multiple shifts apart (if his info was right) would cause the actual guards to buy it.

"Pizza's getting cold, that's annoying." One of the four remarked. "Paid a good sum for it."
"Strange. Everything checks out." The blue guard took a look at the IDs, trying to find anything that seems to be fake. "It's even says that it was registered with our department."

"Really now? The department actually did hire humans to do this?" The red guard responded.

"I'm not sure. They would have notified us if any humans were hired for this operation."

"At any rate, let's ask the boss about this." The Red guard turned to the group. "You guys are com-" before he can finish his sentence, a device that rested in his pockets became emitted a voice.

Blue and Red! We need you over here now. We're currently facing an issue. Over.

"Damn." Red turns to Blue. "We have to go." He turns to the group once more. "Don't you move from this spot. We'll be right back." Both Deimos ran off to the direction they were supposed to go.
As soon as Red and Blue the racistly named deimos were out of sight, the four began to talk amongst each other.

"That was easy." One of the remarked.

"Shut up." Another replied.

"We need to move." Columbus said, pulling out a fifth ID to get into the security room, having prepared just in case someone ran out with the other four. He desperately wished there was no one else to stop the crew on their way in there.
A particular guard Deimos that was scrawny and isn't quite muscular was doing his routine to check out if everything was in order before the next show starts. He eye on four strange individuals that are wandering through backstage. "Who the heck are they? Humans? Did we hire humans? I thought they're supposed to be critics. At any rate, they should be in the front seat of the theater. Maybe they got lost? Regardless, I need to check them out."  The Deimos guard began to follow the group with enough distance to avoid being noticed.
Columbus opened up the security room and went inside, the other three filing in after him, grabbing chairs and barricading the door. After ensuring they would have a few moments in case anyone else tried the enter, one of the four got onto the computer system and tried to find past recordings of performances in the opera house.
The Deimos guard went towards the door and attempted to enter. However, he saw that it was quite difficult to get in. "The heck? Did the lock the door? No.. they block it. They aren't some human guards. They're intruders!" The Deimos picked up his radio and began to alert the other guards.

As Columbus and the others are watching past recordings, the light turned off for a split second, before resuming, revealing a figure sitting on a chair in the same room as the others.

"So, what can I help you guys with?" the figure said with a smile on his face.
Columbus looked to the figure, pulling out a mask to don it before calming heaving everything in the door out the way, the one manipulating the computer ripping out something he inserted before crushing it, the other three likewise following their leader and dawning masks, but the guns in their suits remained hidden and undrawn.

“This job’s not worth it!” Columbus yelled, trying to head to a predetermined escape route.
"Huh? And here I thought we can have an interesting conversation..." The Deimos stood up and lifted up his hand, revealing a violin. One stroke of its beautiful sound, caused all the men to be levitated and slammed in position to the ceiling. "Don't think I will let you escape so quite easily like that, sirs."
The Deimos' eyes narrowed and gripped onto the bow to performed another stroke, beautifully going back and forth to stopped the bullets in place. The distance between the bullet and the Deimos' face were mere inches away from each other.

"I do not know how a group like you managed to successfully get behind the scenes of the stage, but whatever your plans were, failed. Give up now and there might be a chance that your punishment won't be harsh. This is your last warning." The Deimos warned.
"At least one of you have common sense. Others should take this as an example." The Deimos let them down as he perform another beautiful stroke of his violin. "I don't know why you're here nor your business, but you're in some serious trouble." 

An radio, on the right side of his body, started blaring; he held out his hand and turned his back away from them for a moment. "Sir Beethoven here. What is it? I'm kind of busy at the moment." 


"What? One of our stars is having a moment? Stage-fright? She refuses to move a muscle? Fine, fine. Alright, understood." He seems preoccupied with the conversation.
Columbus saw the Deimos being occupied and knew he had one chance. Signaling to the others, one pulled out a small electronic device, pressing a button on it. The phone began to emit a high frequency and very loud tone, though intended to disable humans hearing it, he hoped the Deimos’ brain would be affected. It seemed the four however, had some sort of immunity.
The Deimos dropped his radio onto the ground as he fell onto his knees and covered his eyes. "What is that blasted sound!? This is not the sound of the heavens! This is the sound of hell! Arrrgh!!" He shouted. He turned around, trying to reach for his violin that he also dropped, but it was too much for him. "Cease that dreadful sound at once!"
The four men didn't even respond to the demand to stop the agony and instead dashed out the room, heading for the exit. Guns drawn, they hoped the promise of violence would be a deterrence enough to allow a getaway.
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